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Name DesiRulez
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Updated On February 24, 2023 (1 year ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Desirulez APK?
  2. Features of Desirulz APK (DesiRulez)
    1. Watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows.
    2. Download videos to watch offline.
    3. Share Desi culture with the world.
    4. Connect with other desi’s from around the world
  3. How to Watch on Desirulez
  4. Watch Favorite Hindi Serials
    1. Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah
    2. Big Boss Live Episodes
    3. The Kapil Sharma Show
    4. Baal Veer
  5. Zee Bangla Serials Desirulez
    1. Drama Series:
    2. Dubbed Shows:
    3. Reality Shows:
  6. People Also Ask (FAQs)

If you are looking for the Desirulez APK or If you want the Hack Version of Desirulz With the Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah, Big Boss Latest Episodes, The Kapil Sharma Show, and all Hindi Serials then you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you the Desirulez APK Download (Latest Version 2023).

Desirulez apk download

We all understand how frustrating it is to find the perfect app, only to see that it’s not available on your device. That frustration can be a thing of the past with DesiRulez!

What is Desirulez APK?

DesiRulez is an Indian content website for desis around the world. It’s available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices – so you can always get your fix no matter where you are.

The DesiRulez app has all of our latest episodes from Hindi TV serials like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah, Big Boss Latest Episodes & The Kapil Sharma Show – but there’s more! You can also download new videos and watch them offline whenever you want. It’s like having your library of videos whenever you want it.

We also have the latest news, Bollywood updates, and hot memes for all your entertainment needs. And if you can’t get enough DesiRulez in your daily life – with our app, you can watch clips 24/7 on your device!

There’s more! Download all your favorite videos to keep them safe on your device. And if you’re lacking some variety, check out our meme gallery for hilarious pictures that will have you laughing out loud. Watch the latest videos on YouTube or relax with a great picture of Armaan Malik.

Features of Desirulz APK (DesiRulez)

Watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows.

You can use the app to watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows.

It’s easy to be content on DesiRulez when you have something to do with your free time. And if you are looking for an entertaining way to spend your time, go to this app and choose a video that is most important for you at the moment.

Download videos to watch offline.

You can download all your favorite movies and TV shows in DesiRulez so that you can watch them later without an Internet connection, which means you can take your shows with you wherever you go!

Share Desi culture with the world.

If you share some of our content with your friends on social media, then you will certainly help spread the word about us. If enough people know about DesiRulez, it means that there are more people out there who can enjoy the Desi culture with us!

Connect with other desi’s from around the world

I know a lot about the Desi culture. And I love knowing what other people think about it. Although you do not have to be an expert, please let us know if you have some thoughts on any of our articles or videos! We would love to hear from you and share your thoughts with others.

How to Watch on Desirulez

Strategies to do when you are bored. For example, watching movies. Back then they could only watch what was playing at their local theater. Nowadays people can use the internet to watch anything they want.

Aside from going to the movies, people use Desirulez for a variety of things, such as accessing streaming television services, subscribing to providers that air niche programming, and more. That’s one of the reasons why people are passionate about watching popular TV shows, documentaries, and other programs these days.

This level may be achieved in two ways.

  • Web-based (site )
  • Mobile Application

In this article, we will tell you about these two programs and give you advice for each. That means that you can choose to watch Desirulez and enjoy the latest shows and TV series.

Watch Favorite Hindi Serials

In order to have a chance to watch Hindi serials online, you need to know where they are. In the past, the only way was to wait for a TV channel to broadcast it at a certain time of year. But now there is a better way – through websites and applications such as DesiRulez.

Desirulez Site

Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah is a comedy show which airs on SAB TV. It is the only Hindi comedy show in India that has completed over 3000 episodes. The show was created by Amol Sagar and it started airing in 2008.

Big Boss Live Episodes

The Big Boss series of Indian TV shows started in 2007. Each episode is about 12 weeks long and it follows a number of people who are stuck in the house together without contact with the outside world. It is one of the longest-running reality shows on Indian TV.

“Big Boss” is a show where you live with people. You can’t go outside, and you have to do tasks they give you. There is a person who comes every week to tell two people they have to leave.

The Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma Show is a Hindi comedy show in India. It started airing on November 11, 2017, and it airs on Sony TV.

Baal Veer

Baal Veer is an Indian TV show. The main character likes to go to school and play with his friends like any other child.

Baalveer is a prince, and he does many things. He goes to school and has friends. Baalveer learns from his father, but also from his mother and sister Sanyukta. Baalveer teaches others about values such as courage, self-respect, sacrifice for the greater good, and honesty.

Zee Bangla Serials Desirulez

Zee Bangla is a popular TV channel that airs a number of Hindi serials. It covers a range of different topics and genres, including drama, comedy, and romance. The channel has been on the air since 31 July 2003.

The first show to premiere on Zee Bangla was Mere Sapno ki Rani, which tells the story of a girl who struggles with her identity as she moves from being a big movie star to living as a housewife. For those who love family dramas with children as the main characters, one of the most popular shows is Chandanamazha.

Drama Series:

Premiere dateSerialProduction company
18 June 2018KrishnakoliTent Cinema
24 July 2017Karunamoyee Rani RashmoniZee Bangla
13 September 2021UmaTent Cinema
13 July 2020Jamuna DhakiBlues Productions
4 January 2021MithaiZee Bangla
30 November 2020Aparajita ApuTent Cinema
9 August 2021SarbojayaBlues Productions
8 March 2021Kori KhelaShashi Sumeet Productions
12 April 2021Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh HoyCrazy Ideas Media
5 October 2020Jibon SaathiBlues Productions
Source: Wikipedia

Dubbed Shows:

Premiere dateSerialProduction company
16 April 2021Mangalmoyee Santoshi MaaRashmi Sharma Telefilms
8 November 2021Jodha AkbarBalaji Telefilms

Reality Shows:

Premiere dateSerialProduction company
9 May 2005RannaghorZee Bangla
16 December 2018Didi No. 1 Season 8
22 May 2021Dance Bangla Dance Season
25 September 2021Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is Desirulez Legal or Not?

You are asking whether or not the website is legal. The answer is no because it offers pirated material, which means that the TV shows, serials, and series are illegal.
If this occurs, both providers and consumers are doing the incorrect thing. It should be avoided at all costs.

Where is the DesiRulez app located? host’s DesiRulez app downloads

How do I create a DesiRulez account?

A valid email address is required for creating an account.

Is there a Desirulez app for Windows devices?

Not yet, but we are working on it! Keep checking in with us or sign up for our newsletter to learn when one is available.

How do I watch my favorite shows on DesiRulez?

If you are using an Android device, use the menu in the top left corner to navigate to Shows. If you are on iOS or Windows Phone, tap TV Guide in the bottom right corner.

Do I have to pay for using DesiRulez?

The free version of DesiRulez offers the ability to watch unlimited free videos. You can upgrade to a premium membership for an ad-free experience with additional benefits. Visit for more information about our premium membership.

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