What Can You Print in 3D Today?

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  1. What Can You Print in 3D Today?
    1. Paint and Design
    2. Working Firearms
    3. Flutes
    4. Figurines
    5. Lampshades
    6. Mugs and Plates

What Can You Print in 3D Today?

3D printing technology has been with us for some time now. It allows you to print out
three-dimensional objects based upon templates. 3D printers are used for many different
reasons, from creating machinery to creating flutes, and all are very precise and well-made.

They allow you to print objects out immediately, providing you have a 3D printer.

This page will hope to tell you about some of the amazing things that can be designed and
printed with 3D printers. As 3D printers develop and more research goes into their development,

we can print more and more things. The equipment can be very expensive but can save you a lot of money [and make you a lot of money] over time. It is definitely worth making the initial investment.

Let’s find out what some of those things are, shall we?

Paint and Design

Before moving onto the main body of our article and discussing what you can print out, let us first discuss what to do with your printouts once you have them. With a 3D printer, your objects will come out colorless. If you want to add some life into your printouts [which many people do], then paint is a great way to do this.

Painting your printouts can be a lot of fun and can personalize what you have printed, and according to the 3D specialists of https://io3dprint.com/, it can be very satisfying adding your own personal touches to your printouts. Once your objects have been printed and painted, they become your own. If you are going to be selling your creations, then painting them adds a nice personal touch that can distinguish you from the many other 3D printer retailers. Let’s move onto what you can print, and more importantly, what you can paint, shall we?

Working Firearms

You may be shocked to know that with a 3D printer you can print out working firearms. This, of course, is illegal in some countries, and if you attempt to do so, you can wind up being imprisoned for a very long time. Even so, it is absolutely amazing that this is possible. Schematics for printing out firearms are available online, courtesy of Defense Distributed. More and more weapons manufacturers are beginning to use 3D software to print out their firearms with great success.


Yes, flutes. You can create flutes with 3D printers. The diversity of 3D printers is what makes them so amazing; one day you can create a working firearm, the next a flute. Many musical retailers are now turning toward 3D printing software to create their instruments. You can also create guitars with 3D printers, although you will have to adjust them after creation and add the strings. With 3D printers, you do not have to ever buy a flute or a guitar again and can create your own in the comfort of your own home. 3D printers are truly amazing.


If you are into figurines, which many people, both adults, and children, are, then you will be delighted to know that you can create accurate and very well-made figurines with 3D printers. Whether you want to create your favorite Sci-Fi character, or are into creating cars, 3D printers are the way to go to develop your own figurines. Creating and selling your figurines could be an awesome way for you to make a profit. Figurines are a highly popular retail item, and if you have the technical know-how to operate a 3D printer, it is a viable source of income.


There is very little that you cannot make with a 3D printer. You can, astoundingly, actually make lampshades to hang up in your home. Making your own lampshades is a fantastic way to add your own personal touch to your home, and to design your home for next to nothing. Lampshades can be created in all shapes and sizes and can make your home look awesome. If you are into home-design [or want to make a profit] then creating customized lampshades is definitely the way forward.

Mugs and Plates

You can, with 3D printers, print out your own cups and plates. While the process can take up to twenty-four-hours per cup, it is still a great way to reduce the amount of money you spend on cups and plates. You can decorate, paint, and glaze them afterward. Seriously, what can you not create with a 3D printer?

3D printers are amazing pieces of technology that are changing the world around us. It will
surely not be long before everything we need can be printed with a 3D printer.


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