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Name Netflix Game Controller APK
Publisher Netflix
Version 1.4.1
Size 57MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On December 25, 2023 (7 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is the Netflix Game Controller?
    1. How Does It Work?
    2. How Is It Different from Netflix Games?
  2. Features of Netflix Game Controller APK
    1. Seamless Play
    2. Customizable Controls
    3. Smart Game Finder
    4. One Profile for All
    5. Supports All Game Genres
    6. Frequent Updates
  3. What’s New in Recent Updates
    1. Version 1.4.1
  4. What Users Are Saying
  5. How to Download, Install, and Use the Netflix Game Controller App
    1. Need Help?

Netflix has become very popular worldwide for its many movies and TV shows. But now, Netflix wants to go beyond just video content. It launched a new gaming option that lets people play mobile games on their phones and tablets. Along with this big launch, Netflix also released the Netflix Game Controller APK. This cool app turns your phone into a game controller. It lets you play games up on your smart TV by connecting your phone with your TV. The app has customized controls and suggests games just for you. With easy controls and game tips just for users, the Netflix Game Controller app aims to improve mobile gaming in a whole new way.

What is the Netflix Game Controller?

The Netflix Game Controller is a mobile app made by Netflix. It lets people play Netflix games on their TV using their phone or tablet as the controller.

Netflix Game Controller APK

How Does It Work?

The Netflix Game Controller app links your phone to a smart TV via WiFi. However, with this wireless connection, your phone becomes a game controller that can work in concert with games streamed from Netflix to the TV.

When playing games on the TV, you can use your phone’s touch screen as buttons and joysticks. This is a much larger world than just playing games using the screen of your phone or tablet.

The setup is also very easy. All you have to do is download the app onto your phone or tablet, plug it into a power cord, and connect it via a Wi-Fi router. Then pair with TV for smooth set up! You can choose Netflix games on your TV from the comfort of your couch, and use it to play with a gamepad.

How Is It Different from Netflix Games?

While Netflix Games allows you to play mobile games on your smartphones and tablets, the Netflix Game Controller takes it further. The app lets you stream those mobile games onto your TV. This gives you a way bigger screen with higher resolution to play games.

So in short, Netflix Games = play on a mobile device, and Netflix Game Controller = play on TV using your mobile device to control. This makes gaming on Netflix much more fun and immersive!

Features of Netflix Game Controller APK

Seamless Play

The Netflix Game Controller app provides a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience. It seamlessly connects your mobile device to your smart TV via Wi-Fi without the need for any messy cables.

Once connected, the app syncs quickly without lags or glitches. Games launch rapidly and gameplay is responsive without any choppy interruptions in connectivity. You can fluidly transition between games, exit games entirely, or switch play between your mobile device and TV without breaking the wireless connection. This creates truly seamless mobile-to-TV gameplay.

Netflix Game Controller APK

Customizable Controls

The app allows you full flexibility in configuring your gaming controls to suit your preferences. You can drag-and-drop and resize buttons freely to best fit your playstyle. Sensitivity of joysticks and other controls can also be adjusted based on how mild or intense you like responses to your commands.

Preset control layouts make configuration simple for beginners. But the high level of customization gives avid gamers the chance to create tailored control setups that cater to their specifications.

Smart Game Finder

Discovering new games that appeal specifically to you is made easier with the Game Finder feature. Much like how Netflix suggests movies and shows to watch based on your tastes, this app recommends mobile games to play on your TV based on genres and titles you currently or previously enjoyed.

The more you game via the Netflix controller, the smarter the recommendations become. This personalization ensures you’ll constantly find new games well-suited for your preferences through the Game Finder.

One Profile for All

The Netflix Game Controller relies on your existing Netflix profile rather than needing separate accounts or progress tracking. This means stats, achievements, customizations, and your overall gaming progress are automatically synchronized across platforms. you might also like hotstar mod apk.

So whether you switch devices from mobile to TV or vice versa, even mid-game, you never lose your place. Your profile follows you to keep everything intact in one place for consistent playback anywhere.

Supports All Game Genres

The library of games available to stream from Netflix offer tremendous variety catering to all preferences. No matter if your gaming tastes lean more toward intense action and adventure titles or if you prefer laidback, casual puzzles, you’ll discover your niche.

Racing games, fighting games, RPGs, strategy games, retro arcade games – the Netflix mobile-to-TV crossover gaming catalog has them all. And the controller app lets you seamlessly play any and all genres.

Netflix Game Controller APK

Frequent Updates

The developers consistently release updates for the Netflix Game Controller app that squash bugs, introduce handy tweaks, and add support for newly released games. This ensures any issues that crop up are swiftly addressed and the gaming experience continues improving.

As Netflix expands its mobile gaming offerings, the app evolves in tandem to guarantee controller support for games integrated into Netflix after launch. Regular updates translate to you always having access to and enjoying the latest gaming titles available on Netflix.

What’s New in Recent Updates

Version 1.4.1

  • Various Bug fixes

What Users Are Saying

This app is a total game-changer! I was skeptical turning my phone into a makeshift game controller to play on my TV. But man, it worked flawlessly. The wireless connection held up great, button mapping is so intuitive, and flipping between devices kept all progress intact. Netflix really knocked mobile-to-TV gaming integration out of the park with this. 5 stars for sure!

At first, I thought this app was pointless but it actually adds a whole new dimension to mobile entertainment. Connecting my devices to use my phone as a controller to stream games on my smart TV made everything way more engaging. The setup instructions were clear as day too. My only gripe is that control customizations don’t save properly when I exit out of a game. Aside from that, phenomenal way to step up standard mobile gameplay.

Downloaded this on a whim and I’m addicted now! It delivers exactly what it advertises – a way to enjoy Netflix’s games library more immersively on a bigger screen. My favorite aspect is how it suggests new games I’ll probably love based on the ones I’ve already played. Makes discovering titles so breezy. This is a must-try app for gaming enthusiasts looking to link up their devices for amplified entertainment. Netflix Game Controller for the win!

How to Download, Install, and Use the Netflix Game Controller App

  1. First, ensure your smart TV and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to allow connectivity.
  2. On your mobile device, go to the iOS App Store or Android Play Store to download and install the free Netflix Game Controller app.
  3. Open the installed Netflix Game Controller app. It will automatically search and connect to smart TVs on your local network.
  4. A code will display on your TV screen. Enter that code in the app on your mobile device to pair it with your TV.
  5. The app will now sync your mobile device directly with your smart TV through Wi-Fi without needing cables.
  6. On your TV, launch any game title available through Netflix Games and choose to play.
  7. The Netflix Game Controller app will automatically activate on your phone and configure it as a gamepad mapped to game controls.
  8. Customize and adjust the game controls in the mobile app as per your preferred layout.
  9. Start playing the Netflix game on your TV using the mobile phone or tablet touchscreen as your wireless controller!

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