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Epic Heroes: spin and kill Mod APK V1.0.68 (Unlimited money)

Name Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK
ID com.mob.crowd.arena.wars&source
Publisher Dinosaur Games
Version 1.0.68
MOD Features Unlimited money
Size 626.60MB
Requires Android android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 21, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK
  2. Features of the Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK
    1. Unlimited Gems and Gold
    2. Infinite Energy
    3. Free Battle Pass Rewards
    4. Auto Farming
    5. No Advertisements
  3. FAQs
  4. Final Words

Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK has fast become one of most popular RPG and strategy games on Google Play Store. With its fun mix of colorful heroes, strategic battles, and big galaxy maps, it’s easy to see why so many players have started playing. But like many free mobile games, moving forward can feel slow for players who don’t pay. That’s where Epic Heroes MOD Apk comes in – a great cracked version that unlocks unlimited money, gems, and more so you can fully enjoy the game. In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about this Epic Heroes mod and how you can download it to take your game to new levels.

Epic Heroes: spin and kill Mod APK

What is Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK

The Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK is the best way to upgrade your game and build your dream teams of legendary fighters. Unlike the normal game which limits how far you can go unless you play for hours or spend money on premium upgrades, this modded version gives you unlimited gems and gold right away.

You’ll be able to summon an awesome collection of heroes like Vigilante One to deal big fire damage, Rhea the Wise to cast healing spells, or Shadow Stalker who is great at stealth attacks. The possibilities are endless for who you can recruit. You can even max them out by using the unlimited resources to improve their skills and buy the strongest armor.

Epic Heroes: spin and kill Mod APK

Also, you never have to worry about running out of energy with this version. Your heroes can complete missions one after another across many planets and worlds in the huge galaxy. Try out tough boss fights that were too hard before, but are now doable thanks to all your upgraded stats and gear. Unlock your teams’ full power and dominate in player-vs-player arenas. The mod truly opens up everything Epic Heroes has to offer for more fun and better strategy. It’s the ultimate version for fans who want unlimited adventure.

Features of the Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK

Unlimited Gems and Gold

Having unlimited gems and gold is like having access to endless possibility. You can freely get your hands on sought-after champions like Laphlaes the Shadow Reaper or Crimson Lord Drakath—highly rare heroes known for their game-changing area-of-effect abilities to decimate enemy hordes. Rank them up to 6 stars and deck them out in legendary Shadowalker armor sets granting lethal critical hit chance.

Likewise, splash gems on Premium Summons for exclusive heroes you’d never stand a chance getting otherwise. With unlimited gold, buy out entire Mystical Artifact inventories granting bonuses like +45% damage dealt and 60% chance to resist stuns. Getting unlimited resources means building the ultimate dream team of heavy hitters.

Epic Heroes: spin and kill Mod APK

Infinite Energy

No more being stopped dead in your tracks right before defeating the dreaded Umbram Thresher boss. Or forced to quit a prize-loaded Treasure Goblin event 10 floors short of maxing out rewards. This mod ensures your heroes have enough juice for any marathon session. Take on all 20 stages of the Serpent Regalia, plow through the high-streak King’s Tower climb for big ability upgrades, or go on an Arena win-streak hot streak to climb into new leagues.

The infinite energy even applies during massive crossover events like the upcoming Deus Ex: Synergy event featuring limited-time Adam Jensen and Talos Rucker heroes. You’ll have the freedom to endlessly take on event stages to collect exclusive fusion cores and currency during the short availability window.

Free Battle Pass Rewards

Get coveted heroes like Alchemist Twins Leona and Rumelda added to your roster months before non-pass holders. Max them out through hard-earned Battle Points without worrying about ranking up the pass. Take full advantage of premium perks like automated treasure chest upgrades and amplification bonuses doubling gold/gem outputs from Campaigns—free perks that stack advantages.

You can stockpile elite heroes over time as long as you put in the effort completing Quantum Quasar, Continuum Rift, and other challenges dishing out exlcusive Cosmic Crown rewards. Reap all the benefits hardcore players pay over $15 monthly access to enjoy.

Auto Farming

Why waste energy manually navigating redundant lower-level stages? This mod feature is perfect for stockpiling upgrade materials, XP juice for ranking up heroes, ability shards for unlocking new skills, and other essentials tied to grinding early on. Set a superior squad on auto-pilot to clear stages with 3 stars for max rewards over and over.

Come back to nice stockpiles of items/resources after focusing on other priorities in life. No need to monotonously relaunch levels when you can have a set team farming around the clock.

No Advertisements

Frustrating untimely ads for random mobile games and products breaking your concentration mid-boss fight or interrupting an Arena duel will be ancient history. Avoid momentum-killing distractions trying to sell you on worthless pack offers or announcements. The mod stripping out ads allows you to fully fixate on timing powerful abilities like Temporal Storm or Bladefury perfectly without frustrating intrusions.


What is the Epic Heroes mod APK?

The Epic Heroes mod APK is a cracked or hacked version of the popular Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill game for Android. It unlocks unlimited money, gems, energy and other premium features so you can enjoy the full game experience faster without paying.

What all do I get with the Epic Heroes mod?

The mod unlocks unlimited money, gems, battle pass perks, energy, auto farming, and everything else locked behind paywalls. You also get no ads and can utilize premium heroes, weapons, armors right from the start for free.

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Yes, the mod APK is completely safe to download if you get it from trusted sites. We recommend downloading from the link given here to avoid any risks. It is scanned for viruses and guarantees your device safety.

Final Words

Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK is a cracked version of the popular RPG strategy mobile game. It unlocks unlimited gems, gold, heroes, and gears and provides premium VIP access for free.

Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill MOD APK APK v1.0.68


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