Doraemon X APK v2.0.9c Download Latest (Xuka)

Name Doraemon X APK
Publisher Hotmilk Patreon
Version 2.0.9c
MOD Features Free
Size 104MB
Requires Android 5.5+
Price FREE
Updated On May 9, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Doraemon X Apk
  2. Doraemon X: Game Overview
  3. Additional Information for Doraemon X
    1. Engaging Puzzle Gameplay
    2. Iconic Doraemon Characters
    3. Nostalgia-Fueled Doraemon Experience
    4. In-Game Currency and Customization Options
    5. Conclusion

Doraemon X Apk

Doraemon X APK is not just a regular mobile game. It mixes adventure and brain games. You get to discover futuristic places with Doraemon and Nobita. The game controls are easy to use, and the character interactions are better than before, making the game more fun.

If you like brain games, the puzzles in this game will make you think creatively. All your favorite characters from the Doraemon series are in this game, and you can customize them. And don’t forget about the cool high-tech gadgets and extra side missions. Keep an eye out, there’s much more to learn about the Doraemon X game.

Doraemon X APK

Doraemon X: Game Overview

Doraemon X isn’t your usual mobile game. It’s a mix of puzzle-solving and adventure, made especially for Doraemon fans. You get to explore a lot of exciting places filled with future-like stuff.

You take on the role of Nobita, with Doraemon by your side, and work through problems and puzzles that need thinking and planning. The game’s story is deep and interesting, which makes the game even more fun and surprising.

Every level brings new challenges, so there’s a good mix of adventure and brain work. But this is more than just a game; it’s like stepping into the world of Doraemon, meeting its famous characters, and doing something different than the usual mobile game.

Doraemon X APK

Additional Information for Doraemon X

When talking about Doraemon X, it’s worth noting that the latest version of this fun game is 0.22b. This update has made the game better and more enjoyable for everyone who plays it.

The game’s rules and controls are easy to understand, so you can start playing right away without any problems. The interactions between the characters have also been improved, making the game more engaging.

The interactions between Nobita and Doraemon, and others from the same series, add a special touch to the game. So, whether you’ve been playing games for a long time or you’re just starting, you’ll find Doraemon X to be a fun and satisfying game.

Engaging Puzzle Gameplay

Doraemon X is a great game that focuses on fun puzzle-solving. It’s different from your usual mobile games and that’s a good thing. It gives your brain a workout as you figure out how to solve each puzzle.

You’re not just sitting back and watching things happen – you’re actually involved in the game. Each puzzle is different and makes you think creatively to find the solution.

The best part is the feeling you get when you finally solve a tough puzzle. Doraemon X is a lot of fun and really makes you think, which is why it’s not just a game for casual players, but for those who love puzzles too.

Doraemon X APK

Iconic Doraemon Characters

Doraemon X is a game that makes you think, but what makes it really special are the well-known characters from the popular series. You get to play with different characters from the show, each one unique and bringing something new to the game. This makes you feel even more connected to the world of Doraemon.

The stars of the show are characters like Nobita and Doraemon, who make the game fun and exciting. You can also change how Nobita looks in the game, from his clothes to other cool stuff, to make him look just how you want.

The way you can interact with the characters and change how they look makes the game more real and makes you feel like you’re really part of the Doraemon world.

Nostalgia-Fueled Doraemon Experience

When you start playing Doraemon X, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time. The game does a great job of reminding you of the much-loved series. This feeling isn’t just on the surface – it’s a key part of how the game works. The bright settings, well-known characters, and classic gadgets all come together to bring the Doraemon world you know and love to life.

Doraemon X APK

You can also change how Nobita, the main character, looks in the game. This lets you connect more with the character and reminds you of those special episodes when Nobita wore different clothes. Doraemon X cleverly mixes this feeling of nostalgia with the fun of playing a game, making your gaming experience both comforting and thrilling.

In-Game Currency and Customization Options

While you’re playing Doraemon X, you can also use in-game money and different customization choices. The money you get in the game shows your progress and skill. You get this money by playing the game, which lets you buy special outfits and accessories for your character.

In addition to bringing back fond memories, this game also lets you make your experience your own. You can make your character look like you want, adding a personal touch to your game. It’s always fun to see your character in a new outfit that you bought with the money you worked hard to earn.

The in-game money and customization choices help to keep Doraemon X fun and personal.


So, don’t wait to join the over 50,000 players around the world who enjoy Doraemon X APK’s fun puzzles, well-known characters, and cool gadgets.

Whether you’re a fan or a new player, this game offers a different kind of fun compared to usual mobile games. It’s not just a game, it’s a journey.

Download the newest version now and explore the lovely world of Doraemon in a new way.

Doraemon X APK v2.0.9c


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