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Name Voicify AI Mod APK
Publisher Voicify AI Dev
Version 1.1
MOD Features NO MODS
Size 17MB
Requires Android Android 6.0+
Price FREE
Updated On March 12, 2024 (1 month ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Voicify AI Mod APK
  2. Features of Voicify AI Mod APK
    1. Expanded Vocal Effect Library
    2. Complete Background Music Collection
    3. Ad-Free Usage
    4. Premium Customization Options
    5. Enhanced Sharing & Exporting
  3. FAQs
  4. Final Words

Voicify AI Mod APK is an app that lets you add background music and vocal effects to songs and recordings. The app uses artificial intelligence to power its features, making it easy for anyone to improve their audio projects. In this article, we will look at what Voicify AI is, its main features, how to download and use the modded version of the app, and some frequently asked questions. Whether you are a musician, podcaster, or just want to try changing how your voice sounds, keep reading to see if Voicify AI Mod APK is good for you.

Voicify AI Mod APK

What is Voicify AI Mod APK

Voicify AI Mod APK is a changed version of the popular Voicify AI app. The original Voicify AI app uses artificial intelligence to let users add vocal effects and background music to their recordings and projects. The normal Voicify AI comes with some basic voice changes and music options. But much of it is locked behind payments, needing expensive monthly plans to get everything. The Voicify AI Mod APK opens up all these premium, paid features completely free. The mod gives users full access to Voicify’s whole music library and vocal effects without paying.

Some of the key things unlocked in the mod APK include:

More Vocal Effect Options: From pitch and speed changes to robotic effects, the mod APK provides Voicify’s full creative toolkit.
Full Music Library Access: The mod lets you use 100+ background music tracks covering many genres without paying.
No Ads: The removal of ads means you won’t get interrupted when changing your voice.
Professional-Quality Effects: Voicify’s AI makes even amateur recordings sound studio-grade.

Voicify AI Mod APK 2024

By installing the Mod APK instead of the normal app, everything is free to use. But changes like this can cause stability or security issues. For those who want the most effects without fees, the mod APK removes the payments.

Features of Voicify AI Mod APK

Expanded Vocal Effect Library

The modded Voicify AI app opens up the full suite of vocal effects and voice editing tools that were previously locked behind a paywall. You now have unlimited access to a deep library of over 50 different voice manipulation effects powered by artificial intelligence algorithms trained on studio-grade recordings. This includes options like:

Pitch shifting – Change the pitch of your voice up to one octave higher or lower. Precisely alter notes and tones during both speech and singing with countless combinations available.
Vocal blending – Seamlessly mix and layer multiple vocal takes together into one cohesive performance using AI to match timing, pitch and texture. Create rich harmonic backgrounds or ghostly vocal doublings.
Formant adjustments – Independently modify the harmonic content that gives voices unique tonal characteristics for more radical transformations. Develop distinctly alien or robotic qualities while retaining linguistic clarity.
Time-stretching – Speed up or slow down vocal pacing without affecting pitch or introducing artifacts. Useful for aligning vocal tracks to beats and instrumentals during mixing.
Synthetic voices – Choose from over a dozen specific AI personas ranging from child-like to elderly for narrations or fictional dialogues needing distinct computer-generated characters. And much more for extensive creative freedom tailoring project vocals.

Complete Background Music Collection

Also unlocked is over 200 pieces of original musical score and song stems to mix and match into custom soundtrack backdrops for voice recordings using intuitive drag and drop. Genres span cinematic, electronic, acoustic, and more. Instruments available include:

Full multi-track pop songs with separated drum loops, bass lines, guitar licks, keyboard motifs and synthetic textures for reworking arrangements.
Orchestral film score selections with individual string, brass, woodwind, and percussion parts for adjusting epic builds.
Modular synthesizer loops providing pulsating analog basses, arpeggiated sequences, ambient dreamscapes, and retro-futuristic SFX.

Mix-and-match thousands of combinations to achieve perfect instrumental synchronization or atmospheric immersion behind enhanced vocals using the premium music catalogue at no added cost.

Ad-Free Usage

No disruptive ads will interrupt your creative flow when sculpting perfect vocal tracks with professional effects using the mod APK. Enjoy undistracted production time importing long recordings, iteratively trying new effect combinations, and precision editing augmented vocals from start to finish without annoying external diversion. Focus purely on crafting transformative listening experiences through AI-powered voice augmentation tools without pesky multimedia advertisements diverting attention. The clean interface also minimizes visual clutter.

Premium Customization Options

Personalize your augmented creations down to precise fine-tuning standards by unlocking premium account perks for free. Advanced customization now includes:

Granular slider controls for each vocal effect to hand tailor transformations like setting exact pitch shift amounts or dialing in automated vibrato depth.
Custom musical arrangement by layering and editing separate song stems like vocals, guitar lines, keyboard motifs. Craft new compositions blending favorite elements.
Unlimited storage for saving an endless collection of creations to the cloud rather than capped free accounts.

Enjoy greater creative autonomy thanks to configurable effects and asset flexibility only available to paying subscribers, now fully unlocked gratis.

Enhanced Sharing & Exporting

Finally, unlocked premium features enable richer sharing capabilities and higher quality format exports for spreading unique creations to wider audiences.

Render final pieces in studio-grade lossless audio like WAV and FLAC rather than compressed MP3s for preserves production nuances.
Save isolated vocal tracks separate from instrumental beds for additional external editing.
Direct social media integration to seamlessly upload content to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.
Share privately with collaborators for iterative feedback during creation process before public publishing.
With no capped export allotments or downgraded quality enforced like free accounts, creations can spread beyond the app more easily bringing your enhanced vocals to hungry listeners worldwide.


What is the Voicify AI Mod APK?

The Voicify AI Mod APK is a modified version of the Voicify AI app that unlocks all premium features for free. This includes extra vocal effects, expanded music library, increased customization options, and more. It allows users to transform their voice and add background music without paying anything.

Can I save my modified recordings?

Yes, you can save your transformed voice recordings and background music creations within the app. You can also export audio files to share elsewhere. The Mod APK allows unlimited exports and storage.

Can background music be removed after recording?

Yes, background audio tracks can be separated from vocal recordings using the stem isolation feature to export a cappella or instrumental versions. This allows further editing flexibility outside the app.

Final Words

Voicify AI Mod APK is a modified version of the Voicify AI app that unlocks all premium vocal effects and music features for free. It utilizes artificial intelligence to transform your voice with studio-grade processing tools normally hidden behind a paywall. The mod allows endless vocal customization creativity as well as access to a huge background music library without any ads or subscriptions.

Voicify AI mod APK APK v1.1


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