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Chrome Valley Mod Apk v13.1.0.9949 (Unlimited Money)

Name Chrome Valley Mod Apk
ID com.spaceapegames.carsuperstar&hl
Publisher Space Ape
MOD Features Unlimited money
Size 7MB
Requires Android Android 8.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 17, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Chrome Valley Mod APK
  2. Features of Chrome Valley MOD APK
    1. Unlimited Money
    2. Premium Customizations
    3. No More Advertisements
    4. Exclusive Garages
    5. Bonus Racing Events
  3. FAQs
  4. Final Words

The Chrome Valley Mod APK is a very popular modified version of the Chrome Valley car game. In the original Chrome Valley game, you can fix and upgrade cars in a big garage. The graphics are very good and look quite real. With the mod, you get unlimited money to buy more parts and customize your cars better. This makes the game more fun! In this article, we will talk more about this viral mod for the Chrome Valley game. We will look at what you can do in the game, the cool features, how to download the mod, and more. If you like cars and working on them or fun simulation games, keep reading. We will review everything about the must-have Chrome Valley Mod APK.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk

What is Chrome Valley Mod APK

The Chrome Valley Mod APK is a changed version of the very popular Chrome Valley car game for Android phones and tablets. The original game lets you fix and upgrade cars in your garage and then race them against other cars. But upgrading fancy supercars costs lots of in-game money which takes very long to earn. This is where the mod APK comes in. It gives players unlimited money to buy even the most expensive cars like Bugattis, Koenigseggs etc. easily. You can use this money to fully customize these dream cars with cool decals, alloys, bodykits without worrying about high costs.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk

The mod also unlocks big new garages to store your growing collection of amazing cars. These new and good looking garages act like trophies to show off your hard work on cars. They also provide more parking space for all your restored vehicles. The APK removes all annoying ads too so you can enjoy working on cars without pop-up delays. There are also special racing events on new tracks against souped up cars. These races give exciting challenges to veteran players making the game more fun.

In short, the Chrome Valley Mod APK gives unlimited money, next-level customizations, fresh locations and intense races taking the repair game to new heights. And the best part is it’s safe to install on any Android phone or tablet easily. For car fans who felt limited by original game, this mod is the game changer!

Features of Chrome Valley MOD APK

Unlimited Money

The main limitation in the original Chrome Valley game is the expensive costs of high-end supercars, parts and upgrades leading to severe grinding for funds. But the modded APK provides an unlimited in-game cash supply completely eliminating tight-budget restrictions. Now instantly purchase your dream garage filled with Lamborghini Aventadors, Bugatti Chirons, purple neon Widebody Hellcats, Audi R8s or any other desirable manufacturers. Max out performance mods without looking at price tags to push exotic vehicles to absolute limits. Lavishly invest in visual pimp-ups like stylish body kits, vibrant wraps, flashy wheels and more making each ride reflect personalities. The unlimited credits even reduce repair costs making progression extremely smooth.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk

Premium Customizations

The mod truly unlocks creativity for extreme car personalization and custom fabrications without monetary constraints. Stand out from competition with unique textures and effects like chromed or matte paints, exposed carbon fiber, glossy pearlescents and catchy vinyls. Design fiery racing stripes, vibrant abstract art or even anime decals for your favorite characters. Equip flashy alloys, lower suspension for that aggressive stance or install loud speakers for booming streets. The possibilities are endless for crafting head-turning bespoke rides. Frequently dazzle crews at meetups with new kickass whips optimized equally for looks and blinding speed thanks to unlocked potential.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk

No More Advertisements

A constant complaint in the base game is disruptive ads popping up at race events interfering with immersion and breaking game flow. But the mod APK completely eliminates annoying mobile advertisements and pop-ups. Now seamlessly progress through story modes or multiplayer events without unexpected pauses hampering excitement levels. No need to view frustrating ads especially after failing challenges and wanting immediate retries. The removal of irritating video commercials makes the garage simulator feel all the more realistic by just letting you focus purely on your craft.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk

Exclusive Garages

The mod introduces a range of spacious garage addons allowing adequate room for your fleet of exotic restored and tuned cars. Feel an increased sense of progression upgrading from a single cramped garage to more imposing dedicated facilities with lavish interiors. The ambitious collectors’ warehouse bathed in sunlight stores 50+ vehicles with neat customizable organization. Underground bunker garages provide mysterious atmospheres for hiding your most menacing modified rides. Outdo friends by buying car display mansions boasting longer driveways filled with your rarest vehicles as trophies. The new ambient locations act as milestones for dedicated gamers.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk

Bonus Racing Events

Expect exclusive Limited Edition contests challenging skills against equally matched opponents driving expensive upgraded supercars. Participate in time-attack and drifting focused competitions at vibrant locations in specifically narrowed-down car classes. Those into JDMs can race their tuned GT-Rs, Supras and RX-7s against identical beasts. American muscle enthusiasts can enter drag events restricted to only souped-up Hellcats or GT500s. The mod also introduces an underground league only visible to mod users allowing bragging rights and global leaderboard glory. Keep experiencing new events guaranteeing fresh tests and milestones even for seasoned experts.


Is money the only thing unlocked in mod?

No, along with unlimited money, the mod also unlocks premium vinyl wraps, bodykits, exclusive garages, special racing events among other cool features that allow enhanced customizability.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, you cannot get banned for using this unofficial mod. All features unlocked are only client-side so just you can benefit from unlimited money, cars etc. Other fair players are unaffected.

Do I lose mod features if I uninstall updates

Yes, if you uninstall any updates released later for the mod APK, you risk losing exclusive features. Make sure to install every update pushed by developers to maintain all unlocks.

Final Words

The Chrome Valley Mod APK is a hacked and modded version of the popular Chrome Valley car customization game for Android. Installing this APK allows users to get unlimited money, premium upgrades, exclusive garages, and special races in the game for free.

Chrome Valley Mod Apk APK v13.1.0.9949


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