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A Modification in Android terms means changing the original app in some way. This can be achieved by simply modifying the existing APK and re-signing it with your own key, or building an entirely new app, resulting in two apps that look and function identically but are technically different apps. The latter method requires you to take the original app, decompile it, add or change some code and then recompile. This is often called a “diff” mod.

MODs are generally used to try to gain access to features that are not normally available or to bypass restrictions imposed by carriers or OEMs. We have come across some MODs for the HTC One S which claim to enable Google Wallet.

When you use these apps they actually just replace your default wallet app with a fake wallet app that sends your credit card info to the dev so he can rob you. They are not actually trying to enable Google Wallet, so don’t be fooled by people saying things like “just try it, it will work”.

Some MODs that have been around for a while are simple UI changes or apps that change certain aspects of the ROM. For example, some apps replace your dialer (phone app) or messaging app and others change system sounds and boot animations.

These types of MODs are generally pretty safe although we always caution users not to install any MOD unless they fully understand what it does and how it works. Some other mods that we have seen cause stability problems or severely reduce battery life.

MOD Installation

MODs come in many different forms and installation methods, but we will cover the most popular two: recovery flashable zip and .apk.

The first is a simple flash-in-recovery (like ClockworkMod or TWRP) that can be used to install all kinds of MODs such as themes, applications such as GO Contacts EX, performance tweaks, and more.

The recovery flashable zip is generally used to install one or more .apk files that are manipulated in some way after they are installed. The most common would be installing a custom launcher like Nova Launcher. Although the launcher itself doesn’t modify anything it will need to be “tweaked” for many MODs to work correctly, so this is where the modding process starts.

MODs can range from very simple to quite complex and each developer will have their own method for installation. Generally, you will need root access to your device and an app like Root Explorer or ES File Explorer. You should also be comfortable with using a computer, connecting to your device via USB, and using ADB/terminal. Although not all MODs require these things, many do so it is worth mentioning.

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Is MOD APK Safe?

Some MODs can be quite complex and can actually do some very cool things to your device. However, as stated before, you should always understand what a MOD does before installing it. There is a chance that something could go wrong and you would not want to find out after spending all night getting everything set up just right. This has happened with some users, but nothing too serious.

There are several MODs that can provide a boost in performance and battery life by simply changing some system settings or disabling things that normally run in the background of your device. You really have to be careful when choosing one of these because it could negatively affect your device if you do not understand what they do.

Another downside is that certain MODs may not be compatible with stock Sense ROMs. Because Sense and Android are actually two different operating systems running on the same device, you could end up having problems such as an unlocked bootloader or a software update that didn’t work correctly after flashing a new ROM.

If you go this route then it’s best to find a ROM that you know is compatible with the MOD. Some developers will include special instructions on how to install their MODs so be sure to read up if you are unsure about what they do before flashing them.

Mods & Sense ROMs

Sense ROMs use an “inverted” installation method. What this means is that when you flash the ROM, it will retain all of your data but wipe system apps and settings. When you flashback to Sense, it will then wipe your data before installing the new version. Because of this, MODs that are installed directly into system folders won’t work correctly with stock Sense ROMs. This is one reason why many people choose to install Sense ROMs with TWRP instead of flashing them in fast boot. By using TWRP, you are able to back up your system apps and settings before wiping data. You can then re-flash that modified system apk during the ROM installation process which allows it to work correctly without having to worry about compatibility issues.


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