Love Is All Around Game APK for Android (Chinese Girls)

Name Love Is All Around Game
Publisher intiny
Version 1.1.1
MOD Features Chinese Girls
Size 32KB
Requires Android 6.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On February 11, 2024 (4 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Love is All Around Game APK
  2. Features of The Game
    1. Create Your Look
    2. Movie Quality Tales
    3. Artists’ Fantasy Come True
    4. Soundtrack Of The Heart
    5. Surprise Gaming Challenges
  3. Conclusion

Love Is All Around Game Apk is a fun romance game that lots of people like. It has a cute story, pretty graphics, and relaxed gameplay. That’s why so many players enjoy this sweet little game.

In this article, we will look closer at what makes Love Is All Around so fun to play. We will talk about its main features and rules. We will see what fans say about the game. We will also give some tips for getting the most out of it. Whether you play lots of games or not many at all, Love Is All Around has something nice for you. So let’s jump in and see why this game makes so many people happy!

What is Love is All Around Game APK

Love Is All Around is a dating game for mobile phones like Androids and iPhones. The main goal of the game is to build relationships with different characters in a make-believe town. You do this by going on dates, talking, giving gifts, and more.

When you start the game, you first make your own character that you play as. You can choose what they look like from many options. You also pick their personality and interests, which changes how the other characters act with you.

Love Is All Around Game

After making your character, you go to the nice town called Amourville. Here you can visit places like restaurants, parks, shows, and beaches. At these places you meet characters who might want to date you. By talking and spending time together, they could ask you out to grow the relationship.

Fans really like how even the minor characters have depth. With many chat options and different personalities, each possible date feels real and complex. This makes connecting with them very fun, more than just a basic dating game. With great art and lots of romance stories to find, it’s easy to play Love Is All Around for hours!

Features of The Game

Create Your Look

When you enter Love Is All Around, the first step is designing an avatar with countless amazing customization options – more than any other game in this style! Change hair style and color with unique shades of rainbow, hot pink, platinum blonde or raven black. Try natural skin colors, vibrant fantasy tones or tans. Facial features are highly adjustable from bright lively eyes in different shapes to cute noses and lip shapes. Made your perfect face but don’t stop there. Body size, muscle tone, height and clothing choices let you represent your real shape or an imaginative one – sky’s the limit! Try slim jeans or flowing gowns, badass biker jackets, nerdy cutesy pastels and everything between. With millions of item and fashion combinations, you’ll undoubtedly craft a distinctive look. This character becomes the ultimate you!

Movie Quality Tales

Dating sim storylines often feel dull or superficial. But Love Is All Around’s exceptionally gifted writers breathe unbelievable life into individuals you meet with profound, at times gut-wrenching backstories plus fully-realized motives, dreams, fears. Their words match the depth of top movie scripts. Lines can range from playful and wisecracking to philosophical revealing inner turmoil from toxic pasts. But there’s incredible range. Architect Dana’s assertiveness masks geniune loneliness from dedication to her career. Shy bookworm Jamie struggles for self confidence while fierce loyal Zuri undergoes family trauma. Every romantic crossing, whether slow-burning friendships evolving into soulmates or whims fizzling out through disinterest exposes another layer of these multifaceted characters. With thousands of rich dialogue exchanges touching the highest highs and lowest lows, stories captivate more than many tv dramas!

Love Is All Around Game MOD APK

Artists’ Fantasy Come True

Another standout facet is Love Is All Around’s artwork quality – simply cinema level gorgeousness! Sunlit days among Amourville’s bustling plazas explode with vibrant hues while serene strolls along moonlit boulevards emulate fantasy paintings. Cherry blossom petals dance amidst lush parks straight from epic anime establishing shots. Character portraits especially shine, depicting lively joy, pensiveness, anguish with masterful color choices and linework conveying depth beyond the screen. Tender moments like braiding hair strands framing a blushing smile or tears clinging to eyes as two hands join flaunt unbelievable detail. Countless scenes appear too wondrous to just be “game visuals”. Artists say this dreamlike art exceeds even what animation allows.

Soundtrack Of The Heart

Music also broadcasts production values no mobile game matches. A stellar team headed by composers for anime hits like Princess Caramel and Starlight Magic created over 500 songs! Romantic melodies swelling as two shrink distance…somber solitary piano notes echoing through difficult conversations…rhythmic tropical beats backing laughing beach fun – every story shift features tailored audio support. Certain themes become synonymous with characters. Just the opening intros to Jamie’s whimsical theme or the powerful adventurous accents in Zuri’s convey “this is their moment”. Fans praise how recalling certain melodies replays treasured scenes in memory just as rewatching beloved movie moments. Other scores deliberately fade away, avoiding overwhelming story peaks delivering most impact. This emotional soundscape turns casual play into an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

Love Is All Around Game APK

Surprise Gaming Challenges

Between deep talks comes fun mini escapades testing skill! Snowball duels judge aim sending powdery attacks. Cooking clashes stress speed chopping, frying under a timer before tasting judges’ verdict! Dance show performances rate moves by copying sequences. Success at these impresses your date by showing your lively spirit. Fail and they comfort your embarrassment bringing you closer through playful suffering! Some mini-adventures become over-the-top homages to gaming classics. An 8-bit styled rescue mission through villain lair threats resembles popular retro platformers. A fantasy card tournament references gaming lore in clever ways fans admire. Beyond expanding bonding opportunities, these unpredictable breaks in the main dating journey surprise and delight.


Love Is All Around is a mobile dating simulator game for Android and iOS. Players customize a character and interact with potential love interests in a vibrant, anime-inspired fictional town.

Love is All Around Game APK v1.1.1


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