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Updated On March 22, 2022 (7 months ago)
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Gaming has secured a very essential aspect of our life and it has now become impossible for us to live without them. Among all the genres, it is definitely the action based which fascinates us the most. Taking this into account, how can we forget the most well-received and influenced game of the time. One of the best games when it was released, Tekken 3 has managed to gain love from people of all ages.

The game was originally released for PlayStation but is now available for Android too. The story of the game is the continuation of the previous version and starts with Jun Kazama who had previously been living a quiet life. From fluid gameplay to the interconnected storyline, Tekken 3 APK is definitely a complete package. Head over to the download link and avail yourself the chance of enjoying its amazing features.  

Features of Tekken 3

Tekken 3 has the following interesting features:

  • Many characters: The game has many characters to choose from the available player roster, which further deepens the interest of the player. 
  • Fluid Gameplay: As many games on the internet involve unrealistic and lagging character movements, Tekken series is a complete opposite with fluid and realistic fighting scenes.
  • Practice Mode: Tekken 3 features an additional practice mode for players to practice and get their hands on the basic keys of the game.
  • Enhanced Graphics: You don’t have to worry about Tekken 3 being old with poor graphics, as the APK file we are providing has much enhanced graphics for the players to enjoy. 

Game Modes

The game features two important game modes:

  • Tekken Ball: As the name of this game mode indicates, it features a ball which has to be taken to the far end of the opponent’s side with the help of kicks and punches. Three types of balls are provided in this mode, Beach Ball is for beginners and almost 60% is done through this, expert level game features the Gum Ball which exhibits 80% damage and the Iron Ball is the Grand Master and does 100% damage. 
  • Tekken Force (Mode): This game mode features four main stages and at the end of each stage you will witness a boss character from the available roster. The last stage has Mighty Heihachi Mishima as the final boss. This mode is also present in Tekken 4.

Tekken 3 characters

Following are some of the returning characters in the game:

  • Anna
  • Lei
  • Nina
  • Heihachi
  • Paul
  • Yoshimitsu

The new characters in the Game include:

  • Bryan
  • Gon
  • Eddy
  • Doctor B.
  • Jin
  • Julia
  • Hwoarang
  • Gun Jack
  • Mokujin
  • Panda
  • Law
  • Kuma
  • King
  • Ogre
  • Tiger
  • True Ogre
  • Xiaoyu

Download and install Tekken 3 APK

Consider following the below-mentioned steps in order to download and install the game:

  • First of all, proceed by tapping the APK link given above.
  • Then, go to the settings of your device and allow unknown sources to install APK files. You can do this by going to Menu>Settings > Allow unknown sources. 
  • After this, go to downloads and tap on the last downloaded APK file in order to install the game on your phone. 


Tekken 3 Game has been on the top priority of gamers for a long time and many people have been enthusiastically waiting for its Android version. Cherish your old memories by playing the game with your friends and enjoy the great storyline with enhanced graphics through our APK file provided. 

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