Basic points about Diablo 4 that beginners need to know

Table of contents
  1. Beginning of the game
  2. Leveling up
  3. Grow your fame level
  4. Participate in clearing out fortresses
  5. Increase the difficulty level
  6. Complete dungeons
  7. Save gold

Diablo 4 received its release half a year ago and players set off to conquer new lands and old mechanics from acts and difficulty levels in order to earn or buy Diablo 4 gold, create their own build for the selected hero and master the system of dungeons and fortresses, go through all 4 difficulty levels and enter a full-fledged endgame, in which the best PVP and PVE players will compete with world bosses

Beginning of the game

Choose your hero – You need to take into account three points at once that will help prevent mistakes and disappointment in future increases in the difficulty level.

  1. Consider your gameplay – if you play by yourself, it will be one hero, for group leveling – take into account the requirements of the team.

For a single game, a mage is ideal, although he is difficult at the first levels due to the constant lack of mana, but in the future this is an ideal class for clearing an entire location of monsters and not even allowing them to approach the caster.

An alternative would be a Demon Hunter who uses a bow or daggers to deal physical damage, with the ability to deal AoE damage with a bow and clear entire locations from a long distance.

For group leveling, a Druid with the ability to heal and tank monsters with the help of summoned animals, or a Necromancer with the ability to weaken and poison surrounding enemies is suitable.

Also take into account your personal wishes when selecting a character, especially when playing in a group, because playing without pleasure can’t be worse, and it’s better to buy Diablo 4 gold, but pump up the character, than to play on someone you don’t like.

  1. Combine builds

You should think through all your gameplay in advance and for future increases in difficulty levels, because it is not obvious, but what seems very easy at first can be not just difficult, but impassable in subsequent modes.

In order to prevent moments when you come across a monster with immunity specifically to your build, it is better to build the development of your hero in advance so that you have two options for dealing damage, and even when you come across an enemy with immunity to one attack, you get the opportunity to destroy him in another way.

True, Diablo 4, unlike previous versions from Blizzard, gives you the opportunity to make mistakes without sacrificing your efforts and hours spent on developing the hero, as was the case in the second part.

You can farm or buy D4 gold to reset your builds and simply distribute skill development points in a new way and remove the problem point.

The only snag that could potentially be is the future inconsistency of equipment, which is collected according to the principle of increment to key skills, but luckily you can turn to the Skycoach service and buy cheap gold in Diablo 4 to quickly update your equipment, or go back to grinding in dungeons.

  1. Don’t ignore dungeons

The gameplay of Diablo has always implied a choice – fast movement through locations, or systematic clearing of all living things before completing all acts, or going into dungeons to obtain additional pieces of equipment, gold and weapons.

If you don’t ignore dungeons, you will gain levels faster and are guaranteed to collect rewards for completing the entire dungeon, which may well contain really valuable accessories with strong characteristics for your character.

Leveling up

You need to take your time, but also take your time when developing your character.

If you rush too much, it will be very difficult for you at the second and third difficulty levels, when each monster will cause you a lot of damage and force you to regenerate your health.

But if you hesitate and meticulously collect equipment, you will simply gradually lose interest in the project without even reaching its most interesting part – the difficulty level of nightmare and endgame.

Don’t be afraid to play with other players – the system will adjust the development so that the monsters become stronger, but the experience for killing them becomes twice as profitable.

You will be able to kill enemies faster and more consistently and at the same timeshare equipment with your partner as needed, and not just collect mountains of junk for the sake of a minimal increase in D4 gold.

Grow your fame level

A new format has appeared in Diablo 4 – the level of fame, which accumulates through useful social actions and allows you to gain an advantage.

You need to find altars to Lilith, go through dungeons, discover new territories, clear fortresses.

For each level of fame you will receive additional skill learning points, new healing potions and other pleasant bonuses.

Participate in clearing out fortresses

Diablo 4 has a new mechanic – clearing the fortress.

It’s similar to a dungeon run, but everything happens on the surface and it’s advisable to take friends with you, because the enemies will be much more serious than even in a difficult dungeon.

The total reward will depend on the region you choose to clear the fortress – it could be skill points, D4 gold.

Increase the difficulty level

You can go through Diablo 4 several times, and each time it will be much more difficult and interesting.

Each start will lower your basic resists, which means your main damage will increase and you need to think about strengthening not only attacks in all possible ways, but also defense.

If the difficulty level is a nightmare, you have not accumulated enough funds and equipment to have high protection parameters from fire, cold, lightning, then you can turn to the Skycoach service and buy cheap Diablo 4 gold.

Complete dungeons

At each difficulty level, it is the dungeons that will play their important role, because for clearing the entire zone, no matter how difficult it may be, you will get the opportunity to open a chest with a good reward, where the total value will depend on luck and the probability of receiving a magic item that is formed due to special items with this attribute.

Simply put, you choose either attributes and increased attacks, or a drawdown of all defensive characteristics in favor of a high chance of getting truly valuable equipment by trying and surviving more than usual in difficult dungeons.

Save gold

You can start accumulating gold starting from the first stages of the passage and the initial difficulty level, because you will constantly receive various items that will be enough for basic acts, but at the nightmare difficulty level you may need any amount to redeem interesting lots and parts kits that will significantly strengthen your hero, but consider your build – this matters.

Remember that if something happens, you can always buy Diablo 4 gold, even if it is a small amount of coins – the Skycoach service works with any amount of gold with guarantees of anonymity and security in front of the game administration.


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