WhatsApp Plus APK Download v21.20 Latest (Anti-Ban)

Name WhatsApp Plus
Publisher Whatsapp Plus
Version 21.20
MOD Features Anti-Ban
Size 23M
Requires Android 4.4+
Price FREE
Updated On July 23, 2022 (2 years ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is WhatsApp Plus?
  2. Special Features of WhatsApp Plus
    1. Change Layout
    2. Upgrade Sharing
    3. Hide Your Chats
    4. New Emotions Added
    5. Schedule A Message
    6. Copy Someone’s Status
    7. Be Always Connected
    8. Notify To Online
    9. More Customization
    10. How to Download WhatsApp Plus?
    11. How to Install WhatsApp Plus?
    12. How to Use WhatsApp Plus?
    13. Pros Of WhatsApp Plus
    14. Privacy King
    15. Customization Features
    16. It’s Free
    17. Chat Backup Feature Doesn’t Work
    18. It is Safe but Not Official

What is WhatsApp plus? how to download it? In this article, you will get complete information related to WhatsApp Plus APK Download v21.20 Latest (Anti-Ban)

in the digital world, we can not forget the contribution of WhatsApp for making communication fast and accessible. This is the reason why we do not need to tell how popular WhatsApp is in the market.

But at this time, some WhatsApp alternatives have come in the market. And one of them is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus APK has been made for Android users by modifying the official app of WhatsApp. In this modified app, you will get all the basic features that we get to see in WhatsApp, But apart from this, some other features have also been seen in it.

That’s why I thought Great features of this app and some important information related to it should be shared with you

if you have not yet tried this mod application of WhatsApp. and before using this app, if You read this guide till the end, it will be easy to Decide for you, whether to use this app or not

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp plus is a re-developed version of Whatsapp for Android users. So that the users run two WhatsApps in their mobiles along with the official WhatsApp This is a completely free application. But apart from being free, this mod application is quite different from the official WhatsApp.

Many new options have been added to this, due to which millions of people are enjoying WhatsApp Plus in their mobiles.

many types of themes, new emotions, and hiding the last scene. You will get to see so many such features in WhatsApp plus But even today, many users have only heard about the WhatsApp plus application.

And if you are also one of them, lets first tell you about all the special features of this app, after that you will get the complete process of installing this application.

Special Features of WhatsApp Plus

Change Layout

If you have been using WhatsApp for years, So in time you get some new feature in the new WhatsApp update. But even today, one thing that has not changed in WhatsApp, is the layout of WhatsApp. Yes and even though you cannot change this layout.

is it good? no.. we only see green color on WhatsApp but if you use WhatsApp Plus, you can change its entire look.

you have been given hundreds of themes in WhatsApp plus which are free to use and among these you can apply any favorite theme on WhatsApp.Also you can change the bottom line and text color in the WhatsApp plus.

WhatsApp Plus has a collection of over 700 themes available you can sort by downloads, name, version, and date.

Upgrade Sharing

As we know it is very easy to share files from one user to another on WhatsApp, but the problem is that we can share limited sizes files on WhatsApp

But we get to see an advanced feature in WhatsApp Plus so that we can reduce or increase the size of WhatsApp files sharing

Yes, if you are a WhatsApp Plus user, you can share up to 50 MB files with anyone in one turn. One big advantage of this is that you will be able to easily share all your photos videos or other files on WhatsApp to any other WhatsApp user or WhatsApp groups.

Hide Your Chats

With the help of this feature given in WhatsApp Plus, you can With the help of this feature given in WhatsApp Plus, you Can hide your close contacts that no one can read your chats by opening WhatsApp.

New Emotions Added

You will also get to see new emotions in WhatsApp Plus, which is an interesting feature, everyone wants new emojis while chatting so that chatting can be made more interesting.

But Guys there is a drawback of this feature. When you share an advance emoji of WhatsApp Plus, that emoji will only be seen by WhatsApp Plus users, otherwise, official WhatsApp users will not be able to see that advance emoji.

Schedule A Message

If you have an important message that you want to send on a certain date and time, then you can schedule that message Like e-mail, this feature now works in WhatsApp Plus as well.

Copy Someone’s Status

Note that here I am not telling you to download someone’s WhatsApp status in your mobile but rather if you want to copy someones WhatsApp status, then you can copy anyone’s status to the clipboard through this WhatsApp Plus feature.

Be Always Connected

If you want to show always available on WhatsApp and anytime users can contact you, then you can enable this feature of WhatsApp plus. This feature will show you views 24*7 online even if your mobile internet connection is off

Notify To Online

If there is a user in your WhatsApp contact list who is very close to your heart and you want to get the information as soon as that user comes online on WhatsApp, then you can enable this picture

If he/she will be online, you will get information on the home screen.

More Customization

Not only this, many more features will be available on WhatsApp Plus

By editing appearance and settings You can make WhatsApp more interesting, you can edit the following things

  • You can edit the Header, colors, and size of chat images
  • Header and size of contacts’ image
  • Appearance and size of pop-up notifications
  • Disabling of functions (voice notes, animations)
  • change the size and colors of widgets
  • customize and set any launcher icon
  • The second section is of Chat under which you can do the following things
  • Use Custom Wallpaper
  • Change Chat Background
  • Change Chat Bubbles Style
  • Change hyperlink color and change the message size
  • Change date size and status icon color

How to Download WhatsApp Plus?

Downloading WhatsApp Plus is very easy, here we have given some simple steps if you follow all these steps, Then you will be able to easily download and install WhatsApp Plus in your mobile.

Just click on the download link below;


As soon as you click on the above link, you will come to a website where the option to download WhatsApp Plus Apk is given.

as soon as you click on the download button, WhatsApp Plus starts downloading in your device.

Although This Apk size is very small and if your internet connection will be fast, then it will be downloaded in your mobile in a few seconds, So after downloading, now it is time to install WhatsApp Plus in your mobile.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus?

Before installing WhatsApp Plus on your mobile, one thing to keep in mind is that.

If you have not downloaded any app through any website or blog till now, then you will have to enable the Unknown Sources feature in your mobile. So before you start the installation, you have to check this Is this feature enabled or not.

go to mobile settings Tap on security options Now you will get unknown sources option here, so if it is disabled, then to enable it, you will have to tap on this option.

If you have done it, now you have to come to the folder where you downloaded that file, Now click on this file.

After that click on the install button, just after doing this, WhatsApp Plus will be successfully installed on your mobile.

How to Use WhatsApp Plus?

Now Guys, to use this app, we have to first create an account in the App, As you created in the official WhatsApp.

First of all, launch the WhatsApp Plus app on your mobile Now click on Agree and Continue button.

Now enter your mobile number here from which you want to create an account on WhatsApp Plus.

Now an OTP will be sent to verify this number.

After verifying the number, now In the next step, you have to add your WhatsApp account name and profile photo, after that click on the Next button.

congratulations… Now you are ready to use WhatsApp Plus and to surprise your friends with its awesome feature.

Guys, now we have learned a lot about WhatsApp Plus, now we will know about its advantages and disadvantages, after which you will be able to decide whether it is worth it for me to install this app or not.

Pros Of WhatsApp Plus

Privacy King

It has many features available to control privacy. Some of which we have already talked about, This is why millions of people using WhatsApp plus today. so, privacy is one of the biggest benefits of this app

Customization Features

This is quite useful to change the overall look of WhatsApp

Through which you can change the look of WhatsApp Plus without making more settings in the phone.

You can easily customize your WhatsApp by applying the suitable themes and fonts combination provided in WhatsApp Plus

It’s Free

Yes guys, as you have already known, This is a 100% free application created by developers so that no user will want to miss.

But before you just use this app, because it is free and there are many features in it.

it is also very important for you to know that Which side effects can you have to see with the use of this application

because Any coin has two sides. if there are many benefits of this app, then there will also be some disadvantages

Cons Of WhatsApp Plus

Chat Backup Feature Doesn’t Work

Like WhatsApp, you also get the facility to backup photos and videos of your chats, but many users tell that

The chat backup feature in WhatsApp Plus sometimes does not work well, which means that you may face frequent problems in chat backup.

But Guys, as we know chat backup is an important feature that secures our data on WhatsApp for the future. But if this feature does not work on WhatsApp Plus then you will get a big loss in it.

It is Safe but Not Official

Although the developers say that this application helps control your privacy and gives you a better experience,

This application is not official, that is why we do not have permission to download this app from Google Play Store. If you search on play store/app WhatsApp plus then, you only get WhatsApp official application there.

So here comes a big question that while using WhatsApp Plus, is our data Safe?? Is our data not being used wrong or our Is our data not being sold?

You cannot get the answer to such questions nor do you take any responsibility for it.

Although I am using this application, And millions of people like me are using Whatsapp plus, but no one knows how safe our data by using it.

In the end we conclude that although this an awesome app for privacy lovers, but can’t say it’s secure.

It all depends on your wish whether you want to use this app or not.

So, Guys, that’s all in today’s article, hope you got the complete information about WhatsApp Plus APK, now you know what is WhatsApp Plus, how to download, what are the special features of this app and much more.

if you have any questions, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. as well as share the information if you like it.

Whatsapp Plus MOD v21.20


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