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Telebox Mod APK v1.40.01 (Unlimited Storage, Premium)

Name Telebox
Publisher Ascico Studio
Version 1.40.01
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 56M
Requires Android 6.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On May 10, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. About TeleBox MOD APK
  2. Features of Telebox MOD APK
    1. Unlimited Cloud Storage
    2. High-Speed Uploading
    3. Multi-Platform Instant Accessibility
    4. Advanced Yet User-Friendly File Organization
    5. Seamless Link Sharing
  3. Conclusion

Our phones don’t have enough storage space these days. Better phone cameras take bigger photos and videos. Plus we want lots of apps, music, and other files on our phones. It’s easy to run out of room. Telebox MOD APK offers a solution – unlimited cloud storage that works right on your phone. This changed app gives you premium access for free. In this article, we’ll look at what Telebox is, its main features, safety, how to download the mod, frequently asked questions, and if it’s a good storage choice. Whether you need more space for your stuff or work documents, this app may help. Keep reading to learn more about how Telebox MOD can fix your storage problems.

Telebox MOD APK

About TeleBox MOD APK

Telebox MOD APK is a changed version of the Telebox cloud storage app. The regular Telebox app lets users store files, photos, videos, and more in the cloud. This gets them off your phone’s low storage. But the free Telebox only gives you a tiny bit of space – not enough for most people.

Telebox MOD APK takes away the storage limit and instead gives unlimited cloud room for files. The developer hacked the premium paid Telebox to remove the fees and limits, unlocking endless space at no cost. So while the free app from the Play Store has little capacity, the MOD APK gives you as much as you need for free.

Otherwise, Telebox MOD APK works similar to regular Telebox. Users still add their stuff to the cloud then access it on all their devices by logging in. The cloud sync makes the data available on their laptops, tablets, and phones. People can also share uploads with others through links. So the MOD version keeps all the features – it simply makes storage unlimited instead of capped. The “MOD” name means it’s “modified” from paid to free.

Features of Telebox MOD APK

Telebox MOD APK

Unlimited Cloud Storage

The core advantage of Telebox MOD APK is unlimited cloud storage for all your phone and tablet files. It completely removes restrictive caps on capacity, allowing you to upload an endless amount of photos, videos, documents, apps, and any other media or data. Never receive a storage limit warning again! Most cloud storage services enforce tough monthly gigabyte boundaries that are easy to hit, forcing you to constantly monitor usage or pay for expansions. Telebox MOD breaks this cycle by giving you an infinitely large locker in the cloud to utilize as your personal hard drive. Save all of your camera rolls, cherished memories, essential work materials, important app data, and everything in between without ever worrying about the number of gigabytes used. This modified application enables endless worry-free storing and accessing of data from anywhere through the cloud portal.

High-Speed Uploading

A common pain point with many cloud storage platforms is painfully slow uploading, even if you pay for increased bandwidth. Telebox MOD APK not only offers unlimited capacity, but also enables swift transferring of your files to the remote servers. The upload speeds offered allow shifting multiple gigabytes worth of data in a fraction of the time it would take standard cloud storage drives. Rapidly move entire camera galleries, years of important memories, big work files, and media content to the safety of the instant-access cloud locker. Avoid tedious long waits just to upload vacation footage or last season’s photo album. Telebox MOD’s quick uploading minimizes restrictions on saving your personal or professional files digitally offsite.

Telebox MOD APK

Multi-Platform Instant Accessibility

Media and files stored through Telebox MOD automatically sync across all your registered laptops, phones, and tablets. Download the Telebox application onto any number of personal gadgets you own, logging into your unified account during each install. This seamlessly connects all devices to your exclusive unlimited cloud locker. Then, access saved photos, videos, documents, and more with the click of a button, no matter which synced device you have on hand! View work files saved from your home office computer instantly while on your work laptop or phone without transfers or emailing thanks to automated cloud syncing. Pull up family vacation photos from 5 years ago onto whichever phone or tablet you currently have with you to reminisce or show friends. The beauty of Telebox MOD is having your entire digital library neatly accessible across all platforms anytime.

Advanced Yet User-Friendly File Organization

As you amass unlimited data in the cloud through Telebox MOD, keeping organized is vital for usability. This application enables administrative features similar to a computer’s folder file system. Flexibly create folder categories and subcategories to neatly sort endless gigabytes of content by project, date, file type, or any custom schema. Intuitive search tools quickly sift through volumes of data to pinpoint the file you need in seconds with keywords. Favorite folders or files for another layer of custom fast access. While storing basically anything you want through Telebox MOD, the organization system ensures you retain complete structured control.

Telebox MOD APK

While keeping personal and professional files conveniently accessible across your own synchronized devices covers a wide range of needs, sometimes you also need to collaborate by sharing with others. Telebox MOD includes versatile link sharing functionality to enable this external access. Instead of wrestling with sharing gigabytes through email attachments or thumb drives, simply create a direct link to any folder or file stored on your Telebox MOD cloud. Paste this link in an email, text, chat, or social post for the recipient to view or download that exact file thanks to the cloud’s remote accessibility. For even more control, set advanced permissions on shared links to enable viewing only, commenting abilities, or full editing rights if collaborating on documents. With Telebox MOD link sharing, external cloud collaboration is made simple.


Telebox MOD APK is a modified version of the Telebox cloud storage app with no storage limits. It provides unlimited cloud storage and access for your files at no cost.

Telebox APK v1.40.01


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