Fouad WhatsApp APK Download v8.86 (Official Latest)

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App Information

Name Fouad Whatsapp
Updated On
Package No Package
Publisher Fouad
Category Modded Apps
Version 8.86
Size 23M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Anti-Ban

Hello guys in today’s post, we will talk about Fouad WhatsApp Apk Download in detail. and will understand what is Fouad WhatsApp? How to download it? is it a safe app or Risky? want to know, Stay tuned on this article for a complete review!

Have you ever thought is there any application that works the same as WhatsApp! But it should have more features! So Fouad WhatsApp has been made only for those users, who think like you:)

If you want to use more special features using WhatsApp, then you should download Fouad WhatsApp Apk on your mobile.

In Fouad WhatsApp, you will find many amazing features that you might not have even imagined on official WhatsApp.

Guys, although it is similar to other mods of Whatsapp like GB WhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, but there are some other functionalities it has, And we are going to tell you in this article about Fouad WhatsApp APK Download.

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the most loved mod applications of WhatsApp users. We can also call this Mod apk a Reboot of the original WhatsApp. This app is made by foud make dad. Who has worked hard to modify the official app of WhatsApp! So that users can get an awesome experience.

This App is currently being well-liked on the Internet. to increase the functionality of this app, there are many features in Fouad WhatsApp. If you also install the latest version, you will find many benefits in it.

in Fouad WhatsApp you can change the text style & Control the privacy of your chats. and do complete customization in the app, Yes…! you will find lots of features in it!

Before we explain the process of downloading the Apk. We need to have enough information about Fouad WhatsApp, so let’s know what are the features that you do not get to see in Official WhatsApp! but you will easily find in Fouad WhatsApp.

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp?

Theme Store

You will find lots of themes here! there are hundreds of themes Whichever themes you like! You can choose to set any of them. , which can lead to confusion in choosing the best theme for you.

note, themes will be automatically installed in your mobile, they are stored in zip format.

Hide Media

If you received personal photos, videos, and other content from users. but you don’t want anyone can see media from the gallery! So you can easily hide media from the gallery.

Best Speed

In terms of speed, this app will not going to disappoint. if you compare both apps (official app and Fouad WhatsApp) you may find better in the Mod Apk.

DND Mode

You get a Do not disturb feature in Fouad WhatsApp! just like a mobile feature. If you enable this option, not anyone can disturb you on WhatsApp via notification, it is also called Airplane Mode.

Set Nickname

you can easily set a nickname for your loved ones or haters in WhatsApp. in Fouad WhatsApp You can also chat by edit their names to nickname, just like a Facebook Messenger.

Block Calls

in Fouad WhatsApp, you will also find a call blocking feature, so that you can decide which user should call you on WhatsApp and not?

Change Background Color

Fouad WhatsApp also has a feature that lets you suck the background color of the forward message.

Change Color Options

You can also change the color of the options which you get to see on the home screen of Fouad WhatsApp.

Change Background

In Fouad WhatsApp, you can set the background picture inside the chat also on the home screen of WhatsApp.

Anti Delete

In the new update Anti-delete option has been provided in Fouad WhatsApp for Messages. this feature protects you from accidentally deleting important messages on WhatsApp. and You can disable the forward tag on your mobile.

So Guys, now when you start using Fouad WhatsApp! you will have to deal with many features. So far more than 10 lakh people have installed Fouad WhatsApp,, and now you have to install it on your mobile.

Requirements of Fouad WhatsApp Apk?

guys, there is no special requirement to install this Apk on mobile! If currently your mobile has above 4.4 version or above. then you can easily install Fouad WhatsApp on your device!

But remember if you use this Apk!! always use the updated version of Fouad WhatsApp.

How to Download Fouad Whatsapp Apk?

First of all, you have to click on the download link below;

by clicking on the above link, downloading will start in a few seconds. the App size is about 50 MB! So depending on your internet connection it will take time to download.

As soon as the downloading completes, then you have to install the app, so Guys lets know how to install the app, by following the steps below you can easily install the Fouad WhatsApp in their mobile.

How to Install Fouad Whatsapp?

First go to Settings in your mobile and tap on the Security option.

After that you will get all the options, Now, see the Unknown sources option, whether this option is enabled or not, if it is disabled then turn it on.

Now again come to the downloads, where you have downloaded WhatsApp and click on the Apk file. by clicking, an install button will appear in front of you, then click on the install button

now wait for a few seconds the app will be installed on your mobile, click on the open button after the installation.

How to Use Fouad WhatsApp?

To get started open the App, you will find the button of Agree & Continue Tap on it!

Now you have to enter the mobile number here! If you want to create your account with the official WhatsApp number, then enter that mobile number! Otherwise enter your another number!

After entering the mobile number, click on the Next button, now to verify your number, an SMS will be sent to this number Guys as you know OTP verification will be automatically completed.

After that you will have to type your name for your new WhatsApp account. as well as upload the profile photo and then click on the Next button.

Now you will come to the home page of Fouad WhatsApp. now tap on the menu button above.

go to Fouad mod, you will be able to explore all the special features of this app.

Here you can find all the features related to privacy, you can explore all the features and you can use any feature which you find more useful for privacy.

So Guys now before you use this App. I think You should also have some knowledge about the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp

What’s New In Fouad WhatsApp APK 2021?

  • High-quality videos music and photos can be shared through this WhatsApp app.
  • After the 2021 update in Fouad WhatsApp, when you install this app, you will get to see a new look, which is quite different from the previous version.
  • This time the app has been launched with an anti-ban feature. So that it can provide you the best WhatsApp mod experience!
  • you will be able to use this app securely, you do not get banned for this!

Apart from this, friends did not give you the backup feature in the old WhatsApp, whereas in this new version you have been given this feature. If you feel that your important data is not lost anywhere, then you can backup the data using the app.

Apart from this, according to the developers, the old bugs have been fixed in this new version, so the crash problem that was occurring while using this app has also been solved.

The themes package has been upgraded! You can add new themes to WhatsApp in the 2021 Fouad WhatsApp! The great thing is that you can use all these themes for free and you are also getting many stickers for free.

Apart from this, you will be able to control many more things in the 2021 Fouad WhatsApp. Who can call you on WhatsApp (disturb you)? Who can message you? along this you can customize WhatsApp profile, Whatsapp status.

Along with this, the trust of smooth experience has also been given in the new version, so what are you waiting for?? install Fouad WhatsApp now, also we suggest you should regularly check the latest updates on the Internet.

FAQ Related to Fouad WhatsApp

Do I have to pay money to use these features?

No, it is a 100% free application like the official WhatsApp, so you do not have to pay anything to take advantage of the features it has. You can install Fouad WhatsApp in your device and use its features as per your convenience.

Can I download Fouad Whatsapp on iPhone?

sorry! But right now Fouad Whatsapp has been developed for Android users only! in future If it is also made for iPhone users we will inform you about it! And will tell you how to download it!

Can we run both apps simultaneously?

Yes, you can use Fouad Whatsapp on your mobile along with official WhatsApp. You can create a separate account for both and use both personal or professional WhatsApp account in one device.

Is Fouad Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp both are the same?

No! both Apps are the mod application of official WhatsApp! However, you will not see any special features or differences between these two, if you want to know about Fm WhatsApp in detail, then you should check our previous article.

Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe?

Guys, the last question that comes to the mind of new users while using any Mod application!

let me tell You! so far privacy is the biggest issue of this App. while using this mod application, you don’t know where your data is being stored on a server which third party company, an organization using your data! Means There is no guarantee that your data is safe or not.

That’s why security experts recommended to users to use only official WhatsApp in their mobiles. instead of installing apps like FM Whatsapp, GB WhatsApp etc.

Because if you use Fouad Whatsapp! And share your personal or professional information with other WhatsApp users! you should think twice about your data if you feel that your data is much important.

So, Guys, I hope after reading this article you got enough info about Fouad WhatsApp APK Download. like what is Fouad WhatsApp How to install Fouad WhatsApp? And we shared lots of information and personal opinion related to it with you!

What are your thoughts related to this app! If you still have any doubts about this article plz ask in the comments.

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