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Name BigMama VPN
ID network.bigmama&hl=en&gl=US
Publisher BigMama SRL
Version 1.5.7
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Size 10MB
Requires Android android 5.0 and up
Price FREE
Updated On February 19, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is BigMama Apk
  2. Features of BigMama Apk
    1. Military-Grade 256-bit AES Encryption
    2. Unblock Geo-Restricted Sites and Content
    3. Speed Optimized Next-Gen Global Servers
    4. Malware Protection and Ad Blocking
    5. 24/7 Premium Customer Support
  3. FAQ’s
  4. Summary

BigMama VPN MOD APK gives Android users fast, safe, and private internet browsing. It encrypts connections and hides IP addresses. This stops tracking of what you do online and lets you access blocked content. After installing, just connect to one of BigMama’s speedy global servers. This instantly makes your device location anonymous. Whether you want privacy from ads, to get around country blocks, or keep your browsing secret, BigMama VPN protects you. It uses military-level encryption to shield your data in an unbreakable tunnel. You can surf the web, stream shows, shop online and more without worrying about who is watching what you do. For affordable and uncompromising internet security made for phones, download the lightweight but full BigMama VPN app today.

BigMama Vpn MOD APK

What is BigMama Apk

BigMama VPN APK is a free, fast, and secure mobile VPN (virtual private network) app made just for Android devices. It lets users create encrypted connections to private servers. This hides their IP addresses and gets around location blocks to access anything on the internet worry-free.

After quickly downloading and installing the app to your Android phone or tablet, open it up and choose from hundreds of speedy servers in over 50 countries worldwide. With one tap, BigMama hides your device’s real location. This makes websites think you are browsing from whichever server area you select instead. It also avoids government filters, allowing you to access blocked sites and content.

All your device’s internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel before exiting out the server on the other end. This tunnel acts like a protected passage that keeps your browsing data and personal information private from hackers, spy agencies, and cyber criminals as you use the internet.

The app has specialty servers just for streaming HD video smoothly. There are also servers made specifically for fast torrent downloads. For extra personalization, pick the fastest nearby server connections or manually select certain countries you want to appear to browse from.

With disguised identities, fast connections, and banking-level encryption securing your activity across devices, BigMama VPN allows you to privately and safely browse, watch shows, and shop online.

Features of BigMama Apk

BigMama Vpn MOD APK

Military-Grade 256-bit AES Encryption

BigMama VPN leverages an advanced 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to authenticate connections and encode all transmitted data into uncrackable ciphers before tunneling through secured channels between your device and exit nodes. This robust symmetric key cryptography uses complex mathematical sequences that would require longer than the age of the universe to brute force decrypt without the encryption keys. It’s the same virtually impenetrable data protection trusted by militaries to safeguard classified communications and financial institutions to secure transactions. By applying cutting-edge encoders to your device’s networking traffic before routing through hardened infrastructure, third-parties are unable to intercept, monitor, or compromise your browsing activity as it transmits fully encrypted end-to-end.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Sites and Content

BigMama allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and censorship filters imposed by countries, employers, schools or other restrictive networks. By routing your traffic through servers located outside imposed jurisdictions, your device’s location gets disguised granting unfiltered access to the global internet. This immediately lifts limitations allowing you to freely browse, use internet-based applications and access streaming entertainment platforms or sporting events that may normally be unavailable or blocked in your physical area. BigMama smuggles your device beyond imposed digital borders, removing barriers to entertainment, information and restricted apps targeted by overbearing authoritarians.

Speed Optimized Next-Gen Global Servers

Specially optimized high-capacity servers located near high-demand regions deliver blazing fast connection speeds with unlimited bandwidth so streaming HD video, downloading large files and transferring data remains smooth and snappy. These dedicated servers utilize premium hardware with enterprise SSD caches, BBR congestion control and other innovations maximizing fast throughput speed performance. For the best experience, let BigMama automatically select the fastest, least congested available servers using real-time geolocation data. Or manually choose specialty server options explicitly catering to video streaming stability or torrenting speeds if engaging bandwidth heavy tasks.

BigMama Vpn MOD APK

Malware Protection and Ad Blocking

Built-in malware protection actively monitors then blocks connections to fraudulent domains known for phishing attempts, spammers, viruses and other external threats trying to infect your device or compromise privacy while browsing using both client and server-side threat intelligence. Additionally, optional ad blocking allows hiding disruptive ads from marring page content across the internet for smoother browsing. For further privacy, all app and browsing histories get cleared after each session preventing residual tracking. Combined threat analysis with private connectivity makes web journeys safer.

24/7 Premium Customer Support

Get prompt support from knowledgeable specialists reachable 24/7 via instant messaging and email to troubleshoot account issues or provide technical consultation tailoring the VPN for optimized private connectivity. Whether grappling with speed reductions or puzzling error messages, friendly remote IT professionals identify issues then supply useful explanations and custom solutions improving encrypted app performance. Expect quick human responses even during peak hours for courteous service custom-fitting BigMama’s capabilities addressing browsing needs.


Is BigMama VPN completely free to use?

Yes, BigMama VPN is fully free to download and use with unlimited data and bandwidth across all servers. No payment or subscription is needed to access features.

How many server locations does BigMama VPN have?

BigMama operates high-speed servers in over 50 countries across thousands of locations giving vast server options to choose for desired private connectivity.

Does the app keep usage or connection logs?

No, for added privacy, BigMama maintains a strict no-logging policy so no usage, browsing or traffic/connection logs are kept after sessions end.


BigMama VPN Mod APK is a modified unlocked version of the app with unlimited premium features plus additional server locations enabled for free. This modded adaptation provides the full, unrestricted VPN experience.

BigMama VPN APK v1.5.7


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