Elden Ring Tips: 8 Tricks to Help You Lord Over Your Enemies

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Although the Elden ring game explains many of the mechanics early on, it is far from simple. Even if you’ve mastered the fighting fundamentals, there are spells, runes, and build stats you need to know.

To level the playing field a little, these are some vital Elden Ring tips to help you become a lord. Pay attention to these tips, as they could mean the difference between life and death.

Kill the animals

It’s sad to kill animals, but this world isn’t fair. And you need the animal bones to survive in the game.

Not only are the bones necessary for constructing arrows (which help cheese some difficult enemies), but you can also sell those arrows to a merchant if you don’t intend to use them.

The proceeds come in handy when you’re a few runes away from obtaining a desired item.

Build your weapon as early as possible.

After selecting an Elden Ring class, you must commit to improving your build as soon as possible, especially if you want one of the best Elden Ring builds.

When leveling up your attributes, focus on your class’s greatest ones and add a bit of vigor and endurance to help you play to your build’s strengths.

If you want to specialize and play with your attributes, there is a specific item that can be exchanged to reallocate wasted attribute points, although it comes relatively late into the game.

This also applies to upgrading your armaments using smithing Stones. If you have a reliable sword or other weapons, stick to upgrading it, as you don’t want to waste your smithing stones on improving multiple mediocre weapons when you can have a single fantastic one that will get you through the tough bosses.

Use stealth as often as possible

Elden Ring features a stealth that allows you to execute surprise attacks on your enemies, inflicting significant damage without worrying about getting detected by others.

With this feature, you can optimize your time by minimizing the need to engage with numerous enemies.

Some locations are designed to enhance players’ ability to employ stealth tactics, so take advantage of them. It would be unfortunate if don’t utilize the potential of the stealth feature to its fullest yet you have it in your disposal. 

While the mechanic is excellent, you should note that relying on stealth for player-versus-player (PVP) encounters is not advisable, as opponents will consistently have knowledge of your whereabouts.

And you don’t want this, do you?

Regularly visit the graveyards.

You might find Elden FromSoftware’s approach towards darker themes to be unconventional, but that’s how it rolls.

The graveyards in Elden Ring contain an abundance of Golden runes that you can store in your inventory so that you have a lot of rune readily available for use when you need them.

Do you need a few additional runes to reach the next level? When you come across a vendor, you can use them to replenish your resources or accumulate them for future use.

Invest in a torch as early as possible.

The same way you should build your weapon as early as possible is the same way you should invest in a high-quality torch early in the game.

Do you recall when FromSoftware committed to delivering a heightened level of darkness in the dungeons of Dark Souls 2, necessitating the need for a torch for exploration?

While it never happened, it’s a feature within Elden Ring. You should have a light source when exploring this area, as failure to do so may result in you getting killed.

You can purchase a torch from the first merchant you meet at the beginning of the game. When you have the torch, equip it in the secondary slot of your off-hand so you can switch to it when necessary.

Later in the game, you can find a lantern that you can conveniently fasten to your belt.

Frequent catacombs

Elden Ring explores mortality, and you should embrace it. As you play, you should undertake frequent searches for a Grace Glovewort. This luminous flower is equivalent to Smithing stones designed for summons.

It enables you to enhance your summons abilities by engaging with a designated non-player character (NPC) for leveling-up purposes. Summoning stronger entities will be more advantageous during challenging encounters with powerful bosses.

Experiment with ashes of war

Ashes of War is a notable feature that you should experiment with. The ashes give your weapon a unique ability, manifesting as a physical attribute or a magical spell.

While it is worth considering the potential benefits of experimentation, it is equally important to consider the impact of each Ashes of War on the scaling of your weapon levels.

If you possess a build focused on maximizing dexterity, prioritize weapons or equipment that exhibit either an A or B scaling in agility.

This implies that the damage output of your weapon will increase as you allocate more runes to that particular statistic.

Find the sacred tears.

Crimson and Cerulean Tears replenish health and FP, respectively. However, due to their limited availability and the requirement to restore them at designated Sites of Grace, it is essential to exercise caution when utilizing them.

You should search for small Golden Trees and explore ruined Churches. Both of these can be found throughout Elden Ring and the Lands Between.

The base of the Golden Trees is adorned with Elden Ring Golden Seeds, while the Churches possess Sacred Tears.

Due to the frequent reliance on Flasks for survival, Seeds and Tears hold significant value as essential items within the game, so find as many as possible and keep your flasks full.

Don’t try to be perfect.

With Elden ring being such an exciting game, it’s easy to want to develop the most perfect character possible, but this isn’t important. You should refrain from attempting to excel in all aspects of Elden Ring, as doing so may lead to difficulties in the later stages of the game. 

To be on the safe side, only concentrate on specific parts of your character.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to increase your level whenever necessary. For example, if you need to wield special weapons or cast spells, level up then.

This way, you have enough runes to use when in need.


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