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Anger Of Stick 4 MOD APK v1.1.7 (Unlimited Money) Download Latest 2024

Name Anger Of Stick 4
ID com.bluegnc.AOSBTEAM
Publisher BLUE GNC Inc.
Version 1.1.7
MOD Features Unlimited Money/All Unlocked
Size 30M
Requires Android 2.3+
Price FREE
Updated On January 2, 2024 (7 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Features Of Anger Of Stick 4
    1. Easy To Play
    2. Action With Stickman Warriors
    3. Player-Versus-Player
    4. Game Modes In Three Different Variations
    5. Functions That Are Automatically Performed
    6. A Combination Of Graphics And Sound
  3. Final Thoughts

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On Android and iOS phones, you can play the Anger of Stick game series for free. There are a number of strong heroes to collect and use in battle, different game modes to select from, and the ability to play with friends via Facebook in Anger of Stick 4.

Combat action scenes and challenging enemies await players in this game. In addition, there are three unique game modes, Survival, Doodle Runner and Jump Jump. Additionally, Anger of Stick 5: Zombie, Stickman the Flash allows players to gather up to 6 teammates for a unique fighting style.

Features Of Anger Of Stick 4

Easy To Play

Virtual keys appear on the screen in The Anger of Stick 4. As a result, players can fully enjoy the action scenes because the keys are neatly arranged and do not cover the game screen. Players will also be able to remember how to play and achieve high scores thanks to the scientifically arranged left and right joysticks and skill buttons.

Action With Stickman Warriors

KungFu, Sword, Gun, Machin, Robot, Shotgun, and Warrior are among the 9 types of strong heroes available in the game. Additionally, players can choose from a variety of modern weapons and form different squads based on these heroes. Various enemies in the game increase its challenge and excitement.


Through Facebook’s account, players can engage in battles with friends in Anger of Stick 4. The game can be made more engaging and fun by allowing players to chat with their friends and make strategies for fighting with them. It is also more attractive to users due to the team battle mode.

Game Modes In Three Different Variations

Survival, Doodle Runner, and Jump Jump are the three game modes available. Using professional martial arts, players must defend citizens from enemies in Survival mode. To upgrade weapons, players must collect money and avoid traps while running as long as they can in Doodle Runner mode. While defeating enemies, players must jump continuously to the bottom in Jump Jump mode.

Functions That Are Automatically Performed

A powerful set of automatic functions makes playing Anger of Stick 4 easier and more enjoyable. An automatic attack will occur, an automatic evasion will occur, and an automatic item collection will occur.

A Combination Of Graphics And Sound

There is nothing more appealing to the user than simple graphics and pure sound in The Anger of Stick 4. It will provide players with a more realistic and enjoyable experience thanks to its visual effects and sound effects. Despite its simple graphics, this game is visually appealing and fun to play due to its colorful and cartoonish graphics.

Final Thoughts

It can be concluded that The Anger of Stick 4 is one of the most exciting and entertaining action games that are available for smartphones worldwide. With the game, you can play against friends via Facebook, collect heroes, and use them in battle. You can also select different game modes and use them in battle. A number of automatic features also make the game easier and more accessible. Playing the game is more enjoyable and visually pleasing because of the simple graphics and clear sound effects. This game offers players an engaging, challenging, and enjoyable experience with its unique graphics and gameplay.

Anger Of Stick 4 APK v1.1.7


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