Age Face MOD APK 1.1.43 Premium Unlocked

Name Age Face
Publisher NaveedZafar
Genre Photography
Version 1.1.43
MOD Features Premium Unlcoked
Size 16MB
Requires Android android 9.0+
Price FREE
Updated On February 14, 2024 (5 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What Is Age Face MOD APK
  2. Features of Age Face MOD APK
    1. Realistic Aging & De-Aging Filters
    2. Facial Feature & Hair Customization
    3. Age Slider & Comparative Timelapse
    4. Media Export & Cross-Platform Sharing
    5. Ironclad Data Privacy & Security
  3. FAQ’s
  4. Final Words

The Age Face Mod APK is a fun photo editing app that lets you change how old or young you look. It has realistic old and young filters so you can see what you might look like at different ages. The unlocked premium version gives you extra features like adding facial hair and changing parts of your face for more experiments. In this article, we’ll look at what makes Age Face Mod different than other aging apps, the main features it offers, tips to use it best, and if its aging filters really work well.

What Is Age Face MOD APK

Age Face MOD APK

The Age Face Mod APK is a photo editing app only focused on making faces look way older or younger. It uses advanced face changing technology to add or take away wrinkles, spots, saggy skin and other aging signs. Users can make the face shape, skin quality, hair color, facial hair and more look older or younger. Whether you want to see what you might look like when you’re old or make a photo from your childhood look more recent, Age Face Mod lets you see realistic older and younger versions of faces.

The aging filters add shadows and texture to make the skin look credibly old or smooth it out to look young again. Over 40 high-quality aging filters are available to transform selfies and photos through different life stages. The unlocked premium version gives you additional special aging filters plus tools to manually change parts of the face, add beards/mustaches, try new hairstyles, and save the aged photos and videos. Users can let their creativity run wild with old and young versions of portraits that are surprisingly realistic for an app. Overall, Age Face Mod stands out for delivering dramatic and customizable face aging effects beyond basic photo filters.

Features of Age Face MOD APK

Realistic Aging & De-Aging Filters

The Age Face Mod APK offers an extensive suite of over 40 specialized photo filters focused exclusively on dramatic yet believable facial aging and de-aging transformations. Each filter utilizes advanced AI algorithms that intelligently add or subtract defined wrinkles, spots, pores, texture shifts, sagging, and other precise signs of aging progression/regression. The aging filters incorporate real-world skin damage and structural changes like crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, jowl formation, lacrimal sac folds, and receding hairlines for enhanced realism. Specific age ranges covered include childhood, puberty, 20s/30s primes, middle age, senior and elderly stages. The de-aging filter suite smooths and tightens aging skin, restores fat distribution for youthful plumpness, removes blemishes/damage, fades age spots, and erases delicate signs of aging to turn back the clock. Users can control filter intensity and preview age progressions step-by-step or results by decade to compare future looks.

Age Face MOD APK

Facial Feature & Hair Customization

The app goes beyond surface-level aging filters through comprehensive customization of actual facial structures and hair details. The proprietary face molding tool allows users to modify cranial shape as fatty tissues thin and shift with maturity while retaining personality. Eyes, brows, nose, mouth, chin, skin elasticity and more can be finely tuned to envision changes from osteoporosis, cartilage shifts or dental effects over different eras. Evolutionary hair patterns can be modeled by changing texture, thickness, shedding density, coverage area and exact placement of receding hairlines shaped to head size. Manual facial hair additions in various thickness and density levels simulate testosterone-triggered puberty, early beard developments or thicker growth with maturity. Different modern and era-appropriate hairstyles, including youthful bangs vs mature widows’ peaks, complement the aging effects. This unparalleled facial and hair oversight realizes age transformations far beyond filters.

Age Slider & Comparative Timelapse

The proprietary age slider delivers precision 0 to 100+ years control over each aging filter, allowing exact targeting of desired life stages down to specifying transformation intensity by individual year rather than only decades. Gradual changes occur frame-by-frame to showcase the seamless simulation of aging progression and reversal as users slide across decades. Positioning two face photos side-by-side, users can utilize the exact same age value from the slider synchronized across both portraits for stunning before-and-after comparisons. The slider essentially facilitates morphing photos to match the target age range and visual indicators of another image upload. This unlocks creative applications like sustaining a 20-year appearance gap between couple photos or inserting childhood photos into professional timelines as split images showing dramatic aging.

Media Export & Cross-Platform Sharing

After manipulating photos through custom life stage simulations, the edited visuals can be exported in high-definition quality featuring preserved aging filters, patterns and facial structures matched to the age slider position. Exported media maintains integrity outside the app itself rather than only displaying simulated aging while active. Saved creations become personalized mementoes, referenced across long durations or shared virally on social media platforms for public reactions. Hashtags manifest online communities that inspire users reciprocally as portraits drive experiments with the facial aging technology. Photos saved into stable camera rolls also enable advanced techniques like multi-day aging sequences stitched into composites spanning decades or compiling family portraits.

Age Face MOD APK

Ironclad Data Privacy & Security

As a non-social platform centered purely on stand-alone facial aging absent usage tracking, rewards systems and community linkage pressures, Age Face prioritizes data security through multiple privacy protocols. No personal data or account creation is required, ensuring anonymity while protecting users’ identities, location, usage metrics and uploaded imagery from external penetration. All user photos actively run through closed localized device storage channels only, with no imagery ever transmitted to external servers. Edited exports also feature an integrated watermark by default, adding an extra layer of ownership protection when saving aged images externally. Together these technical barriers maximize personal security for uninhibited creative exploration of the face aging effects.


Q. Does this app actually age photos convincingly?

Yes, the Age Face Mod APK utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze facial geometry and textures to apply very precise aging and de-aging filters. The customized transformations incorporate nuanced details like wrinkles, spots, sagging, and loss of fat pads in an extremely realistic manner rarely seen in aging apps.

Q. What features come with the premium version?

The unlocked Pro version provides additional specialized aging filters with more granular control over aging intensities. It also enables manually adding, removing, or modifying facial hair, face shape, hair style, and facial features for more customization in appearance editing possibilities.

Final Words

Age Face Mod APK is a robust photo aging app allowing dramatic yet realistic transformations of faces to look remarkably older or younger. The premium unlocked version provides additional aging filters and tools for greater customization.

Age Face APK v1.1.43


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