GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version (2024)

Name GB Instagram
Publisher GB
Version Latest
MOD Features September 2024
Size 35M
Requires Android 4.1+
Price FREE
Updated On January 6, 2024 (6 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is GB Instagram?
  2. Special Features of GB Instagram?
  3. Most Useful Features of GB Instagram?
    1. Download Images & Videos
    2. Dual Accounts
    3. Customization
    4. Keep Secret
    5. Copy Caption, Bio & Comments
    6. Mark Any Message With Star
    7. Zoom Photos
    8. No Root
  4. How to Install GB Instagram?
  5. FAQ Related to GB Instagram

Guys, in the previous article, we told you about all the mod apps of WhatsApp. And today we will know about the Gb Instagram Apk Download which is a mod apk of the photo-sharing application Instagram.

GB Instagram APK Download

as we know Facebook, and Instagram are also popular social media applications. On which users share their favorite photos & videos. But even today there are many such limitations in the Instagram App due to which users are not able to use Instagram conveniently.

And to overcome this problem, GB Instagram has been launched, in this apk, you can directly save any photo or video of Instagram in your device’s gallery, And likewise, there are many features in it.

But if you haven’t used GB Instagram yet, So you can expect a lot from the features of GB Instagram and use it in a fun way.

In Today’s article, you will get the complete information about GB Instagram, you will know what is Gb Instagram. how to download the GB Instagram apk & use it? and which are its special features in it?

So let’s start this article without delay;

What is GB Instagram?

By upgrading the functionality of the official Instagram app. Developers Has launched GB Instagram for users. In GB Instagram, you get some cool features that you never get in the official Instagram. That’s why Those users who like Instagram very much and they know about GB Instagram, are using this application in large numbers today.

Guys, if you are wondering Why am I praising it so much, then Let’s look at its special features.

Special Features of GB Instagram?

• You can download any photo or video shared by any page or user on Instagram in full resolution.

• Despite seeing someone’s Instagram story, If you want that person not to know about it. You will also get the feature to hide the seen story in GB Instagram

• You will find many themes in GB Instagram, you can set any of these themes on Instagram’s home screen. And can change the entire layout.

• You can also translate someone’s comments on Instagram, this feature is of special benefit to those who have foreign friends on Instagram.

• While using GB Instagram, you can also manage your other Instagram accounts simultaneously.

• You will be able to easily zoom in & zoom out of Instagram images.

• You can give a star icon to any Instagram message as you can in WhatsApp and email.

• You can customize Instagram, change its conversion themes, and many other settings allow you to do it.

• You can also copy someone else Bio using GB Instagram.

• You will get to see new features in GB Instagram Because this app updates from time to time.

• So Guys, to use so many amazing features, along with the good thing is that you do not need to root the mobile to use these features.

But let us tell you that you will not find this app directly on Google Play Store. and you will not be able to install it from there, for this, you will have to take the help of Google and further, we will tell you the whole process of How to install GB Instagram on your mobile.

Most Useful Features of GB Instagram?

Now we will know about some important features of GB Instagram which are beneficial for all users.

Download Images & Videos

Most people who first hear about GB Instagram, immediately install this app. Because this is the fastest & easy way to directly download photo videos shared on-page of Instagram or by users.

Let’s say that you have heard about GB Instagram for the first time today, before this, when you liked someone’s photos on Instagram and you thought of sharing them on your account, what did you do about it?

You must first take a screenshot of that photo, then crop it and then upload it to your account. Isn’t it? Okay!! you use this method but there is no direct way to download videos on Instagram

So now you do not have to waste much time downloading videos or photos, you will be able to do it because of the amazing inbuilt features of GB Instagram.

Dual Accounts

Recently a new feature has come to GB Instagram. This feature is going to be very helpful for those who use two Instagram accounts on their mobile.

If you also used different Instagram accounts for your business and personal work, now this feature is going to prove to be of great use for you. You will be able to manage both accounts simultaneously.


When any social media application is modified, special attention is given to its customization. If we look at the official WhatsApp or Instagram, we get to see the same layout everyday

But even if we ever want to change that layout, it is not possible but GB Instagram users will now be able to modify the look of their Instagram as per their choice.

You will get more than one theme in GB Instagram, you can set up any team and change its look.

Keep Secret

If you use social media, there will be some such people on your various social accounts. Whose status story do you want to see, but you also do not want them to know about it

And the developers understand your mind well, they have added such a feature in GB Instagram. that if you enable it, and see the story status of anyone, then that person does not even know about it.

Copy Caption, Bio & Comments

Not once but it often happens that we like the caption of photos shared by people and we want to use it. So, you will find a feature there in GB Instagram, by which you can copy the captions of anyone’s photos and use them realistically

In the same way, You can also copy a users bio, And yes one more thing, you can copy someone’s comments too

So, Guys, I hope you have enjoyed its amazing features, Before we download GB Instagram, we also get to know about some of the features.

Mark Any Message With Star

If an important user messages you in your Instagram chatbox, then you Can mark the messages of that user to star.

Zoom Photos

Another important feature you get to see in GB Instagram is that If you see a photo on an Instagram page or in a user’s profile, you can zoom in and zoom out and see the photo clearly, but this feature is not available on official Instagram at all.

No Root

here I would like to say in the end that despite having so many features, you do not need to root mobile, the developers have made it in such a way that you can use it without rooting and you do not need to put the phone at risk.

along with you will be able to use GB Instagram lifetime without any hidden cost.

After knowing a lot about GB Instagram, we now move on to our main question and know how to install it on your mobile. You can install it on your mobile by reading the steps below carefully.

How to Install GB Instagram?

Guys, as we knew that this app is not on the Play Store yet, we have to download it from the download link below.

After downloading this GB Instagram app, the next step is to install this app on mobile, so now we will know how to install GB Instagram App on mobile.

Before we proceed, If you install an app only from the play store, And for the first time you are going to install an app from a third-party website, then you will have to enable Unknown Sources in mobile-first.

Because it is possible while installing this app, you should see an option to enable this option. so to enable this.

go to the settings of the mobile, after that you will get to see the security option here, tap on it, after that, you will get the option of Unknown Sources, tap on this option and enable it.

After doing this, now you have to come to the folder where you downloaded your GB Instagram app, then click on this downloaded file.

Now you will have the install button in front of you, click on it and your mobile will start installing GB Instagram.

Now the installation will complete on your device in a few seconds.

Now guys, launch this application on your mobile and sign in with your account, you will find that the interface is almost similar to official Instagram But you get to see many more advanced features in it.

You can explore all the special features given to you by going to the settings of the GB Instagram app and you can enable whatever feature you find useful according to your convenience.

Hopefully, you will have a better experience using this app, now we go ahead.

Is it safe to use GB Instagram?

we understand the answer to this question in some detail. Because this app is not available on the Google Play store right now And Google has not verified this yet because of its security. So it becomes a bit difficult to say this application is completely safe.

guys here, you also have to understand that this app has not been launched by the official Instagram team, so they do not recommend ever using this app.

So it is a question that we don’t know while using this app, our data is being hosted on which third-party server and our data is not being sold to any third party.

If you are very serious about your data and want to keep it secure, then you must think twice before using this app.

it is entirely up to you whether you use this app or not. So finally, we will suggest that if you still use GB Instagram because of its features, then you must install the latest version of GB Instagram on your mobile so that you will have the Least possibility of data loss

In mobile can we use both official Instagram and GB Instagram simultaneously?

Just like you use WhatsApp official app and its mod apk, in the same way, you can use these both apps in one mobile

How to check the latest version of GB Instagram?

you will find many third-party websites on the Internet from where you can download the latest version, however, we will constantly try to give you a link to the latest version of GB WhatsApp by updating this article.

So, Guys, that’s all in today’s article, I hope you have found complete information regarding GB Instagram Apk Download, you learned what is GB Instagram, and how to download GB Instagram apk. how to install GB Instagram?

If there is any suggestion or question regarding the article, then tell it in the comment section, if you like the information please share it on social media.

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