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Name Sismo Detector Pro APK
ID com.finazzi.distquakenoads&hl
Publisher Futura Innovation SRL
Version 13.11.16
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Size 18MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Price FREE
Updated On March 16, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Sismo Detector Pro APK
  2. Features of Sismo Detector Pro APK
    1. Real-Time Earthquake Detection
    2. Customizable Alert Settings
    3. Detailed Earthquake Information
    4. Educational Resources and Safety Tips
    5. Global Coverage and Multiple Languages
  3. FAQs
  4. Final Words

Earthquakes are dramatic, and without giving any prior notice they can destroy everything. Unfortunately, often we cannot tell when, or where disaster is coming. But the timely access and ready of the information would enable you and your family to stay away from danger. Sismo Detector Pro APK is a type of software which is downloaded to your phone. 

It is able to pick up movements during earthquakes and sends out alerts in real-time mode. This application has a user-friendly interface and also smart features in-built. In it you can get instantaneous notifications on your phone if earthquakes took place, without having to wait for any official information. Through this app, you can learn how to conduct yourself if there is an earthquake at the moment. It is like you are opening a capsule of tranquility and bliss; you are not alone anymore.

What is Sismo Detector Pro APK

The Sismo Detector Pro app is a special software used on your phone or tablet that brings you info about earthquakes. The goal of this program is to equip people with the tools they need to stay away from harm and to receive as much information as possible when earthquakes occur. One of the app’s features is to utilize the most innovative technologies that will detect earthquakes. It collects data from seismic sensors all through the world. When an earthquake occurs, the app urgently locates its address, intensity, and its depth. Then you don’t receive a notification immediately.

This application can be mastered effortlessly. Upon installation, there are only a few areas you can choose from. Moreover, Customize your alerts and turn them on and off as needed. It is your decision on which quakes you wish to know about based on their richness. When beyond an earthquake, the app additionally provides you with information about location, depth, and strength. This information gives you a clearer idea about the situation so you can take measures to protect yourself accordingly. The app is involved in teaching you what to do before, during, and after earthquakes to prepare and protect yourself.

Sismo Detector Pro App aims to simplify the information by keeping it down to the bones but providing you with all that is important about earthquakes like tremor information in the only place that matters, the phone. It will prepare you well for an earthquake attack if it happens.

Features of Sismo Detector Pro APK

Real-Time Earthquake Detection

Sismo Detector Pro Mobile is an application that uses smart technology to keep telling if there is any earthquake anywhere in the world. This device goes down into the ground and connects to many sensors that will sense the shaking from the earthquake. Upon the same scale, detectors by the app on the ground get the alert information as quickly as a seismometer records it.

First of all, it finds out the spot of the origin of an earthquake, how strong the earthquake was, and how far it was located underground. The alert will be seen by a couple of taps on the app that will be received on your phone or tablet immediately after any local seismic activity is detected. As this message reaches you within seconds, you could act and take quick measure to save your life in case of an earthquake rather than just waiting for it to happen.

Customizable Alert Settings

Being constantly notified about minor quakes and distant quakes could make the app less of a relevant tool to use. So that Sismo Detector can make the choice yours, it is possible to select the earthquake alerts you want to be notified about. Besides that, you may customize the settings of the app and it can only notify you about big enough earthquakes that are over a particular magnitude. 

Also, you can set a range of distance from your present location, according to which you only receive notification from quakes happening within that distance. Via having these adjustments you will not get the alerts that are not suitable to you and which are irrelevant to your situation, but you will also get those to which they are relevant and are of important matters. The app let you to decide which the alert be triggered just for you.

Detailed Earthquake Information

Smart decision making becomes more important for such earthquakes, and having accurate data becomes amiss for understanding the danger. The Sismo Detector app delivers finely detailed data concerning various signals for every quake it registers. It is going to schedule a satellite map display on which the earthquake started. It indicates the depth it passed through before it came to the surface. In turn, you’ll now see how powerful the beup was registered by the ratings of its magnitude. 

The software can show you how much and where shaking was the most significant in different parts of the country. Making all this information on place, power and other details available can help you to respond in the right manner and be protected from the earthquake.

Educational Resources and Safety Tips

Being prepared by knowing before, during, and even after an earthquake, can significantly assist in protecting your family. The app Sismo Detector’s part includes easy step-by-step instructions on how to get ready for earthquake threats. 

It outlines all the deeds to accomplish starting when the shaking starts. The information ranges from the list of appropriate responses following a quake to the aftershock safety measures. The tool gives you information and guidelines from the experts so you can reliably form a plan before the earthquake strikes and act accordingly.

Global Coverage and Multiple Languages

No matter which part of the world you live in, you can get earthquake alerts via the Sismo Detector App in real-time, whether you are in your hometown or elsewhere in the world. It gets information on earthquakes happening across many countries and continents which is sensed through its immense, sprawling sensor network. 

Moreover, the app is designed to be user-friendly whoever it application the app will have information in a first and second language so it will be available to users from different cultural backgrounds. If you originated in America, Latin America, or Europe you will get to translate these details to your preferred language. Such an approach in many languages seen by the world gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of healthcare technology.


Is there a free version or do I have to purchase the app?

There is a free version with basic features, as well as a paid premium version with advanced capabilities.

How accurate are the earthquake alerts and information?

The app utilizes data from thousands of seismic sensors to provide highly accurate real-time earthquake detection.

Can I customize which types of earthquake alerts I receive?

Yes, you can adjust the settings to only receive alerts based on magnitude, distance from your location, or other preferences.

Final Words

Sismo Detector Pro APK stands for Smart-Shake/Vibration Sensing Smartphones’ Mobile Device (earthquake-sensing mobile software), which provides users with updates on earthquakes in real time and signal warnings. It relies on fast-acting algorithms, as well as a global satellite-based system of seismic sensors, for instant information to be relayed to the network and to allow users timely access to the information helpful not only for survival but also preparation.

Sismo Detector Pro APK APK v13.11.16


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