5 Safest Apps to Track Cell Phone location

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Updated On October 9, 2021 (1 year ago)
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5 Safest Apps to Track Cell Phone location


In the modern world, times have been challenging and security is one of the main concerns regarding our everyday life. We keep worrying about our loved one’s safety when they leave, and sometimes it might be required to keep tabs on their location if they get lost or go to insecure areas.

In such circumstances, we can turn to apps that specialize in tracking cell phones. There are many excellent spy apps globally, but our focus in this list is on some of the safest apps to track cell phone location from.

The five safest apps to track cell phone are as follows:

1. Spyic

Spyic is the first product in our list of location monitor apps, and rightly so. This spy app has made a big name in the past few years, and prominent tech platforms such as CNET have also praised the app’s reliability.  

The Spyic service is available worldwide in most countries around the globe. It has satisfied millions of customers with the array of features it possesses and the ease of operation. You don’t need any real tech guru knowledge to use this service. Location tracking of a cell phone will be very straightforward with this app.

Spyic does not require you to tamper with the device to set it up physically, and there is no need to root or jailbreak a device. This is, therefore, very beneficial as you don’t damage the device and are prevented from rendering its warranty voided while also achieving your purpose of monitoring. All monitoring is done remotely as well.

The best Features of Spyic are

  •         View a phone’s text messages
  •         Monitor the social media activity of a cell phone
  •         Keep track of a person’s phone location at all times
  •         Stealth mode feature will keep your tracking anonymous
  •         Keylogger feature allows you to record keystrokes
  •         There are also other features such as Contact logs and Geofence

Note that for the Spyic service to work, it needs internet connectivity on the target device. If the device is offline, you won’t be able to receive results.

Step 1

The first thing to do will be to use the Spyic site to create an account using a valid Email ID. Afterward, just subscribe to the package that fulfills your needs and fill out any forms required.


Step 2

Next, you will “install” Spyic on your Target Android or iOS device.

For Android cell phones

In Android phones, you will be provided with a minute file of 2 Mb to install on the target phone. This file is not detectable due to its nominal size, and it does not drain the battery of a phone.


For Apple or iOS devices

If your target device is an Apple iOS device, you can simply connect its cloud storage to your Spyic account. As you can see, it is much easier to set it up on iOS devices as the entire process is done without physical interference.


Step 3

Your installation should now be complete. It can take up to 10 minutes for the Spyic service to start working at full capacity.


Now you will safely location monitor a person at the ease of any device you choose to log in to your Spyic account from. Your dashboard will contain all the tools you need to monitor a device. Everything will be done remotely, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.


2. Spyier

Next, we have the Spyier app, which shares many good qualities with the Spyic service. Spyier is also a worldwide app with an outstanding reputation for safely tracking a cell phone location.

Spyic is relatively easy to use and set up. Most people will have no issues making use of this app. It also has loads of useful features apart from location trackings, such as the call history of a phone and message logs.

Spyier is a trusty app that has shown promising results in the past, and it is an app that will keep your tracking activity a secret.

3. Minspy

The Minspy service is one of the more prominent names in the spyware industry. It is one of the safest apps to track location from regardless of which country you use it. A mainstay in the tech industry, Minspy could be an excellent alternative to other apps.

Minspy can achieve the goal of tracking a cell phone safely, both by keeping your tracking anonymous and by not interfering with the target device. The app will work without root or jailbreak on target devices, and it works remotely the way you probably want it to.

The app has loads of features coupled with easy use. Minspy is one of the best safe apps to track a cell phone with.

4. Spyine

Spyine comes in at the fourth spot in our list of location tracking apps. The tech industry very well received this app, and even platforms such as PCMag were in favor of Spyine.

Spyine is another app that has remote working and easy non-physical interference in its installation process. The app has many useful features to choose from, and you will be able to track a cell phone location with this app pretty easily and securely.

Spyine continues to show up in ways it can, and it has managed continuously to challenge the best apps in this area with its features and results.

5. Neatspy

The last pick of location monitoring apps is Neatspy. Neatspy has the advantage of experience as it is one of the world’s oldest spy services right now. Neatspy continues to manage to pop-up in our lists.

You will get loads of features that are common to the best spy services with the use of Neatpsy. All you will have to do is create an account with Neatspy. The rest of Neatspy will manage on its own, including tracking a cell phone location.

The app has offered results that have earned the favor of customers all over. Neatspy is an excellent option to consider in the spy world.


In the end, you will see that all these apps are pretty potent and useful when it comes to tracking the location of a cell phone. But for us, Spyic is the best and safest app to track a cell phone. The other apps, such as Minspy, Spier, etc., are no joke either.

These apps will allow you to monitor your loved ones’ location and activity so you can keep them safe. It may also allow you to catch people who might intend to do you harm.

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