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How to Download Instagram Videos & Photos on Android for Free in 2020? After gaining popularity in other countries, the number of Instagram users in India is also increasing rapidly, today almost all your friends, relatives, and other users can find you on Instagram!

If you are an Instagram user, then you must know that Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service. Where users keep uploading attractive photos and videos, Sometimes it happens that we like a photo or video uploaded by a user? But can we download that photo or video, no!

Because Instagram does not allow us to Do! So here comes the question of how you can download photos and videos on Instagram? Just as there is a solution to each problem, in the same way, there is also a simple way to download photos and videos on Instagram.

Today Which I am going to tell you in this article! After knowing that, you will be able to download any funny, motivation or any other Instagram video! So let's start without wasting a single minute. First of all, we know that

How to Save Instagram Photos?

Before knowing this way of saving photos on Instagram, let us tell you that when you save a photo of a user, Photo will not be saved in your mobile device! Rather this photo will be stored in your Instagram account.

This means that you can view your saved photos on your Instagram account anytime through an internet connection!

1. To download Instagram photos, first, open the Instagram App on your smartphone! And now go to the photo you want to save!

Then you will see a Save icon in the corner just below the photo!

2. As soon as you tap on that icon, that photo will be saved in your collection. As you can see in the screenshot above.

3. So in this way, you have successfully saved the Instagram photo, but now if you want to see this saved photo, you have to Return on your Instagram profile again!

4. Now click on the above menu icon at the top of your profile! And now you will see many options in front of you, you have to tap on the save option.

5. Now any photos you have saved on Instagram will appear

So, friends, this was the way to save photos online on Instagram! And similarly, you can download Instagram videos and access any of them online.

But here we are going to share with you the way by which you can save Instagram videos directly in your mobile gallery.

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android?

First of all install, you have to install any insta video downloader apk from the google play store. or also you can use instagram plus apk for download any videos and photos from Instagram.


1. Now first open the Instagram app on your smartphone, and go to the video you want to save.

2. Now in front of that video here you will see three dots tap on them!

3. And now tap on the option of copy link from these. guys, you have completed more than half the work by doing so!

4. Now open the Just Load app you had installed, if the app asks for some permissions, then allow it.

5. Now in this app, you will see the feature to paste that video URL! Now here you have to paste the link of this video. And tap on Past.

6. So, friends, you will see the video and there is a download icon Tap on it! And the downloading of the video will start.

7. And as soon as the video is downloaded, you can now watch it on your mobile device.

Friends, apart from this here I am going to share with you another way to download Instagram videos, in which you will be able to download Instagram videos without downloading any app!

Because nowadays we do not like to have more apps on our smartphones. So using this method you will be able to save insta video without downloading any app.

How to Download Instagram Videos Without Any App?

1. First, open the Instagram app, and go to the video you want to save in your mobile gallery!

2. Now you will see three dots in front of that video, tap on it! As you can see in the screenshot above! After doing this, a copy link option will appear in front of you. And tap on it.

3. Now you have copied the link of this video, with the help of which you will be able to download this video, first open the web browser on your device. And in the search bar, type & Download Instagram videos

4. You will see so many websites in results to download Instagram videos! You can visit the first website.

Or you can visit this website directly through the link given below!

5. Friends, when you open this website, you have to paste the link of the video whose link was copied! 

Paste the link of the video and click on download below!

6. The option to download that video will appear, you have to click on download.

And the downloading will start on your smartphone! And thus you can save that video to your mobile device! And you can access offline anytime later.

So, guys, this is how you learned through today’s article How to Download Instagram Videos & Photos on Android for Free in 2020?? Which method you liked to download Instagram videos, please tell in the comment.

Apart from this, if there is any problem in downloading Instagram videos, then you can ask your questions in the comments! Also if you liked the information, then share it on social media.


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