SubAuthor GTA 5 MOD APK (Updated 2024) Download For Android

Name SubAuthor GTA 5
Publisher SubAuthor
Version 6.0.9
MOD Features Port PC to Android
Size 275M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Price FREE
Updated On January 2, 2024 (6 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. What is SubAuthor GTA 5 APK?
  3. What is SubAuthor GTA 5 MOD APK?
  4. How To Download SubAuthor GTA 5 APK
  5. Features of SubAuthor GTA 5 APK
    1. I. Simple User Interface
    2. II. Select Your Controls
    3. III. Design Your GTA World
    4. IV. Control Every Character
    5. V. Complete Missions as You Want
  6. Conclusion


SubAuthor GTA 5 MOD APK: There is a massive player base worldwide for the highly popular video game Grand Theft Auto V, also known as GTA V or GTA 5. Despite its age, this game remains one of the most played games, with players constantly seeking out new and improved modes to keep it interesting and fresh.

Subauthor GTA 5 APK offers players the chance to be the protagonist in the game and create their own stories. As a result, players will be able to fully tailor the plot and characters of the game, creating it according to their vision. Best of all, the app is completely free, and there will be more updates coming soon that will make it even more exciting.

What is SubAuthor GTA 5 APK?

Players can design, customize, and control every aspect of the GTA world in Subauthor GTA 5 APK, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

This game has a similar plot to GTA V, with players taking on the roles of Michael De Santa, a retired bank robber, Franklin Clinton, a street gangster, and Trevor Philips, a drug dealer and gunrunner. The game is set in a crime-ridden city, filled with high action and adventure as the player progresses with the story.

Subauthor GTA 5 APK, on the other hand, allows players to customize the plot and characters to create a game with depth and replay value that cannot be found in the traditional version.

What is SubAuthor GTA 5 MOD APK?

Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK is an advanced version of the traditional Subauthor GTA 5 APK game. MOD APK stands for “modified APK,” and it refers to a version of the game that has been modified to include additional features or advancements.

Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK has a simple interface that makes the game easy for players to understand and navigate, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the traditional GTA V gameplay.

In addition to having full control over the game, the MOD APK version offers players several advantages. This means that players are not restricted to following a rigid gameplay structure and can instead customize and shape the game to their liking. There is an added element of replay value and flexibility as a result of this.

How To Download SubAuthor GTA 5 APK

The steps for downloading Subauthor GTA 5 MOD APK on your PC are simple.

To download the game safely and smoothly, you will need to change the settings on your PC so that unfamiliar resources can be downloaded.

As soon as the download is complete, go to the designated folder and export the file to your local storage. This will take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.

As soon as you export the file, you can open the app and create your account. From there, you can pick your favorite protagonist and start playing. It’s that easy!

Features of SubAuthor GTA 5 APK

Subauthor GTA 5 APK offers a range of unique features that set it apart from the traditional GTA V game and add an extra level of customization and replay value.

I. Simple User Interface

Despite not being familiar with GTA V, Subauthor GTA 5 APK is easy to understand and navigate, thanks to its simple user interface. To ensure that players of all skill levels can enjoy this game, its user-friendly interface has been designed to be accessible and intuitive.

II. Select Your Controls

The Subauthor GTA 5 APK also allows players to customize their controls, in addition to its simple user interface. Moreover, the game supports the use of a joystick or touchpad, giving players more control over their gaming experience. Players can select the keys that are most convenient for them and customize their setup to their liking.

III. Design Your GTA World

Players can design and control every aspect of GTA 5 APK through Subauthor GTA 5 APK. This includes building characters, shaping the plot, and creating their missions and challenges. Players can customize the game to the point where it truly becomes theirs, and they can express their creativity and imagination.

IV. Control Every Character

Subauthor GTA 5 APK allows players to control every character in the game, unlike the traditional GTA V game, which only allows players to play as one of three predetermined characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips. The players can explore the characters’ storylines and personalities, giving the game added depth and replay value.

V. Complete Missions as You Want

Using Subauthor GTA 5 APK, players can customize their missions and challenges to the point where they feel it is right for them. This means that they can skip tasks they are not interested in and add their missions to the game, allowing them to tailor the game to fit their own needs. As a result, the game is more flexible and enjoyable to play.


As a result, Subauthor GTA 5 APK and MOD APK offer a range of unique features that differentiate them from the traditional GTA V game and give them a higher level of customization and replayability. These versions of the game offer a truly unique and enjoyable gaming experience thanks to their simple user interface, the ability to choose controls, the ability to use a touchpad or joystick, the ability to design and control each aspect of the world, and the ability to customize missions.

Those who love Grand Theft Auto V and are looking for a new and exciting way to play the game should check out Subauthor GTA 5 APK and MOD APK. They keep you entertained for hours on end with their customizable options and endless replay value.

Subauthor GTA 5 APK v6.0.9


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