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Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk V1.47.0 (Unlimited Diamond)

Name Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk
ID com.dts.freefireth&hl
Version 1.301.1
MOD Features Unlimited Daimond
Size 65MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Price FREE
Updated On March 1, 2024 (1 month ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk
  2. Feature of Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk
    1. Unlimited Diamonds
    2. Auto Aim
    3. Wall Hack
    4. Unlocked Characters
    5. New Wonderland Map
  3. FAQS
  4. Final Words

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games for mobile devices. With over 500 million downloads, it has quickly become very popular for its fast 10 minute matches and good-looking graphics. The recently released Wonderland map gives players a whole new way to play the game with its colorful fantasy theme. For those looking to beat the competition, the Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk can give you access to unlimited diamonds, auto aim, wall hacks, and more. This modded version of the game opens up new ways to defeat your opponents in style. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about using the Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk

What is Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk

The Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk is a changed version of the very popular mobile battle royale game Garena Free Fire. It keeps all the same fast, exciting game modes like the classic battle royale and clash squad. But it adds some extra hacks and bonuses. The key extras you get with the mod apk include unlimited free diamonds, auto-aim to help you land shots, the ability to see opponents through walls and terrain (wall hack), and more. This gives you a big advantage over normal players in rank matches and tournaments. You no longer need to grind for hours or spend money on premium skins and weapons. The mod also fully unlocks all the different characters in the game, each with their own unique ability. So you can try out different strengths and weaknesses to find your favorite without paying. For example, Kelly’s dash ability offers increased sprinting and dodging mobility. Meanwhile, Laura’s passive skill increases accuracy when scoped in.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk  2024

On top of the hacks and unlocked content, the Wonderland MOD Apk also gives you access to the new colorful Wonderland map. This fairytale-inspired landscape filled with giant mushrooms, candy, and strange creatures offers a bright twist on traditional Garena Free Fire’s battlefields. You still get the same quick 10 minute matches against 49 other rivals to test your survival skills.

Overall, players who want to save money or climb higher on the competitive ranked tiers will love the advantages offered by the Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk. It takes an already great mobile shooter and adds extra flavor.

Feature of Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk

Unlimited Diamonds

The Garena Free Fire mod apk grants you an endless supply of premium diamonds. Normally, you need to either pay real money to obtain diamonds, or slowly earn tiny amounts over many hours of gameplay. But with this hack, you can unlock unlimited diamonds completely free. This lets you shop for any character skin, weapon wrap, backpack, loot box, elite pass, or other customization option you want. You never have to worry about budgeting diamonds or running out. Go wild selecting the coolest and most stylish cosmetics without financial restrictions. stand out from the competition with unique designs. Equip special holiday costumes, royal golden weapon finishes, vibrant pet dinosaurs, and more! The unlimited diamonds make it easy to get any item you desire.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk  Latest Version

Auto Aim

The auto aim feature is a big help for improving accuracy against enemies. It acts as an intelligent aim assist that locks on and automatically tracks rival player targets. As soon as you look down your weapon’s sights and scope in, auto aim goes to work. It identifies opponents and smoothly follows their movements, eliminating difficult precision aiming. Even if foes are sprinting and dodging, the aim bot stays locked onto them. This allows you to easily maintain continuous fire right on target instead of missing shots. It greatly improves performance in hectic firefights, especially for newcomers still learning to aim precisely. No more getting overwhelmed trying keep up your aim on fast moving enemies that jump and slide. Just scope in and auto aim does the work!

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk  NEW

Wall Hack

The amazing wall hack in this mod reveals all enemies, items, vehicles, and more right through solid objects, terrain, buildings and terrain. It highlights player models for you to see their real-time positions, even when normally hidden behind cover or blocked by walls and floors. This basically provides normal vision super powers, letting you always know rival locations. It delivers a major tactical information advantage that completely changes strategy. Now you can secretly monitor all opponents as they move to set up ambushes and sneak attacks. Bait them into traps by predicting movements they think are unseen. Or dodge groups and stealthily take lone targets by surprise. The always-on X ray vision gives you the upper hand to dominate matches.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk  Download

Unlocked Characters

Part of what makes Garena Free Fire so fun is the diverse roster of unlockable characters, each with a unique combat-changing ability. Unfortunately, getting them normally requires paying real money or slowly earning in-game tokens over many hours. But the mod apk instantly unlocks free access to all these characters from the start for free. Want to dash swiftly as speedy Kelly? Or hide and heal inatalntly as Mr Wuff? How about hacking air drops as Moco or sensing nearby enemies with Paloma? You can play and mix-and match all of these diverse abilities to create your preferred battle strategy. Find creative ability combinations that best suit your playstyle. Experiment freely without restrictions on favorites like Badr with increased gloo wall HP or Maxim’s gliding boost.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk

New Wonderland Map

In addition to hacks and unlocks, the mod apk also includes exclusive early access to the colorful Wonderland map. This dazzling new battlefield is set in a whimsical fantasy realm, contrasting nicely with the game’s traditional maps. Fight through giant mushrooms, candy cane forests, chocolate waterfalls and wizard towers. Vibrant colors and fairytale creatures surround you everywhere for a truly immersive experience. And it doesn’t skimp on action either, offering the same fast-paced battle royale mayhem against 50 players over 10 adrenaline filled minutes you know and love. Gain a picturesque new environment to test skills and climb ranks while enjoying enhanced visual charm.


Do we lose progress if we uninstall the mod?

Yes any progress made while using the mod apk gets lost if you uninstall it. So don’t uninstall if you want to keep your ranks and unlocks.

What version of the game does the mod work on?

The Wonderland mod APK works on the latest version of Garena Free Fire. It gets updated whenever new game versions release.

Will I get banned for using the mod apk?

There is always a small risk of getting banned when using mods that give unfair advantages. However, the mod is designed to be stealthy and minimize the risk. Many players have used it for long periods with no bans.

Final Words

The Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk is a hacked version of the popular battle royale game Garena Free Fire. It offers players unlimited diamonds, auto-aim, wall hacks, unlocked characters, and access to the colorful new Wonderland map for free.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland MOD Apk APK v1.301.1


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