FMWhatsApp APK Download v21.00 (Official Latest) 2024

Name FMWhatsApp
Publisher FM
Version 21.00
MOD Features Official Latest
Size 25M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On January 6, 2024 (6 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What Is FMWhatsApp?
  2. Why we should use FMWhatsApp?
  3. Special Features of FMWhatsApp?
    1. Replace Green Theme
    2. Choose & Set Any Theme
    3. Change Icon Color
    4. Privacy-Related Features
    5. Hide Options
    6. Deactivate Video Calling
    7. Set Password Protection
  4. Other Special Features of FMWhatsApp
  5. How to Download FMWhatsApp Apk?
  6. How to Install FMWhatsApp?
  7. How to Use FMWhatsApp?
  8. Pros of FMWhatsApp
    1. Free
    2. Privacy Control
  9. Cons of FM WhatsApp
    1. Security
    2. Speed ​​
    3. Getting Ban
  10. How to Update FMWhatsApp?

Hey! Guys, Welcome back In today’s article we are going to share a review of FM WhatsApp. you will read what is FM WhatsApp. how to use it? What are the special features of FM WhatsApp? Is it safe to use it? So if you want to know everything about FMWhatsApp APK Download v21.00 Latest (Anti-Ban) then you may read this interesting stuff till the end.

for almost a Decade, WhatsApp has been the first choice of all smartphone users. Because of its easy-to-use interface free voice- video calling, group messaging, and password protection features.

but am asking you..! are all these features enough?

The developers thought a lot about this and they modified WhatsApp and created an application called FM WhatsApp.

Guys, if you often install mod apk on your smartphones! So you must have heard about WhatsApp’s mod apk called FM Whatsapp.

So what is FM WhatsApp? How to use it? And how it differs from official WhatsApp! If you want to get complete information, then this article is for you. in this article we will know about FMWhatsApp APK Download v8.26 Latest (Anti-Ban)

Guys FM WhatsApp has many such VIP features! You never imagined it on official Whatsapp! So without delay let’s know that this.

What Is FMWhatsApp?

We can say FM WhatsApp is another app form of WhatsApp! so far This is the best-modified version of WhatsApp. as we know WhatsApp is an instant messaging app used by Internet users all over the world! So, to make this app even better, many Mod APKs have been launched!

Example:- GB Whatsapp, YoWhatsApp, Fouad Whatsapp

And FM WhatsApp is one of them, whose development work has been done by FoudMakkad.

you will also see many premium features on Fm WhatsApp like other Mod apps of WhatsApp. like hiding the last scene, hiding Whatsapp status, using dual WhatsApp, etc.!

After using this app personally, I realized that using this app, we can protect our privacy from other users. There are many such features by using them you can surprise your friends. Yes..! and later we will know about all these rich features in detail. But before let us know

Why we should use FMWhatsApp?

I hope you understand now what FM WhatsApp is! But why do you need to use it,

so the simple answer is that if you want to do customization in your WhatsApp with cool features? then once you must try this mod apk.

  • You can give any desired look to your Whatsapp means the way you want to see it.
  • Suppose you have gotten bored with the green layout of WhatsApp,
  • now you can easily change that layout with the help of FM WhatsApp.

In short, guys as we know the official WhatsApp is working fine at the moment! But if you want to use another variety of WhatsApp, you can use FM WhatsApp.

because The purpose of creating this app is only that The users can get more Features using WhatsApp and use them as per their convenience.

Special Features of FMWhatsApp?

Recently a new update of FM WhatsApp has been launched, and we have seen many great features have been added to this update!

you will also use the same updated version, but before that, let’s see what is new in this edition and what exclusive features you will get.

Replace Green Theme

Now you will be able to change the default theme of the WhatsApp app with the help of FM WhatsApp! You can set your favorite theme via the themes library on Fm Whatsapp. and give it a custom look!

Choose & Set Any Theme

Explore the Themes Library of Fm Whatsapp. here you will get not one or two themes but thousands of Themes. You can set any of these themes.

Change Icon Color

You can also set your favorite color and graphics on WhatsApp Menu & App icons.

Privacy is the most important feature of a messaging application! And to make WhatsApp more and more private, users have been given some special features.

Hide Options

To make you’re messaging more secure and secret, in FM WhatsApp you have been given the option to hide blue tick, last seen, and double tick.

Deactivate Video Calling

One of the most special features I got to see in FM WhatsApp, is not found anywhere in real WhatsApp! That is, you can disable the video calling feature in FM WhatsApp and get rid of the users who make video calls to you without your permission.

Set Password Protection

Apart from this, there is also a password protection feature in FM WhatsApp to make your data secure! With the inbuilt app lock present in WhatsApp,

you will be able to keep the chats secure by putting in a password. However, this feature has also come in the latest update of official WhatsApp.

So these were some important features related to customization and privacy, but not only this, you can do much more in this mod application! Here are some more cool features.

Other Special Features of FMWhatsApp

• If you suddenly need to message on a new WhatsApp number But you do not want to save that number, then you can send messages directly without saving the number with the help of FM WhatsApp.

• If you are an FM WhatsApp user, you can modify the groups you have joined! Yes, you can change the colors of the groups, which is not possible to do on the official WhatsApp.

• How many images can you send in official WhatsApp at a time? only 10..! But in FM WhatsApp, you can send up to 60 photos to a WhatsApp group or a user simultaneously.

How to Download FMWhatsApp Apk?

To download the FMWhatsApp app on your Android smartphone, you have to click on the download link below;


after linking on the above link you will come to a download page where you can see a download button for FM WhatsApp.

Guys, downloading FM Whatsapp will start as soon as you click on the download button. And wait for the downloading to finish and as soon as the application is downloaded, now it’s time to install it!

now, along with official WhatsApp, you can use FM WhatsApp as well! So let’s know step by step.

How to Install FMWhatsApp?

Guys, If you are installing APK through Google for the first time, then you have to enable Unknown Source in Mobile for this.

go to mobile settings Tap on security options now tap on the unknown sources option to enable it.

tap on the downloaded apk to install FM WhatsApp on mobile! Now click on the given install button.

Wait a few seconds, this app will be successfully installed on your device.

Guys FM Whatsapp has been successfully installed, now it is time to use it, let us know

How to Use FMWhatsApp?

Guys, you can use FM WhatsApp in the same way you use WhatsApp! You have to create your account in it first, And after creating the account you can chat with other WhatsApp users.

So first open the FMWhatsApp app on your mobile. here you get to see the button of Agree & continue Just click on it.

Now if you are already using official WhatsApp, here you have to create an account in FM WhatsApp using your second mobile number.

Now your mobile number will be verified through OTP.

After the verification process, in the next step, you have to enter your name. You can also upload your profile photo or skip it.

then click on the Next button.

After a few seconds, you will come to the home screen of FM WhatsApp. Now, from here you can chat with your friends like an official WhatsApp and use many features of FM WhatsApp.

so guys now you will come to the home page of FM WhatsApp! Here you can see many options, you can explore all these options’ features one by one.

Guys, now I hope you will enjoy this great application. But here if you have still a question in your mind, and you want to know about both its advantages and disadvantages, then let’s also talk about it.

Pros of FMWhatsApp


Guys, the biggest positive point is that we are getting more features on this application, without paying any money, and if we use all the features properly then We will get benefit a lot.

Here you can read some of the advantages of using this mod app.

Privacy Control

There are many features related to privacy, which is why people are liking the app most, whether you have to hide your recent activity on WhatsApp or freeze your last seen and use custom privacy options all you can do is.

means We get a lot of privacy features in FM WhatsApp and above we already talked about many features and you must have guessed by reading its special features!

But it also becomes very important for you to know about its side effects, so let’s know about it.

Cons of FM WhatsApp


Even, though we have been given many features to control privacy in the app friends, one main drawback of this app is Privacy.

Yes, while using FM WhatsApp, developers can read your messages, where is our data stored? There is no guarantee! This can be very harmful to you.

Therefore, a big question comes in front of the users, whether they should put their privacy at risk just for some privacy features.

Speed ​​

Another main issue of this Apk is speed. while using the Apk The speed of the app can decrease because most of the functions in this app work slower than the official version of WhatsApp.

Getting Ban

There is a possibility of the application being banned. If you use FM WhatsApp, then you have to be ready to face this risk.

Like the official Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp also constantly released new updates, but to download the latest update, users have to visit the third-party website, so many users do not get information about the new update! And if they use the old version of Fm WhatsApp, this increases the possibility of their data risk.

How to Update FMWhatsApp?

Guys, to check whether your FM WhatsApp is updated or not, you will find many websites on the Internet to update it. whenever a new update comes, we will try to provide a link to the latest version by updating this article.

when you come to this website, here you check the version number of your current FM WhatsApp, if this version number is visible on the website, it means your WhatsApp is up to date. But if another version is shown here, it means that you will need to update it.

Guys, the official WhatsApp is currently doing a great job! But if you want some special features on WhatsApp, then Fmwhatsapp is the perfect option for you.

also, you have to think that If you share a lot of important data through WhatsApp, then you should use the official WhatsApp for security. But if your data is not important, then you can use this mod Apk for its privacy features.

Guys, after reading this article, do not forget to tell us in the comment what you think about FMWhatsApp APK Download v15.60.2 Latest (Anti-Ban) Article.

And yes if you have liked the information given in the article, you can share it on social media as well, stay connected to get the latest updates!

FMWhatsApp MOD v21.00


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