SMS Bomber APK v2.8.6 Download For Android

Name SMS Bomber Apk
Publisher SMS Bomber
Version 2.8.6
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 8MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 29, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is SMS Bomber APK?
  3. Features of SMS Bomber Apk
    1. Customizable Prank Blasts
    2. Anonymous Sending
    3. Viral Amusement Potential
    4. Simple Interface
    5. Free Pranking Access
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Summary


SMS Bomber Apk is a fun tool that lets you anonymously spam any phone number as a prank. This entertaining app allows sending up to 200 duplicate text messages to joke around with friends. Users can customize details like timing, speed and frequency to unleash waves of silly pranks. With a simple interface and hiding the sender’s identity, SMS Bomber Apk provides a unique way to bring smiles through surprise texts. Just enter a number and watch the laughter happen. Free and safe, it has become popular globally among those looking to stir up some laughs.

SMS Bomber APK

What is SMS Bomber APK?

SMS Bomber Apk is a mobile app that lets users anonymously send tons of duplicate text messages to any phone number as a joke. It’s a fun way to prank and surprise friends and family through blasts of silly texts meant to puzzle and entertain.

The app has a simple interface to enter a target phone number. Users can customize options like how many messages to send, timing on when the texts go out and how often, and personalizing what the texts say for humor.

Since it can unleash up to 200 duplicate messages in controlled waves, SMS Bomber Apk brings lots of laugh-provoking amusement. The texts seem to come from random numbers, hiding who really sent it. This adds to the mystery.

So whether aiming to stir up smiles on April Fool’s or finding light ways to tease loved ones, SMS Bomber Apk is great for thrilling fun. The surprise factor and anonymity lead to enjoyment all around.

Features of SMS Bomber Apk

Customizable Prank Blasts

SMS Bomber Apk lets you fully customize your prank text blasts to match your style of humor. Choose how many duplicate texts to send – up to a max of 200. Schedule when the prank barrage should start and how often texts get sent. Even personalize what each text message says for extra laughs. This flexibility keeps the jokes fresh and entertaining.

Anonymous Sending

A key part adding to the fun is texts get sent without showing the sender’s real phone number or name. This makes the receiver puzzled over where the messages come from. Not knowing who sent it opens creative possibilities for silly pranks without harming relationships.

Viral Amusement Potential

A well-executed prank often gets shared among wider circles as enjoyment spreads beyond the first person targeted. With simple sharing options, SMS Bomber Apk allows you to make funny reactions go viral across networks for maximum smiles. Laughter becomes contagious!

Simple Interface

Navigating the app and setting up prank details happens through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. For new and experienced pranksters, it’s straight-forward to input the destination phone number then tweak custom options. This means more focus on perfecting humor rather than figuring out complicated controls.

Free Pranking Access

Unlike some prank apps that charge fees, SMS Bomber Apk is completely free to download and start surprise texting friends immediately. No trial limits or surprise costs. This opens the doors for spontaneity when the pranking mood strikes. With endless laughs at no charge!


Does SMS Bomber Apk actually send real SMS?

No. While the prank texts seem real to recipients, the app does not use your actual SMS plan or phone number to send them. It uses servers to deliver anonymous virtual messages that resemble and function like texts.

Is SMS Bomber Apk safe to use?

Yes, SMS Bomber Apk is safe to download and use for pranking friends. It does not contain any viruses, malware or privacy risks. However, only use it for entertainment purposes on people you know rather than strangers.

Will recipients know I bombed their phone?

No, your identity will remain anonymous. The texts show up as coming from a random unrecognized phone number that cannot be traced back to your device or account. This ability to prank covertly adds to the mystique and surprise.


SMS Bomber Apk is a mobile app allowing anonymous prank texting of friends through floods of duplicate messages designed to entertain and bewilder the recipient. With custom controls, the ability to unleash up to 200 texts provides loads of laugh-inducing fun.

SMS Bomber APK v2.8.6


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