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Name hamraaz
Publisher Hamraaz DEV
Version 1.0
MOD Features Free
Size 15MB
Requires Android android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On March 11, 2024 (1 month ago)
Table of contents
  1. What Is HamRaaz Apk
  2. Features of Hamraaz APK
    1. Download Salary
    2. complain
    3. Check progress
    4. Secure App
    5. Get Latest Info
  3. Summary

The Hamraaz app is an important tool for Indian Army soldiers to get service information on their phones. It was made by the Indian Army’s IT team. This Android app brings army services and payments online for easy access. Soldiers can download salary slips or complain about problems using Hamraaz app. This article tells about the Hamraaz app – what it does, main features, how to download and sign up, and tips to use it easily. Going digital helps soldiers get things faster on phone. Read on to know how Hamraaz helps Indian Army soldiers through mobile.

What Is HamRaaz Apk

The Hamraaz Apk is an Android app made specially for Indian soldiers to access important stuff on their phones. As soldiers stay in far areas with limited network, this app brings key army services to their mobiles. Soldiers can download salary slips and Form 16 easily without depending on admin people for these money documents. They can also directly complain about any problems and check status to see if solved. If there are payment issues, soldiers can themselves check details on Hamraaz. Another plus is getting army messages sent just to them where they are posted. This connects soldiers better.

To use Hamraaz, army id number and Aadhaar OTP verification is needed – this keeps the app secure. The interface is simple with clear options to find documents, file complaints and track them. This easy design lets all soldiers – young or old, good with mobiles or not – use Hamraaz for their needs. Be it money issues, HR problems or contacting, Hamraaz makes it all digital for soldiers.

Features of Hamraaz APK

Download Salary

Soldiers can download digital salary slips fast on Hamraaz app. The app shows their pay details in easy format – how much came this month, tax cut, extra allowances like clothing money, and final amount. Soldiers see their full salary breakup on mobile without asking office people or waiting for papers. This helps check or use salary slip anytime.


Soldiers can inform issues about money problem, leave, transfer using complain option. Like if payment less or leave not given, they select issue and write details. App gives a number to track complain. It goes to right office automatically in app. Soldiers get updates on what happens to solve issue step-by-step till fixed.

Check progress

After complaining, soldiers can check status how issue getting solved. App shows dates when sent to office, when staff working on it, updates, asking for papers if needed, and when finally fixed. Soldiers stay updated to see if work happening or stuck. This allows them monitor without visiting offices.

Secure App

The app needs army ID and Aadhaar OTP to login. This double check confirms only registered soldiers enter, not others. Their data like salary or complains fully safe. App tracks who using it when. This security protects personal information and stops misusing inside army.

Get Latest Info

Important updates directly reach soldiers fast on the app – like transfers, boss messages or new rules. Even if posted remotely, using Hamraaz they stay updated on what matters. This keeps them in loop without delays of physical files moving to reach them. App notifications reduce impact of relocations.


The Hamraaz Apk is an Indian Army mobile application that provides soldiers secure access to essential services, documents, and communication on the go. It digitizes key army processes onto a soldier’s phone for convenience.

Hamraaz APK v1.0


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