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PhotoRoom Mod APK v4.8.4 (Premium, No Watermark)

Name PhotoRoom Mod APK
Publisher Artizans
Version 4.8.4
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 43MB
Requires Android Android 9.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 17, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is PhotoRoom Mod APK
  2. Features of PhotoRoom Mod APK
    1. Magic Retouch
    2. Unlocked Graphics
    3. Background Editor
    4. Face Editor
    5. Advanced Editing
  3. Final Words

Taking good pictures is hard. With social media so popular now, nice-looking photos matter more than ever. But not every picture comes out perfectly, especially in tough conditions. That’s where the PhotoRoom Mod APK helps – it’s an easy photo editor that can make any okay picture look amazing. It has powerful editing tools and special effects to magically improve your photos. In this article, we’ll look at everything the PhotoRoom Mod APK can do and why it’s better than other photo editors out there. Read on to learn how you can easily make your pictures look high quality in just minutes!

PhotoRoom Mod APK

What is PhotoRoom Mod APK

The PhotoRoom Mod APK is a changed version of the popular PhotoRoom photo editor app. Unlike the basic app which only gives some free editing tools, the mod APK lets you access all the premium features without paying.

This means you can use powerful editing tools like the ‘magic retouch’ that makes your photos look better with one click. You also get unlimited stickers, frames, overlays and masks to step up your editing abilities. One of the best premium features is the background eraser that lets you completely remove or change backgrounds to make your photos look professional.

PhotoRoom Mod APK

The mod APK also unlocks more advanced editing options. You get more control over things like color, light and tone in your photos. There are also cool effects like light leaks, double exposure, glitch effects and more to make your photos unique. It’s easier to edit portraits with face slimming, blemish removal, teeth whitening and other touch up tools. So if you want to get creative with edits that transform your photos free, this modded version is perfect. It gives you lots of editing freedom to make your photos better, no matter what changes you want!

Features of PhotoRoom Mod APK

Magic Retouch

The Magic Retouch tool is like an intelligent photo assistant. With a single tap, it scans your photo and automatically improves things like lighting, color, clarity, and vibrancy. It brightens underexposed photos, fixes color casts, reduces unwanted noise and grain, and sharpens detail. This makes faded photos pop. It also enhances contrast evenly for added depth and boosts saturation subtly for more vivid visuals. Basically, Magic Retouch can take a poorly shot photo and edit it to look like it was captured with a professional camera. It’s much faster than manual edits and often hard to achieve this level of quality improvement on your own.

PhotoRoom Mod APK

Unlocked Graphics

You get an unlimited supply of graphic elements to decorate your photos before sharing them. This includes thousands of stylish stickers in different themes from cute animals to trendy designs. You can browse an endless library of shapes, banners, frames in various colors and opacities to better showcase photo subjects. Customizable text options help label photos or add short captions with endless font styles. Funky filters, light effects like lens flares, and double exposure effects take photos to the next level. No matter what graphics suit your creative vision, this unlocked trove gives you infinite options.

PhotoRoom Mod APK

Background Editor

The background editor provides powerful cutout capabilities. It uses AI to detect foreground subjects like people and automatically remove the background cleanly. You can then easily replace it with another background without any hints of photo manipulation. Choose from customizable solid colors, abstract textures, focal gradients, graphical elements and more to complement subjects. You can also insert other image backgrounds captured on your phone or downloaded from Unsplash’s free stock photo library. With a huge variety of backgrounds, you can transport cutout subjects into starkly different scenes that make images eye-catching. Blending modes help seamlessly integrate them.

PhotoRoom Mod APK

Face Editor

Get professional-grade editing control over facial features with face editing tools unlocked in this modded APK. Manually tweak the slimness of face shape, adjust symmetry precisely, reshape any feature, smooth skin textures, erase unpleasant blemishes/acne, reduce shine, hide eye bags, thin eyebrows, whiten teeth and more – with exacting control. Radial and linear gradient masks let you apply edits to targeted facial areas for subtle, natural looking touch ups. Retouching makeup is also easier with tools to brighten eyeshadow colors, sharpen lip color edges, intensify blush pigment and more.

Advanced Editing

Manually fine-tune the color and tone of your photos with advanced options. The color editor lets you achieve color perfection by adjusting temperature, tint and luminance channel-by-channel. Craft stylistic color filters like cross process, black and white, duotone etc. The tone curve tool gives you precise control over brightness and contrast in targeted tonal zones. Hand tweak exposure, blacks, midtones and highlights independently for dynamic range enhancement. Use split toning to introduce colorful hues in shadows and highlights only. Add grain for artistic effect. With expansive editing capabilities, craft a distinct yet cohesive look.

Final Words

The PhotoRoom Mod APK is a cracked, upgraded version of the PhotoRoom photo editing app. It unlocks all premium features for free including special effects, filters, and advanced editing tools to take your photo editing to the next level.

PhotoRoom Mod APK APK v4.8.4


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