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Nebo Pro APK 5.5.2 (Paid for free) Download for Android

Name Nebo
ID com.myscript.nebo
Publisher MyScript
Version 5.5.2
MOD Features Paid Free
Size 89M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Price FREE
Updated On November 8, 2023 (8 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction:
  2. What Does Nebo Do?
  3. Requirements:
  4. Features:
    1. Advanced Digital Handwriting:
    2. Intuitive Gestures:
    3. Freeform Canvas:
    4. Nebo Document:
  5. Enriched Notes:
    1. Paperless Management:
    2. Dark Mode:
  6. Access to a Free and Unlocked App:
  7. Conclusion:


Nebo is a versatile mobile app that offers a plethora of features for brainstorming ideas, taking freeform notes, and incorporating handwriting seamlessly. This app provides Android users with a powerful platform for smart note-taking, enhanced by advanced text and shape recognition capabilities. In this comprehensive review, we delve into Nebo’s impressive features, requirements, and overall functionality to help you maximize your note-taking experiences.

Nebo Pro APk

What Does Nebo Do?

Nebo is a top-tier mobile note-taking app designed specifically for Android devices. With Nebo, users can effortlessly create freeform digital notes, including handwritten text, drawings, diagrams, and images, all within a fully expandable canvas. It offers an array of powerful and convenient tools, ensuring limitless note-taking possibilities. The app supports intuitive gestures and tools for on-the-go note-taking, making it an indispensable tool for your creative needs. Nebo also facilitates paperless note and document management.


To access Nebo, you can download it from the Google Play Store, though it’s a premium app that requires an initial purchase. Keep in mind that certain in-app features may request access permissions from your device. To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, ensure that your Android device is running the latest firmware version, preferably Android 6.0 or higher.


Advanced Digital Handwriting:

Nebo offers a highly advanced digital handwriting feature, allowing users to seamlessly transition between handwriting and typing. It accurately converts handwritten text, mathematical equations, and drawn shapes into digital objects, simplifying note management. You can even input emojis and symbols, and the app supports over 66 languages for universal accessibility.

Intuitive Gestures:

Enjoy intuitive gestures with your stylus, enabling you to effortlessly edit and format content while maintaining the flow of your note-taking process. The app provides tools to create headings, lists, checkboxes, and offers options to add or remove spaces, line breaks, and emphasize text. The marker and lasso tools are readily available for highlighting and editing notes.

Nebo Pro APk

Freeform Canvas:

Nebo features a freeform canvas that allows users to write, type, and draw freely without constraints. The infinite canvas supports casual touch interactions for seamless navigation and zooming. The lasso tool empowers you to select, move, copy, delete, edit, and customize your handwritten and text notes as desired.

Nebo Document:

Nebo Documents ensure a responsive note-taking experience on mobile devices. You can effortlessly create and edit structured notes while maintaining a smooth flow. The app supports easy editing and adjustments to ensure document readability.

Enriched Notes:

With Nebo, you can enrich your notes using various pen types and page backgrounds to create visually stunning content. The app allows you to add photos, and sketches, and perform editing operations on smart objects. Mathematical equations and matrices can be written in multiple lines, and simple calculations can be copied in LaTeX or image formats.

Paperless Management:

Nebo facilitates paperless note management, offering an intuitive note library with drag-and-drop simplicity for organization. You can easily tag, manage, and organize entries, along with convenient backup options for quick saves and seamless syncing across devices.

Dark Mode:

Nebo’s Dark Mode enhances on-screen experiences, ensuring readability in low-light conditions and reducing battery usage. The app provides smart color management to optimize visibility.

Nebo Pro APk

Access to a Free and Unlocked App:

For users interested in Nebo but unwilling to pay for the premium version on the Google Play Store, a modded version is available on our website, offering the app for free with unlimited features and downloads. Simply download the Nebo mod APK from our site and follow the provided instructions for installation.


In conclusion, Nebo is an exceptional mobile app for Android users, offering a comprehensive suite of features and tools for an unparalleled note-taking experience. Whether you need to jot down notes, create diagrams, or enrich your content with visuals, Nebo’s advanced text and shape recognition capabilities will help you make the most of your note-taking endeavors. Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone in between, Nebo is a powerful tool for unleashing your creativity and boosting your productivity.

Nebo APK v5.5.2


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