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Knight War MOD APK v2.2.5b1 (Unlimited Money/Remove ads)

Name Knight War
ID com.mobicom.defenderking
Publisher TDCGames Global
Version 2.2.5b1
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Remove ads
Size 100M
Requires Android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On June 15, 2024 (7 days ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Features Of Knight War
    1. A Fast-Paced Action Game
    2. Character Diversity
    3. Creating A Castle
    4. Systems For Raiding
    5. Chapters 10 And Levels 10
    6. Discover New Characters And Allies
  3. Final Thoughts

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A wide variety of characters can be selected in the game, each with their own unique style and abilities. A variety of enemies take on a variety of shapes and sizes, and players must defeat them to progress. Battles take place in a variety of scenes, such as forests, mountains, and snow-covered areas. The graphics are smooth and bright. To enhance the realistic feel of the game, a variety of sounds are included, including animal cries and weapons sounds.

To begin the game, players must learn the basics of fighting the enemies. Players will be able to observe the battle from the very beginning since characters will automatically fight the enemy. In the game, there are 10 different chapters, each with a different scene and a different level, and the enemies change from one chapter to another. In this game, players use the character’s skills to destroy all enemies and earn stars as they complete levels. Raids are also available in the game, allowing players to craft weapons and collect materials.

Features Of Knight War

A Fast-Paced Action Game

The game Knight War: Idle Defense puts players in the role of a hero tasked with protecting their kingdom against enemy attacks. The game features different types of enemies with different sizes and shapes that must be defeated in order to progress. Also included are smooth, bright graphics and a variety of sounds to make the game more realistic.

Character Diversity

In addition to choosing from a wide variety of characters, players can also customize their style and abilities. A strong boy, a sweet girl, and an active girl play roles in the play. The players can also use the three skills that each character possesses to defeat their enemies. As for Archer skills, Power Shot and Windspeed are available, Shield Bash and Shield Wall are available for Knights, and Heal, Holy Bolt, and Holy Nova are available for Priests.

Creating A Castle

It includes a castle-building system, where players can build and upgrade castles to improve their kingdom’s defenses. By upgrading their castle’s defense with gold coins and gems, players can make their castle more powerful on the battlefield.

Systems For Raiding

It is possible for players to obtain materials through raids, which can be used to craft weapons. Materials can be collected and weapons can be crafted via the raid system. The better the materials they get in a level, the more stars they get.

Chapters 10 And Levels 10

Every chapter has its own scene and level, and there are 10 in total. The enemies also change with each chapter, making the game more challenging as the player progresses. Furthermore, the game includes obstacles and enemies, which players must overcome in order to advance.

Discover New Characters And Allies

As players progress through the game, they will unlock new allies and characters. Players will receive Des character – Elf Archer, for instance, when they complete level 3. As well as unlocking new allies, players can unlock enemies that possess unique abilities, such as the Monk, who knocks back enemies.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Knight War: Idle Defense is an action-packed roleplaying game that allows players to take on heroic roles and defend their kingdom against enemy attacks. Each character has their own unique style and abilities, as well as a castle-building system that allows players to upgrade their castle to defend their kingdom. In order to progress through the game, players must overcome obstacles and enemies, and collect materials, and craft weapons in raids. There are 10 chapters and 10 levels in the game. Additionally, as the player progresses through the game, they will unlock new friends and characters. Knight War: Idle Defense features engaging and entertaining gameplay that challenges players to become the hero and defend their kingdom.

Knight War APK v2.2.5b1


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