YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official) v21.00 (2022)

Name YoWhatsApp
Publisher Yo
Version 21.00
MOD Features Official
Size 23M
Requires Android 4.1+
Price FREE
Updated On June 26, 2022 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is YoWhatsApp?
  2. Requirements for YoWhatsApp?
    1. Requirements and Additional Information:
  3. How to Download YoWhatsApp Apk?
  4. Special Features of YoWhatsApp
  5. YoWhatsApp Customization Features
  6. How to Use YoWhatsApp?
  7. FAQ
    1. Older version of YoWhatsApp?
    2. Who made Yowhatsapp (Developer of Yo Whatsapp)
  8. Pros of YoWhatsApp?
    1. Privacy Priority
    2. New Features
    3. Customization
    4. Useful
  9. Cons of YoWhatsapp
    1. Not Secure Messaging
    2. Not on Google Play
    3. Developers May Add Anything
    4. Privacy Leakage

Guys, as we see new features are constantly updated in the official Whatsapp App! But do you know Today many Internet users are using YoWhatsApp on their smartphones? in this article, we will know about YoWhatsApp APK Download v21.00 Latest (Anti-Ban)

But still many of us don’t know what is YoWhatsApp? How to download and install YoWhatsApp APK? Which are such special features, due to people are enjoying it so much today. guys, To know more about Yowhatsapp plz read this interesting article till the end…

Guys, This is a Mod Apk of Real WhatsApp! Which has been made for Android users? today users who are using YoWhatsApp get many Awesome features like VIP WhatsApp users!

Example:- You can freeze last seen, use Dual WhatsApp, change WhatsApp theme, etc., and many other things on YoWhatsapp.

But if you haven’t tried it yet! And before trying, you want to get full information about this mod apk, then this article is only for you! So let’s start the topic about YoWhatsApp APK Download.

What is YoWhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the No.1 application for instant messaging around the world! But out of billions of users, many users haven’t been satisfied with its Functionality and Features! They want better features and privacy control on WhatsApp! So that they can use WhatsApp in a more fun & cool way…

That’s why YoWhatsApp was launched! in this app you will find all the common features like official WhatsApp, But as well as some more interesting features have been added to it.

So that users get more privacy and customization features. and also now you will be able to customize the overall WhatsApp. But, unfortunately you cant install this modified version called WhatsApp directly from Google Play Store! bcoz Play Store has not verified this apk and does not accept it.

so You have to install it on your mobile with the help of Google. But Let me tell you a thing that this is not the first time, when WhatsApps Alternative has been launched in the market!

Earlier, like Whatsapp plus, GB Whatsapp and many Mod Apps have been launched in the market! but remember YoWhatsapp is no less than other modified apps by reading its special features, you can get an idea of ​​it.

Requirements for YoWhatsApp?

Guys till now we have understood what is Yowhatsapp But most of the readers will be more interested in knowing how to install WhatsApp on my mobile? So let’s know step by step (with the help of screenshot) how to download the latest version of Yo Whatsapp in your mobile.

Requirements and Additional Information:

• Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
• Enable Unknown sources option.

How to Download YoWhatsApp Apk?

To download YoWhatsApp Apk, first click on the link given here.

Guys, you see YoWhatsApp can be downloaded in just two simple steps, so after downloading this application next step is to install it in your mobile.

to install this application click on the apk file which you have downloaded and just click on the install button and the installing will be started.

congrats. Yo Whatsapp has been successfully installed on your mobile, and, the good thing for you is that you can use YoWhatsApp with the official WhatsApp on your mobile! Before we start using this app, let’s have a look at some of its special features.

Special Features of YoWhatsApp

• First we will talk about the features related to privacy, so if you are a Yowhatsapp user, you may decide who can call on WhatsApp, who can see your status.

• You can share any type of files through YoWhatsApp, for example, you will be able to share zip, apk, or any other format with other WhatsApp users.

• Yo WhatsApp allows you to send photos in high quality. you can send any photo without compromising on the quality.

• If you want to run two WhatsApp in one mobile then with the help of this single application you will be able to run two WhatsApp on your mobile.

• Also I found a very amazing feature in yowhatsapp is that during WhatsApp chat, if you hide your own last seen, then you will still be able to see the last seen of other users.

• If you want to hide the photos stored on your device without deleting them, then you can hide these photos from the gallery directly with the help of a given feature in Yo Whatsapp.

• The Bluetick ✅ feature is used to find out whether the message sent on WhatsApp is read or not. but if you hide your bluetick, no one else will be able to know whether you have read their message or not.

• In Yowhatsapp you can also freeze the last so that whenever the user will chat with you. will see the date you have freeze instead of appearing online in the above status.

• You do not even need to save anyone’s number If you don’t want!! Yes.. without saving the persons number, you will be able to message and chat via Yowhatsapp.

• If you also want to hide the typing status while chatting, you can hide it, after that any user will not be able to see that you are typing

• Although the feature of Hiding profile photo is also being given in official WhatsApp, but also will be able to use it in Yowhatsapp as well.

• According to the YoWhatsapp developers, its performance has been upgraded already, so you will get faster performance using Yo WhatsApp than WhatsApp.

• Just like official WhatsApp if you want to give password protection to chats, you will be able to use PIN password or fingerprint lock in Yowhatsapp

These were just some special privacy settings, in addition to this, you have been given more features to customize Yowhatsapp and its interface.

YoWhatsApp Customization Features

With the help of this mod application, you can give the desired look to your Whatsapp just like a developer! Yes, because you can change the UI of the Yo Whatsapp app itself. And not only this, you get a collection of amazing Themes in Yo Whatsapp, you can apply whichever theme you want.

Then restart the phone and you will see that your favorite theme is set.you can also change the background of Yo Whatsapp.

Guys, Can you even imagine that you can do these things in official WhatsApp? but you can easily customize these options in yowhatsapp.

• Status bar
• Navigation Bar
• Universal action bar
• Universal color can change.

And Guys, to change your favorite font, you do not need to install any other third-party app, you can change the font settings in Yowhatsapp.

How to Use YoWhatsApp?

Guys, the app is very easy to use, just like WhatsApps official App you can start chatting by creating a new account in YoWhatsApp. So let us know the whole process of creating an account in YoWhatsApp step by step.

First launch the YoWhatsApp app on your mobile! Click on Agree and Continue button.

After that enter your another mobile number here, from which you want to create a new account in yo WhatsApp.

After typing the number, click on the ok button. Now wait for a few seconds, an OTP will come on your mobile to verify this number. the OTP will be Automatic verified.

Then after that you have to type your name and upload profile photo. now Wait, you will come to the home screen of the YoWhatsApp app.

So guys you have created an account in Yo WhatsApp.Now you can give the desired look to your WhatsApp from today.


Older version of YoWhatsApp?

Guys, if you are not liking the latest update of YoWhatsApp, then you will also find the old version of YoWhatsApp on the internet, on Google you will find all Older versions of Yo WhatsApp.

Who made Yowhatsapp (Developer of Yo Whatsapp)

Before you use the Yo WhatsApp application on your mobile. a big question may also come in the minds of many users who have developed Yowhatsapp!!

So let them users know the main developer of Yowhatsapp (Yousef) has now stopped developing this Apk. and Fouad Mokdad (The developer of FMWhatsAPP) took permission from Yousef and he will be releasing future updates of YoWhatsApp.

although there is not much information available on the Internet about its developers.

A tweet states that its main developer Yusuf has stopped further development of Yo Whatsapp And now all the forthcoming versions will be released by Fouad mokdad.

Pros of YoWhatsApp?

Privacy Priority

Privacy is our priority when using any messaging application! Keeping this in mind, Yo Whatsapp has a lot of privacy settings. So Explore these settings, You may have an awesome chatting experience.

New Features

Attractive features constantly added in Yowhatsapp to make more better messaging App for users! If you also want to get updated with new features while using Yowhatsapp, then you should periodically install the updated version of YoWhatsApp in your mobile.


The third most important benefit that YoWhatsApp users get is that they can customize this mod APK as per their wish.

There are many such customization features such as themes, background changing, etc., that are available for only YoWhatsApp users, which can completely change the look and feel of WhatsApp.


There are many special features in WhatsApp that we never get on classic WhatsApp, if we use all these features properly then we will be able to get better messaging service.

For example, you can easily share heavy size files like photos, videos, images, and other formats to other WhatsApp users.

Cons of YoWhatsapp

Not Secure Messaging

Nowadays there are many mod Apps available on the Web like Yo Whatsapp! But The question arises whether our data is safe or not using modapk!

Is the data being sold to a third party server? while using yo Whatsapp.! Nobody knows about this and nor wants to say anything… which does not guarantee for safe data. I think this is the biggest disadvantage of any modified apps.

Not on Google Play

If you use any mod Apk! Have you ever wondered why it is not present on the Play Store! Because Google itself does not consider them secure. That is why these applications cannot be updated directly from Google Play, so installing an APK in mobile from an unknown source cannot be called the right & Safe way.

Developers May Add Anything

as we know WhatsApp is a Genuine application! And whenever a new feature is added to WhatsApp, we get information about it through news all over the world!

But on the other hand mods like YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, what information is coming next? which update is going to come, not everyone is aware of it. So the possibility remains that the mode APK developers can add some ads, banners, or anything. because as they have full access on app

Privacy Leakage

Due to providing privacy settings, today millions of people are using mod apk including YoWhatsApp, but according to the BGR report, mod applications can communicate with third-party servers, in which case you may face privacy leakage.

So, guys, this was a complete review of Yo WhatsApp, Now you have got the complete information about YoWhatsApp APK Download v10.50.0 Latest (Anti-Ban), how to download it, what are the pros and cons of this App, What is your personal opinion related to this app,

please tell us in the comment section, and yes if you have liked the information, you can share as well.

YoWhatsApp MOD v21.00


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