Adelaide Remake APK 2.1 (Unlocked All) for Android

Name Adelaide Remake
Publisher Ntrman Patreon
Version 2.1
MOD Features Unlocked All
Size 148M
Requires Android 6.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On February 8, 2024 (2 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. What is Adelaide Remake APK?
  2. Features of Adelaide Remake
    1. Upgrade Your Inn
    2. Manage Money
    3. Create Story Events
    4. Meet Interesting Characters
    5. Strategic Management
  3. Summary

Adelaide Remake APK is a fun and creative game where you get to run your own fantasy inn. As the boss of the inn, you can design the rooms, upgrade stuff to make guests happier, take care of money, and make up stories. With its easy art style and different fun things to do focused on keeping visitors happy and making smart choices, Adelaide Remake APK is a nice way to relax and play something entertaining on your phone.

Adelaide Remake MOD APK

What is Adelaide Remake APK?

Adelaide Remake APK is a mobile game designed specifically for Android devices like phones and tablets. It belongs to the visual novel genre, which means it is story and character focused, allowing players to progress through interactive narratives that involve making choices.

In Adelaide Remake, you take on the role of an aspiring innkeeper who has just taken ownership of a quaint but run-down inn located in a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Your ultimate goal is to transform this inn into the most popular lodging establishment in the realm by upgrading facilities, enhancing service quality, and spreading word of mouth about the memorable experiences had there.

Gameplay revolves around managing every aspect of your inn through choosing upgrades like expanding rooms, buying furnishings, hiring staff, cooking meals, and more. You’ll have to balance good business decisions about finances with keeping your eccentric guests happy by personalizing their stays. This could involve anything from solving a problem they’re having to creating custom story events meant to delight them as they interact with other characters at your inn.

Through strategic management, creativity, and resourcefulness, your inn will gradually become a bustling hub of fantasy adventure – the destination of choice for heroes, mages, bards and all types of magical beings as they pass through the magical land. Satisfied guests will attract others to experience the wonders of your hospitality firsthand.

Features of Adelaide Remake

Adelaide Remake APK

Upgrade Your Inn

In the game, your inn starts old and messy. One big job is to upgrade it so more guests want to stay. You can add more rooms for guests, buy better beds, lamps, chairs for comfort, make the kitchen bigger to cook fancy meals, and decorate to look magical. Choosing what to upgrade and when is hard because you have limited money. The more you use magic decorations and things guests like, the quicker they will tell others to come to your special inn!

Manage Money

As a new inn boss, you need to be smart with money to make a profit but still help guests in Adelaide Remake. You don’t have much money early in the game. So you must plan carefully when upgrading the inn, buying food, paying workers, and fixing things. As more guests come, you’ll have more cash to make your inn nicer. You can check how full your inn is, see if you’re earning or losing money, change room and food rates if needed, handle loans, and more to keep your business steady everyday. Buying wisely so you don’t waste money that could make guests happy is key.

Create Story Events

A super fun part of Adelaide Remake APK is inventing cool story events for visitors. You imagine fun adventures, accidents, or any tales involving your unique guests. Maybe you create magic turning guests into creatures or host a grand feast with lights for newlywed wizards on their honeymoon. You can come up with anything! Making fantasy stories guests will love makes their visit special and means more guests will come.

Adelaide Remake APK Unlocked

Meet Interesting Characters

You’ll meet amazing characters like famous heroes, joking bards, mysterious wizards with weird asks and more who stay at your inn from across the fantasy world. Learning what they like, building friendships if they visit a lot, and making them happy is important. Some characters argue and you’ll have to fix fights! With funny people to see everyday, work is always exciting. Seeing the same faces come back because of happy memories from your inn is really rewarding. Your guests make your inn special in Adelaide Remake!

Strategic Management

Learning to be smart with limited resources is important in Adelaide Remake APK. You might have little money, staff time, ingredients or upgrade options available. So whether it’s picking how to spend cash to please many visitors or what to upgrade next or handling a special request with few things available – you’ll make hard but fun choices. Putting profits back cleverly to keep improving while controlling costs is key. With planning, your inn can run very smoothly.


Adelaide Remake APK allows you to fully customize your own fantasy inn while creatively solving challenges in finances, guest service, and more. Its lighthearted yet strategic gameplay lets you make impactful business decisions like facility upgrades and menu changes while also using your imagination to craft magical events for visitors. Meeting colorful characters, balancing resources, and building a profitable inn through choices leads to unlocking new romantic storylines.

With its variety of managerial duties coupled with fun narrative elements, Adelaide Remake APK creates a rewarding gameplay loop that delights mobile gamers seeking a pleasant distraction. Overall, it’s an uplifting and engaging experience for anyone looking to become the proprietor of their own delightful fantasy inn and all the adventures that come with it!

Adelaide Remake APK v2.1


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