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iScreen 1.8.70 Mod APK (Premium unlocked) For Android

Name iScreen
ID com.zerone.hidesktop
Publisher shaojie shi
Version 1.8.70
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 170M
Requires Android 6.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On May 10, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is IScreen MOD APK
  2. Features of IScreen MOD APK
    1. Lots of Widgets to Add
    2. Fully Personalized Interface
    3. No More Annoying Ads
    4. Early Access to New Widgets
    5. Flexible Photo Widgets
  3. FAQ’s
  4. Summary

Customizing your Android device can be tricky. Most apps just add some basic widgets or bulky themes. They don’t give you a smooth experience. But iScreen MOD APK is different. It aims to really personalize your Android interface with lots of cool dynamic widgets. You can fully customize your screen however you want. iScreen APK is the latest tool for customizing your Android device. It opens up many ways to upgrade how your screen looks and make you more productive.

The app is easy to use. And it has ad-free premium features to unlock even more options. You can perfectly fit iScreen APK to how you like to use your Android desktop. In this article, we’ll go over everything about iScreen APK. We’ll look at the key features, how to download the app, and how to start customizing.

iScreen MOD APK

What is IScreen MOD APK

iScreen MOD APK is an app that lets you customize your Android device’s home screen. At its core, it works like a widget platform. You can add all types of widgets to your home screen like dashboards, clocks, daily task managers, and more. But iScreen APK can do way more than a normal widget app.

One great feature is the animated backgrounds. You can pick from cool nature scenes with moving grass or fun bubble tea themes where you pop bubbles on your screen. These lively backdrops really stand out.

There’s also a handy control center to quickly see device info. Here you can check RAM usage, storage space, temperature, and more at a glance. You can easily get to device settings or open your apps without minimizing what you’re doing.

Other unique parts are the creative widgets you won’t find elsewhere. Add countdown timers to stay focused on tasks. Photo widgets let you decorate with albums or single pictures. You can even have engaging stuff like spinning Ferris wheels, flickering lamps, and relaxing Zen gardens.

With so much ability to customize and improve productivity, iScreen APK is the ultimate add-on app for your Android desktop.

iScreen MOD APK Premium Unlokced

Features of IScreen MOD APK

Lots of Widgets to Add

One big plus for iScreen APK is all the widgets you can use. Widgets are like mini apps that run on your home screen. With iScreen, you can choose from over 100 good widgets in different categories. You’ll find task manager widgets, calendar widgets, clock widgets, and more. Having so many great options means you can pick the perfect widgets to make your desktop more efficient.

For example, add a Bubble Level widget when cropping photos or reading news articles. This makes sure what you see on the screen isn’t distorted. Or try the Habit Tracker widget to build healthy routines. It reminds you about goals and shows your progress. You can even display inspiring quotes every day for some extra motivation.

Fully Personalized Interface

Another big perk of iScreen APK is the ability to customize parts like your background, control center, and layouts. You can tweak all these to your personal taste for a one-of-a-kind experience. One part you can change is the control center dashboard which lets you quickly get to settings, notifications, apps, and more. Choose to put this at the top or bottom of your screen and pick display colors you like.

For backgrounds, explore all kinds of animated wallpaper designs. Maybe you’ll like nature scenes with waves crashing on a beach. Or embody a playful spirit with bubble tea art you can interact with by popping bubbles. You’ve got full control to make your background picture perfect.

iScreen MOD APK

No More Annoying Ads

The free version of iScreen APK already brings awesome value with its many widgets and customization features. But upgrading to premium offers even more bonuses—namely, no more annoying ads! Disruptive banners and pop-ups won’t bother you when selecting widgets or changing settings.

With zero ads to distract you, customizing your ideal Android desktop becomes quicker and hassle-free. You can fully focus on building a personal space catered to your needs.

Early Access to New Widgets

Going premium also lets you unlock special widgets you won’t get on the free version. Get early access to advanced widgets like colorful geometric clocks, scrolling text tickers for custom messages, local weather forecasts, and more.

The premium widget selection always receives update priority when hot new options drop. This ensures you can deck out your Android desktop with the latest and greatest widgets before anyone else. Stay on the cutting edge of customization.

iScreen MOD APK

Flexible Photo Widgets

One more big win for iScreen APK is the flexible photo widget features for sprucing up your background. Some choices include a whole photo gallery carousel, a rotating slideshow, or displaying a single favorite pic.

The widgets allow you to manage multiple albums easily. So make different profiles like family, travel, creative projects, scenic nature, and more to show off. Maybe play a nature album while you work. Then switch to sweet family pics after hours for a mood boost. With easy batch upload powers, refreshing your wallpaper images is super simple.


Q. What features does the MOD version of iScreen offer?

The MOD version of iScreen still offers a lot of great features.You get access to over 100 quality widgets like task managers, clocks, calendars, and more to customize your Android desktop. There’s also a big library of animated wallpapers and backgrounds to make your screen pop. Plus, you can arrange customized control centers and layouts to fit your needs.

Q. Does iScreen APK drain my battery or slow my device?

No. iScreen APK is designed to optimize battery and device performance. The widgets only refresh content when active on your screen. When not in use, they have minimal battery/processing impact. Reviews also praise iScreen for smooth, lag-free operation even on older Android models with extensive customization enabled. Just be mindful of max brightness displays and active background animations.


iScreen APK is an innovative Android customization app that allows you to personalize your device’s interface for enhanced form and function. With its extensive widget selection and adjustable interface components, iScreen provides a dynamic toolkit to customize both the look and productivity of your desktop.

iScreen APK v1.8.70


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