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Name YoungTube
Publisher YoungTube
Version 7.8.8
MOD Features Ads Free
Size 35MB
Requires Android Android 7.0+
Price FREE
Updated On March 6, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is youngTube Apk?
  3. Features of YoungTube Apk
    1. Extensive Content Library
    2. Personalized Recommendations
    3. Offline Viewing
    4. Chromecast Support
    5. Intuitive Interface
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Summary


YoungTube Apk is a free video app for Android phones and tablets. It lets you watch movies, TV shows, anime, and more. The app was created by Janette Eddy. YoungTube has lots of stuff to watch and an easy way to find and play videos.

It also suggests videos you might like and lets you download videos to watch offline. This app aims to give you all the fun video entertainment you want on your phone or tablet. Keep reading to learn more about how YoungTube Apk works and what it offers.

YoungTube Apk

What is youngTube Apk?

YoungTube is a free streaming app for Android phones and tablets. It was made by Janette Eddy. The goal is to give Android users an easy way to watch all kinds of videos on their devices.

The YoungTube app has a big video library. There are movies, TV shows, anime series, and videos users uploaded. Compared to apps with just movies or shows, YoungTube has more kinds of fun stuff to watch. Anime fans can see old and new anime shows. Rare or user videos also get shared, so there is always something new to check out.

But lots of videos don’t help if you can’t find what you want. So YoungTube has features to help users find good videos to watch. It gives video suggestions based on what you already watched and liked. You can search videos and see results as you type. Filters and categories also make it easy to get to certain types of videos.

Watching videos is made easy too. You can play multiple videos in a row without stopping. Videos can be saved to watch later when you have no internet. Users can also cast videos from YoungTube to their TV screens at home.

With so many videos and ways to watch them, it’s clear why YoungTube aims to give Android users all the entertainment they could want.

Features of YoungTube Apk

YoungTube Apk

Extensive Content Library

YoungTube has a huge collection of stuff to watch. There are all kinds of movies, from blockbuster hits to small indie films you can’t find other places. TV shows also go way beyond what’s popular to include older shows and hidden gems. For anime fans, YoungTube has both subtitles and dubs for classic titles plus the latest series straight from Japan. And everyday users add all types of videos too – comedy skits, music, tutorials, and more. No matter what you like to watch, YoungTube likely has it.

Personalized Recommendations

Finding new things to watch is easy with YoungTube’s suggestions feature. It gives you ideas of movies, shows, or videos you might enjoy based on the stuff you have watched and liked already. So whether you are into crime documentaries or romantic Korean dramas, YoungTube will have new recommendations waiting just for you. It really helps users dig deeper into their interests.

YoungTube Apk

Offline Viewing

Don’t let spotty internet stop you from watching your favorite YoungTube videos. The app allows you to save videos right onto your device’s storage to watch offline later. Download some movies before your flight, stockpile anime episodes to binge, or just save that cute cat video. Whenever you lack internet access, you’ll have videos lined up and ready to entertain.

Chromecast Support

Want to watch YoungTube videos on the big screen? If you have a Chromecast device hooked up to your TV, you can cast videos straight from the app onto your television. Simply connect phone and TV to the same WiFi to start casting and mirroring videos in no time. Now you can enjoy YoungTube entertainment on the go or on the couch.

Intuitive Interface

Despite all its great features, YoungTube doesn’t feel complicated to use. Categories at the top make it really easy to browse just movies, TV, anime, or other videos. Suggested videos are right on the home page. And playing multiple videos is super smooth. The design helps all of YoungTube’s abilities shine through while keeping things simple.


Q1. Can I watch YoungTube offline?

Yes, You can Watch YoungTube Offline

Q2. Is the content on YoungTube legal?

Yes, YoungTube directly licenses all distributed content, though users may potentially upload copyrighted material.


YoungTube is a free mobile video streaming app for Android devices. It offers movies, TV shows, anime, and user-uploaded content to watch on smartphones and tablets.

YoungTube APK v7.8.8


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