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Parcles MOD APK v2.3.10 (Premium Unlocked)

Name Parcels Mod APK
ID com.brightstripe.parcels&hl
Publisher Pavel Tisunov
Version 2.3.10
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 50MB
Price FREE
Updated On February 15, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Parcels Mod APK
  2. features of Parcels Mod APK
    1. Automatic Tracking Number Detection
    2. Real-Time Package Status Updates
    3. Carrier & Route Mapping
    4. Automatic Status Notification Alerts
    5. Order Management & Analytics
  3. Final Words

Need an easy way to track online orders? Get Parcels Mod APK. This app lets you see shipments from many stores in one place. It automatically finds tracking numbers and status. So you don’t have to check Amazon, eBay, AliExpress sites one by one. Parcels covers them all! This unlocked premium version adds extras too. Like route maps, alternate tracking, insurance info. It makes order tracking super simple. For free! In this article we’ll highlight what the app can do. To show how it makes managing deliveries a breeze. Download Parcels Mod APK for convenient shipment tracking today.

 Parcels Mod APK 2024

What is Parcels Mod APK

Parcels Mod APK is an essential app for any frequent online shopper to keep track of orders easily. Installing the app allows you to view shipment statuses from various retailers and carriers in one convenient dashboard.

The app works by automatically detecting tracking numbers from the notification history on your Android device. So whether you just ordered something from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish or countless other sites, Parcels will pick up the tracking number from the confirmation notification. It then begins tracing the package’s journey based on that tracking number for proactive monitoring.

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With all your purchases aggregated, Parcels provides an at-a-glance view of all packages with key details like carrier, origin, current status and delivery ETA. You can tap into each parcel tracking card to view even deeper details like full tracking history, location timeliness on a map, package contents and value, and notes. Useful notifications can also alert you to status changes like when an order ships out or gets delivered.

While normal Parcels has a free tier, the Mod APK version fully unlocks pro tracking capabilities for no added cost. This means no annoying ads, higher monthly tracking limits, alternate carrier tracking, route maps and other handy premium features are available upfront. Even insurance tracking comes included.

In essence, Parcels Mod APK provides the ultimate shipment tracking experience tailored for online buyers. Having all your order statuses from any site or carrier consolidated into a simple real-time dashboard with rich details streamlines logistics management immensely. It’s an essential install for online shopping fans.

features of Parcels Mod APK

Automatic Tracking Number Detection

Tired of digging through inboxes and notifications to find order confirmation messages? Parcels Mod APK eliminates this manual busywork through intelligent tracking number scanning. The app continuously monitors notification activity for shipment details. As soon as store alerts come in from Amazon, AliExpress, Wish or other major retailers, Parcels performs content analysis to extract critical numbers. Advanced pattern recognition identifies variations in tracking codes like 1Z999AA1012345678 from any carrier to automatically import into the app. This automation keeps your tracking dashboard stocked without lifting a finger, ensuring you have eyes on every order the moment they ship for your convenience.

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Real-Time Package Status Updates

Once Parcels successfully identifies a shipping confirmation and tracking number, it gets straight to work tracing your packages in real-time. The app connects to carrier databases to access up-to-the-minute event data based on scans along the supply chain journey. As boxes get loaded on delivery fleets, make pitstops at logistical hubs, transferred to local post offices and loaded onto route trucks, Parcels logs each step of progress. Event timestamps reveal expected arrivals while interactive maps display the facilities involved for full context. With Parcels providing this aerial view of order tracking through proactive data aggregation, surprises and confusions get eliminated so you have 24/7 instant clarity.

Carrier & Route Mapping

While showing order statuses is standard, Parcels Mod goes further to reveal rich behind-the-scenes details. As your package navigates global distribution networks, the app displays each carrier handling the parcel along the way whether USPS, UPS, FedEx or specialty freight forwards like DHL and Purolator. Specific container and vehicle codes ensure nothing gets lost, while linking this carrier intelligence with interactive maps aids understanding. Zoomable route visualizations trace each leg of the journey across cities, even down to the exact coordinates of scanning locations for pinpoint accuracy. By blending data smarts with humanizing visuals and cardable carrier insights, Parcels transforms shipment tracking from confusing to completely transparent.

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Automatic Status Notification Alerts

Manually checking tracking pages day and night won’t cut it when shipments turn high stakes. Instead Parcels Mod enables automatization for total convenience. Simply navigate to Notification Settings where preconfigured alerts for every major status change await activation. Flag getting Order Processed, Out for Delivery, Arrived at Destination and more. Choosing timeframes like 10 minute delays tailors precision. Once configured, Parcels takes over pinging phone notifications the instant carrier databases register updates. With reaction times faster than carriers themselves, you get ultimate early warning systems customized for your priorities. Never miss time-sensitive rendezvous or signatures again thanks to Parcels’ round-the-clock vigilance on your behalf.

Order Management & Analytics

Maintaining visibility on large shipment volumes poses serious organizational challenges. Fortunately, Parcels Mod centralizes all orders into one analyst-friendly dashboard. Favorite packages with stars for fast access, compile custom notes per parcel, calculate cart totals – customizable interactions tame the noise. Charts and graphs visualize shopping behaviors over time influenced by carriers, retailers, seasons and more. Leverage filters to segment orders by destination zones, price thresholds, date ranges, or status criteria like Delivered Last 30 Days to spot inefficiencies. With holistic birds-eye insights combined with fine-grained controls, staying atop complex order histories is no longer a burden but a pleasure.

Final Words

Parcels Mod APK is an unlocked premium order tracking app for Android. It automatically tracks shipments from hundreds of retailers and carriers in one convenient dashboard.

Parcels Mod APK APK v2.3.10


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