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Name Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox
ID ru.SOFFGames.gco
Publisher Jet Games FZ-LLC
Version 0.9.6
MOD Features Menu, Unlocked All
Size 1GB
Requires Android Android 9.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 22, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK
  3. Features of Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK
    1. Unlimited Cash
    2. Infinite Ammo
    3. Invincible Character
    4. Unlock All Vehicles
    5. No Cooldown for Abilities
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Summary


The Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK is a very popular open world action game for Android. It puts you in the shoes of a criminal, like the GTA games. You can pull off daring robberies, get into gang wars, drive fast luxury cars through the streets, and cause lots of trouble without any real life consequences.

The MOD (modified) version of the game makes it even more fun. It gives you unlimited ammo, makes your character impossible to kill with “god mode”, and more. With these cheats on, you can focus on causing chaos in the huge open world instead of worrying about running out of bullets or losing health.

In this article, we’ll introduce the Grand Criminal Online MOD APK. We’ll talk about why players love it and its best features. We’ll provide download links and instructions on how to get the best experience playing it on your Android device.

What is Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK

The Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK is a changed version of the very popular open world action game Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox It takes the fun game that millions already love and makes it even better with unlimited money and handy cheats.

Like the regular version, the MOD APK lets you pull off daring bank robberies either alone or with your crew. You can live out your gangster dreams by stealing from banks in cool schemes, getting into violent fights over territory with other criminals, taking any vehicle you want for dangerous street races, and causing total chaos in the huge city without real life punishment.

The game is already really addictive because of the action-packed tasks, giant open world with endless things to do, and ability to build your own crime empire. But the MOD APK makes it even more exciting. You get unlimited cash to buy the best weapons, slick cars, and luxury properties right away. There’s unlimited ammo too, so you never run out of bullets during big shootouts.

Best of all, “god mode” makes your character impossible to kill. So you can focus only on causing chaos without worrying. Cops and other criminals will still chase you, but they can’t actually finish you off. These handy cheats let you explore the giant world and events with no limits.

Features of Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK

Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK

Unlimited Cash

Having unlimited virtual cash in Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox opens up a world of possibilities. You can instantly purchase the most elite, high-powered weapons like rapid-fire assault rifles, RPGs with unlimited rockets, and sniper rifles that can take someone out from a mile away. No more scrambling to steal guns off dead bodies. Just stock up on military-grade arsenals to give rival crews nightmares.

You can also use the endless cash to build criminal empires from your sprawling mansions and penthouses fitted with secret rooms and garages full of getaway cars. Buy businesses throughout the city to run illegal rackets and money laundering while padding your pockets at the same time. The unlimited wealth makes you a feared kingpin.

Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK 2024

Infinite Ammo

Reloading is for amateurs. The infinite ammo feature means your magazines stay perpetually full during even the lengthiest of shootouts with police and rival criminals. You can rain down thousands of bullets as you plow through the streets mowing people down from your weaponized supercar. No need to slow down for even a second. Just pure, unrestrained destruction the whole time you play.

The best part is combining powerful weapons with infinite ammo capacity for relentless assaults. Load up a heavy machine gun or AK-47 with explosive ammo and unleash bullet hell as you stand your ground against the relentless waves of law enforcement on your tail until the rubble and smoke clear to reveal no one left standing but you.

Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK

Invincible Character

God mode grants you sparkling, everlasting life so you can truly put your criminal antics into overdrive without fear or limitations. Launch rocket propelled grenades at cop cars to send them spiralling through the air in flaming wreckage while you walk calmly through the explosions untouched. Leap fearlessly from rooftops, get run over by trucks at high speeds, find yourself at the center of perilous shootouts – nothing can fatally harm you.

The police will still chase you down for wreaking havoc and throw you in jail to reclaim order. But each time you rise from the ashes and mayhem like a phoenix to continue your recklessness spree soon after. When you have unlimited lives, you can really push the chaos envelope.

Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK Download For Android

Unlock All Vehicles

Build a garage full of exotic vehicles from the most esteemed manufacturers that even billionaires fantasize over. These cars, planes, and tanks are all available from the start with Grand Criminal Online’s MOD APK. Take your pick from rows of Candy red, jet black, or sleek pearlescent supercars made for diving in and out of traffic at insane speeds with precision. Or pilot high-speed fighter jets to rain missiles down onto unsuspecting neighborhoods and watch fiery plumes erupt.

With the full gamut of vehicles at your disposal anytime, you open up new worlds of possibilities for mayhem limited only by imagination. Transport illegal cargo with a fleet of armored trucks while friends provide cover fire from above in attack choppers, then meet offshore to make your escape in aquatic jets skimming the waves at 150 mph. The open world is your unlimited playground of pandemonium when you have endless transportation options.

Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD Menu Unlocked All

No Cooldown for Abilities

Each criminal character comes with special abilities ranging from temporarily increased speed to making your whole squad bulletproof. These give you unique advantages that turn the tides during challenging missions and face-offs with overwhelming enemy forces when strategically timed. But abilities in the normal game have cooldown periods where you need to wait before activating again.

The MOD APK fully alleviates these pesky cooldown timers so you can spam the same ability repeatedly with reckless abandon. Trigger your crew’s damage boost over and over to plow through waves of veteran SWAT units while barely losing health. Activate invisibility every minute to repeatedly sneak behind enemies for stealth assassinations against seemingly impossible odds. Or continually warp time to build an advantage during races and escapes. No more waiting around helplessly for the perfect chance to leverage your special talent. Unleash it in full force unhindered instead.


Q1. Is the Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox controller compatible?

Yes, it offers full controller support for an enhanced gameplay experience. Xbox One, PS4 and other Bluetooth controllers can be paired to your mobile device for playing.

Q2. Does the game require an internet connection to play with the MOD APK?

You need an internet connection to first download and install the MOD APK. But once it’s installed, you can play Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox offline without issues.

Q3. Does the MOD APK work for both Android and iOS devices?

No, this MOD is built only for Android devices. There is no iOS version available. It requires Android 4.0.3 or later to run.


The Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox MOD APK is a tweaked version of the popular open world action game for Android. It unlocks unlimited cash, powerful weapons, invincibility cheats, and other handy mods that let you wreak endless chaos.

Grand Criminal Online: Sandbox APK v0.9.6


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