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Blink MOD APK v2.4.3 (Premium, No Watermark) For Android

Name Blink Caption
Publisher Blink AI For Talking
Version 2.0.2
MOD Features No Caption
Size 120M
Requires Android 6.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On December 24, 2023 (6 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Features of Blink: Captions & Teleprompter Mod APK
    1. AI Captions
    2. AI Translate
    3. AI Script
    4. AI Title
    5. AI Teleprompter
    6. Text-Based Editing
  2. What’s New in Recent Updates
  3. What Users Are Saying
  4. FAQ:
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Blink Captions Mod APK is a helpful app for mobile devices. It uses smart features to aid in video creation. With Blink Captions, you can add words to your videos. You can translate text to other languages too. The app lets you write scripts and use a teleprompter as well. Whether starting out making videos or wanting to share, Blink Captions has tools for all.

Automated options in Blink Captions do hard work for you. Features add words, fix scripts, and more automatically. This saves much time spent on difficult tasks. You can also customize videos’ look and feel easily. With adjustable options for styles, Blink Captions makes videos polished. All tools are together in one place on your phone or tablet. So making professional videos is now simpler than before.

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Teachers, students and many others create informative videos. But adding words can be tedious work. With Blink Captions, captions come automatically. Translating ensures understanding for all audiences. Preparing scripts is faster too with app help. Now sharing knowledge through videos is less difficult.

Content creators and marketers also benefit from Blink Captions. Automatically making words and translations expands reach. Powerful yet simple tools aid quick production. Marketers can now make promotional videos on the go, without hassle. Whether professional or learning video skills, Blink Captions eases the process. All can now make high quality videos from their smartphone or tablet with less effort than before.

AI Captions

Adding words to videos is as easy as pie with AI Captions. One tap on the app, and it immediately creates captions for your video in many languages. There are many different choices of font styles, sizes and colors. This means you can choose a caption which is in keeping with the look and feel of your video. Closed captions also help you make your video content more accessible and friendly to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Fast, high-quality caption generation can dramatically increase the scope and influence of your videos.

AI Translate

The AI Translate function quickly converts your video’s captions and audio into other languages. This allows viewers from anywhere in the world to read your content even if there are language barriers. The text is translated in real time, making it more accurate. Thus, you are able to express your message thoroughly for the whole world and win a truly international following. The tool breaks down the walls so that your videos can be enjoyed by people everywhere.

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AI Script

Instead of laboriously hand-writing out a complete script, AI Script conveniently processes your ideas into an entire well organized screenplay for you. Artificial intelligence analyzes your input, and reconstructs it into a smooth flow. Then, you can edit this script to make it better and ensure that the written work is congruent with your voice and message. This innovative feature reduces the scripting process markedly, so you can afford to spend time on planning and production instead of wasting it on menial scribbling.

AI Title

At the click of a mouse, AI Title will produce irresistible title intros that you can use to hook more viewers into watching your video. Well, the system creates catchy slogans that draw people in based on your unique content. Instead of worrying over getting the perfect title yourself, let artificial intelligence do it for you so that your concentration is elsewhere. Professionally brand your videos from the very beginning with gorgeous title cards.

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AI Teleprompter

With the AI Teleprompter, you no longer have to worry about memorizing your whole script before recording. While filming, the text runs smoothly through your fingers at a steady pace in time with. Now your face is freer, and you make eye contact naturally with the viewer instead of looking down into notes. Without retakes from forgetting lines, recording sessions proceed much faster. The final product looks more casual and improvised.

Text-Based Editing

The ability to edit video content based on the script transcript is another time-saving feature. Here, you can effortlessly delete any words or phrases that do not add to the narrative flow and increase meaning. With this streamlined process, you’ll skip the mind-numbing hours spent cutting clips together in a video editor. Now you can make quick changes from your mobile device anywhere and anytime.

What’s New in Recent Updates


  • – Fixed various bugs, enhancing app stability

What Users Are Saying

“This app is a life-saver for teachers like me! Creating lesson videos is now so much easier with features that auto-generate captions and help me script my content. Before I’d dread the hours of work it took, but Blink Captions streamlines the entire process. My students also appreciate the captions for learning. Overall it’s been incredibly helpful for my teaching tools.”

“As a YouTuber, video production is crucial for my channel. Blink Captions offered exactly what I needed – high quality captions that looked polished and professional. Viewers have told me how much they appreciate the subtitles too for keeping up while multi-tasking. Not to mention it formatted scripts perfectly to keep my content consistent. Couldn’t recommend this app enough for content creators!”

“When venturing into video marketing for my small business, I felt a bit overwhelmed. This app simplified everything! Within minutes I had gorgeous title cards and was test recording using the teleprompter. My demo reels came out better than I imagined they would for a first timer using Blink Captions. So intuitive to navigate too – huge time saver recommended for any business promoting through video.”


Q1. Is Blink available for both Android and iOS?

A. Yes, Blink is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Q2. Does Blink support multiple languages for captions and subtitles?

A. Absolutely, Blink supports over 20 languages for captions and subtitles, making your content accessible to a global audience.

Q3. Can I use Blink to remove text from my videos for editing purposes?

A. Yes, Blink’s text-based video editor allows you to easily remove text from your videos, streamlining your content.

Q4. Is Blink safe to use, and does it contain watermarks on exported videos?

A. Blink is safe and free from watermarks on exported videos, ensuring a professional look for your content.

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