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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK v7.0.1a (Unlimited Money)

Name Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime
Publisher Gameloft SE
Version 7.0.1a
Size 44M
Requires Android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On April 30, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Features Of Gangstar Vegas MOD APK
    1. Story/Gameplay
    2. Become a Tycoon
    3. Gears & other Upgrades
    4. Take on Zombies, Robots, and Other Enemies
    5. Become Mafia Boss
    6. Gunshots Everywhere
    7. Graphics Quality
    8. Sound Quality
    9. Download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK
  2. What’s New in Recent Update
    1. v7.0.1a
    2. v5.5.2a
  3. What User’s Say About Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk
  4. Features Of Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk
  5. How to Download, Install, and Use Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk?
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Guys, If you are looking for Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk or If you want the Hack Version of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime Game With Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Keys, Unlimited Ammo, Anti-Ban. then you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you Gangstar Vegas MOD APK v7.0.1a (Unlimited Money)

Guys Gangstar Vegas is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Gameloft Montreal and published by Gameloft. It was released for Android and iOS on June 7, 2013. It is the sixth installment in the Gangstar series; it is preceded by Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and succeeded by Gangstar: New Orleans. And so far it has been downloaded more than 50,000,000+ times. And it is available for both android and ios for free. 

Ready to roll the dice on a life of crime? Then the city of Vegas is waiting for a gangster-like you! It’s always a crime season for mafia cartels, so only a real rock star could survive in the famous Gameloft game – Gangstar Vegas! 

Gangstar Vegas is a dramatic action game that lets you experience the life of a gangster tycoon. The city has many people who want to kill and stab your back, so if you’re not careful someone could just pop out from behind one corner with their guns blazing! In Gangstar Vegas you can feel like an unstoppable boss as long as those bullets are flying through the air on every side without them hitting anyone but your enemies. With all these powerful weapons at hand in this wild world, it’s hard for anything or anyone to stop us now – we have come too far already.

Join the gangster life in Gangster Vegas MOD APK. It’s a game where you get to have access to all kinds of weapons, including future weapons like plasma and lasers! You can make money by robbing banks or winning it through gambling – but use that cash wisely because when things go wrong, there are no second chances with this game.

Features Of Gangstar Vegas MOD APK


You’ve taken up the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and as a result, have found yourself caught in between some gang business. You were forced to follow their boss’s order and gave it your all during the last round, however, they won with ease. Unable to live with this shame you fought on until eventually going down for good – but not before protecting what little dignity you had left by putting them through hell first.;

Unfortunately, this action has put an even bigger target on your back because now these criminals want revenge! Thankfully though there are those who also disapprove of how crime is running rampant within Vegas that will help protect us no matter what cost.

Many people are familiar with the gameplay of GTA and while Gangstar Vegas is based on this famous series, it also brings new features to make a refreshing take on classic crime. Gadgets such as planes and helicopters allow players access to even more mayhem than ever before. This game will be sure to keep anyone’s attention for hours at a time

You’ll find that the gameplay in Gangster Vegas feels similar enough when compared against other popular Grand Theft Auto games from Rockstar Games – but what sets it apart? Hectic missions including sky diving off an airplane or driving around town, shooting up anything you please keep your adrenaline pumping!

Become a Tycoon

I am a ruthless, cold-blooded killer who will shoot you dead if they try to hurt me. I take my gun with me everywhere for protection and have made it an art form over the years. You see this guy walking through New York City surrounded by bullets while shooting back at his enemies? That’s not just some random thug looking for trouble – that’s a Boss! The only way out of this life is death or retirement (which usually means prison). And oftentimes those are one in the same thing because your rivals find out where you live and send their boys up there to make sure no survivors emerge from the building alive.

In Gangstar Vegas, you are a powerful tycoon that has to take on many challenges. You can rob banks for money and use it in the casino or buy a new car! The city is bursting with lights as there’s so much happening and always something new going on. There’s no time to get bored here because your world opens up with endless possibilities of what could happen next–just imagine how challenging life would be if everything was like this.

Gears & other Upgrades

The game highlights the most badass weaponry, including flamethrowers, military rifles, Molotov cocktails, and electric guitars. You can also take control of incredible vehicles such as monster trucks tanks and a plane in order to cause destruction on the streets! On top of that, you can upgrade each weapon’s functionality with better ammunition or accessories as well as customize your clothes to suit any occasion – zombie costume? No problemo!

The newest edition from Rockstar Games is not just about violence but also creativity; players have freedom over what they do within their own world by choosing which weapons are available for them at different stores throughout Liberty City.

Take on Zombies, Robots, and Other Enemies

You can participate in other game modes that feature zombies, robots, and many other enemies. The city is your playground for blowing away any obstacles with a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal! You can also go against the powerful criminal gangs in the city by taking down their headquarters to end this chaos once and for all.

Become Mafia Boss

Gangstar Vegas is a game of guns, gangs and glamour. As the boss you’ll engage in gun battles with many opponents around to kill you on sight but fear not as destroying their parties will strengthen your own authority. You can race cars or collect treasure chests if that’s more up your alley! If all-out warfare isn’t for you then try out some bombardment instead where players quickly shoot down the opponent by pressing them at an angle until they die – it’s surprisingly satisfying when enemies are blown away like dustbins caught in a tornado thanks to our powerful weapons technology which lets us fire from greater distances than ever before!

Gunshots Everywhere

The game transports you to a world where tanks and guns are the norms. You have played like your favorite hero, carrying out thefts while exploring cities at night with other players in order to become criminals. But this time it’s not just about stealing riches or making friends; You need weapons too!

The more property you steal from rival gangs, the better equipped for battle they will be against yours when things turn violent later on down their paths through every corner of each city so equip yourself accordingly by upgrading armor and weaponry before meeting up with others to march into a war that has opened up between two clans who dare stand in one another’s way across an open field full of gunfire bullets flying everywhere all around them creating what feels like blood-c.

Graphics Quality

This game is one of the most graphically demanding games on Google Play. It offers an immersive experience, with detailed graphics and realistic scenes like blood effects, explosions, gunsfights- even car collisions! You can make it less graphic if you want to play around more often.

Sound Quality

Hey, are you into video games with awesome sound effects? There’s something special about the sounds of gunshots ringing out. It feels like they go on for miles and it’s only your ears that stop them–a headshot is deafening!

The voice actors in this game also make it feel even more realistic than most other games. You really get to be part of an underground world where there’re real-life cunning criminals everywhere and no one can escape from their grasp.

Download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

There is no denying that Gangstar Vegas completely takes your breath away. From the gameplay to graphics, sound effects, and everything in between – you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for more as this game offers hours upon hours of entertainment without getting old or repetitive.

Players, no matter what level and mastery they have with Gangstar Vegas will be able to enjoy the fun of exploring a huge virtual city. Players can interact in this realistic environment like it’s their own by socializing with other characters or even blowing up buildings!

Gangstar Vegas is a fun game for people interested in doing stunts or high-speed racings. The realistic physics of the HAVOK PHYSICS engine allows you to pull off incredible tricks, and either way, have relaxing moments with Gangstar Vegas. Aside from typical sandbox gameplay, players can join nightlife activities like street racing, MMA fights (Mixed Martial Arts), fps gunfights (First Person Shooter), and more! You could complete challenges that earn valuable prizes while playing this interactive action-adventure video game. If you want to make money fast by taking down one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas then become an expert sniper.

The popular iOS/Android app allows gamers who are into stunt work or speeding things up on their mobile device.

What’s New in Recent Update


Welcome to the Cyclone update, Gangsters!
The future is here, and it’s blazing through with some awesome new content!
**What’s New**

Reworked Prep Screen: We completely overhauled the mission preparation screen in order to
• Make each mission requirement more clear & visible.
• Offer flexible recommendations for every mission.
• Provide a handy preview of equipped items & ammo.
• Offer quick ammo & consumable refill options.
We hope these changes make jumping into a mission easier and more enjoyable than ever!

Gun Eater: It’s the hottest season in Vegas. Will you be the last Gangstar standing in these treacherous challenges we’ve prepared?
Military Grade: Get ready to pull rank and flex your authority on the Vegas streets!

Dress for the crime you want to commit with the new Cyclone Suit. Unleash a whirlwind of destruction with the Gunrunner rifle, Grav-Ball grenade, Omega Charge, plus other awesome weapons. And everyone is sure to remain silent as you pull up in the new Miranda luxury cop car, fully equipped with a holographic partner.


What’s up, fellow Gangsters? The new update is rolling out with a trunk full of fresh content & explosive upgrades!

• The Glow-Up: Get ready to light up the night with neon and explosions!
• Death’s Door: Vegas is typically full of the dead broke, searching the streets for a lucky break. But this night, the city is full of the walking dead, searching the streets for a feast of flesh!

• Landmark Updates: Landmarks are now easier to upgrade thanks to more plentiful items and more intuitive menus.
• Apple Sign-In: Log in quickly and easily to keep your progress up to date across all of your Apple ID-linked devices.
• Rising Phoenix: Added revive options where you needed them the most.
• Control Improvements: Thanks to all the great feedback from our Gangstar community, we’ve implemented new control features to make the action more fluid and exciting

What User’s Say About Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

This is a very nice game but at the down there is written that it is offline but it is not offline. So I think that they could remove the offline description or make it offline. I will say that it has very good graphics and gameplay also controls

Best ever offline open world action games on android. I recommended you to improve video poker winning possibility. People comes to casino to get rich and not to became poor eventually. I always bankrupt everytime playing video poker. Don’t talk about slot machine because it is more less winning possibility and just not functioning.

Returned again to this game. Fortunately my profile was saved where I left it in 2017. BUT THE whole new PROBLEM IS Every time I pause to go to the MENU. ADDS POP UP !!. This is annoying as hell. Could there be anything done to resolve this. It’s way too annoying. 

Features Of Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money with no value change.
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited SP
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Anti-Ban (Do not participate in Events)

How to Download, Install, and Use Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk?

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the Gangstar Vegas from your smartphone.
  2. Then download the Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk and OBB File from the download link below.
  3. After downloading the Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk and OBB file, go to your Android Settings > Security.
  4. Here, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which asks to allow permission for installing third-party apps. Enable it.
  5. Now, return back to the download folder and Extract the Obb Zip File in Phone internal memory/Android/obb/ folder then install the Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk.
  6. After installing the game, simply launch the game.
  7. Enjoy!

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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK v7.0.1a


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