Yumvideo App Download (Ads Free) 2024

Name Yumvideo
Publisher Yumvideo DEV
Version 7.0
MOD Features Ads Free
Size 15MB
Price FREE
Updated On February 26, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is YumVideo Apk
  3. Features of Yuvideo
    1. Massive Video Library
    2. No Login or Registration
    3. Video Downloads
    4. Ad-Supported Platform
    5. Compatibility & Accessibility
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Final Words


Yumvideo is an app for Android that lets you watch lots of movies, shows, funny videos and more. It was made by YumVideo. On Google Play Store, it is in the entertainment section. The newest Yumvideo is version 7.0 and it came out in May 2020. Over 352,000 people have downloaded it. Users give it 4.1 out 5 stars. About 2,000 people wrote reviews.

Yumvideo is a good way to easily see and download many videos. You can find many different types of videos there. It is a free app but has ads. The app works on lots of different Android phones and tablets like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and more.

Yumvideo MOD App

Version 7.0 is their best release so far and works on the most devices. Anybody on Android who wants to watch free videos could enjoy Yumvideo. You do not need an account or login. You can get it from Google Play Store or download the APK file directly.

What is YumVideo Apk

Yumvideo is a free app for Android phones and tablets that lets you watch lots of videos. The company who makes it is called YumVideo. The app has movies, shows, funny clips, and more that you can watch for free.

When you open Yumvideo, you will see popular videos on the main page. You can look through categories like comedy, lifestyle, education to find videos you like. Or search for specific videos using words.

A very good feature of Yumvideo is downloading videos to watch later. You tap a download button on any video. Then it saves to your device so you can watch without internet. The videos you download are in the “My Videos” section.

Yumvideo shows some video ads so the app can make money and stay free. The ads play between the regular videos you pick. But you can still watch all videos and use all features without paying or making an account.

So Yumvideo is a very good free app to watch the latest and trending movies, clips, shows and other videos on your Android phone or tablet.

Features of Yuvideo

Yumvideo App Download

Massive Video Library

Yumvideo lets users watch many, many different videos in one app. There are movies, TV shows, funny clips, and lots more. The videos are separated into categories like comedy, lifestyle, education, entertainment, and more. This makes it easy to find the types of videos you like to watch. Yumvideo has partnerships with many video creators and providers. So there are always new videos being added. Users will never run out of videos to watch. The huge selection of videos covers almost every interest you can think of.

No Login or Registration

You can instantly use Yumvideo without any accounts or logins. You don’t have to make a username or password to register your information. Simply get the app and open it to start watching videos right away. Other apps for videos make you register accounts first before you can watch anything. This wastes time and can be frustrating. With Yumvideo, skip all that by not requiring any account registration. No emails to verify either. Just directly open the app and tap on videos anonymously with no login.

Video Downloads

Don’t just stream videos. You can also download them. This lets you save videos locally to watch later even with no internet connection. Every video has a download button you can tap. The downloaded videos will be available in the “My Videos” section of Yumvideo. So you can watch them anytime without using mobile data or WiFi. It’s great for trips when you have no internet access. Or playing videos for kids in the car. Lots of uses. And it is very simple to download and find your saved videos.

Ad-Supported Platform

You won’t have to pay even one rupee to use Yumvideo. But how does the app make money then? Through showing some short video ads. The ads help Yumvideo earn money so they can operate freely and improve the app over time. Users get full access to Yumvideo features without any limits. Just be prepared to view a few video ads placed sparingly between some content videos. But you can still watch unlimited videos for free.

Compatibility & Accessibility

Yumvideo works with many different Android phones and tablets. It is compatible with popular device brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, and more. The developers update the app regularly so it runs smoothly on Android systems. And Yumvideo takes up little storage space on devices. Downloading directly using the APK file is also simple for quick sideloading access. Combined with no logins, small app size, and APK install, Yumvideo keeps entertainment accessible.


Does Yumvideo require registration?

No, Yumvideo does not require you to create an account or sign up. Simply install the app and start watching videos without registering.

What kind of videos can I watch on Yumvideo?

Yumvideo has movies, TV shows, web series, funny video clips, entertaining video compilations, and more. All sorts of videos across many categories except adult content.

Final Words

Yumvideo is a free ad-supported entertainment app for Android. It allows users to stream and download all kinds of videos like movies, shows, clips, and more without needing to register an account.

Yumvideo APK v7.0


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