Jock Studio APK (Character Unlocked All, MOD) Latest for Android

Name Jock Studio
Publisher Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group
Version 1.0.21
MOD Features Characters Unlocked
Size 55MB
Requires Android android 8.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 19, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is Jock Studio Apk
  3. Features of Jock Studio Apk
    1. Customizable Character Creation
    2. Immersive Campus Life Simulator
    3. Strategic, Quick-Play Volleyball Matches
    4. Choose-Your-Own Relationship Paths
    5. Vibrant High Definition Graphics & Audio
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Summary


Jock Studio MOD APK is a fun new mobile game that mixes sports competition and romance simulation. It is made just for Android. The game invites you into an immersive world all about beach volleyball, managing a team, customizing a character, and relationships. With its colorful graphics and sound together with engaging gameplay, Jock Studio APK offers a uniquely addictive experience for Android users who want something different. In this game, you enroll as a student at Olympus University. You try to balance school and sports while also hanging out with friends and finding romance. If you like athletic competition combined with excitement, drama, and the chance to create fun personal storylines, Jock Studio APK is a great option to play. It lets you challenge your gaming and people skills.

Jock Studio MOD APK

What is Jock Studio Apk

Jock Studio APK is a fun sports game made just for Android phones and tablets. The game creators developed this app to let you enter the campus world of Olympus University.

After you download Jock Studio APK, you can make your own customized game character who will be the main student. You get to fully customize how they look including hairstyles, faces, body types, skin color and clothes. This allows you to build your personal virtual avatar.

The main game is about balancing your character’s busy volleyball schedule while also enjoying normal campus life. You’ll spend lots of time in practices, character story lines, meetings with coaches, and difficult volleyball games against skilled teams. Winning earns you more prestige and unlocks new plots.

A fun part is choosing who to become friends or go on dates with. Who you hang out with shapes the personalized stories that will happen. Getting close with certain characters can also give you game bonuses.

The excellent graphics and sounds make the world seem real. Every emotional talk and big volleyball playoff gets your heart pounding! With full customization and choices in interactions, Jock Studio APK offers a very dynamic and addictive simulation game.

Features of Jock Studio Apk

Jock Studio MOD APK

Customizable Character Creation

One of the standout features of Jock Studio is the incredibly in-depth character customization studio. Spend hours crafting your ideal avatar student down to the most minute details. Choose from a wide selection of hairstyles, faces, skin tones, body types and heights. Give your character a unique name that speaks to their personality. Design outfits for them to wear to games, practices, classes, dates and casual hang outs. Select accessories too like hats, glasses, jewelry and more. You can continually customize your character over time as you progress through the game earning new clothing items and unlocking additional options. It’s highly addictive shaping your one-of-a-kind game persona.

Immersive Campus Life Simulator

This game goes above and beyond to simulate all facets of being an ambitious student volleyball athlete. Attend a full slate of general education college courses and play mini games during classes to boost your grades. Virtually walk around the lush Olympus University campus environments going between the state-of-the-art athletic facilities, arena style volleyball courts, class buildings, dorm common areas, shops and restaurants. Meet up and chat with new friends and potential love interests in key social locations like the Smoothie Bar, Campus Quad, Dining Hall or Dorm Lounge. Your conversations and choices influence professional opportunities and social standing.

Strategic, Quick-Play Volleyball Matches

The volleyball match gameplay delivers an authentic experience whether playing solo quick matches or lengthy tournament modes. Familiarize yourself with the intuitive touch controls to master serves, sets, spikes and digs. Unlock and equip special moves and team plays to expand your offense and outsmart challengers. Rise through the amateur ranks on campus by winning games to become varsity elite. Soon you’ll compete against arch rivals at other universities. Matches feature different referees, cheering crowds and courtside announcers for full atmosphere. With short load times, you can squeeze in exciting games during any spare moment!

Jock Studio MOD APK

Choose-Your-Own Relationship Paths

The conversations, activities and choices you make with characters shape tons of possible story arcs and endings. Say the right things during talks to progressively get closer and develop intimate connections leading to steamy romantic encounters! Or forge lasting friendships that reveal more complex dimensions to personalities of fellow students and faculty over time. Experience the emotional rollercoasters by consciously deciding who your main character bonds tightly and casually socializes with. Different relationship paths unlock new conversations, exclusive events, helpful advantages and partner perks as you selectively shape the narrative based on your preferences.

Vibrant High Definition Graphics & Audio

Jock Studio raises the bar for visuals in mobile sports titles. The level of vibrant colors, smooth animations and fine details brings the world to life. Character faces display uncanny emotions. Environments like the Campus Quad garden pathway or the Beach Volleyball Courts harbor photorealistic qualities. And the high quality surround sound adds a layer of immersion with ambient campus noises and enthusiastically cheering crowds reverberating during high intensity volleyball moments!


What type of game is Jock Studio APK?

Jock Studio APK is an engaging mix of sports management simulation and interactive storytelling for Android devices. The core gameplay revolves around leading a customized student volleyball athlete through competitions while navigating relationships at Olympus University.

Can I play male or female characters in Jock Studio APK?

Yes, you get to fully customize the lead character’s gender along with all other physical attributes like hair, facial features etc. The game is highly inclusive supporting LGBTQ storylines as well. Dialogue adjusts dynamically based on your personalized character choices.

Does it require a strong internet connection or can I play offline?

You’re able to compete in most game modes and progress storylines completely offline after the initial install. However, a stable internet connection unlocks the full social competitive experience against other real-world players for prizes.


Jock Studio Mod APK is a hacked version of the game with unlimited money and all items unlocked. This modded variant allows you to access amplified features without grind or restrictions for a supreme gameplay experience.

Jock Studio APK v1.0.21


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