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RoverCraft 2 MOD APK v1.5.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Name RoverCraft 2
ID com.mobirate.rcr2.gplay
Publisher Mobirate
Version 1.5.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
Size 127M
Requires Android 5.1+
Price FREE
Updated On February 27, 2024 (4 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Features Of RoverCraft 2
    1. Graphics improved:
    2. There are various locations:
    3. Delivery of cargoes:
    4. Boxes for currency and supplies:
    5. Passes and rewards:
    6. Customizing Rovers:
  3. Conclusion

If you are looking for RoverCraft 2 MOD APK or If you want the Hack Version of RoverCraft 2 MOD APK With Unlimited Money, Free Shopping. then you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you RoverCraft 2 MOD APK v1.5.2


In RoverCraft 2, you will solve puzzles, go on adventures, race arcades, and climb hills. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times by casual gamers who enjoy solving puzzles and navigating obstacles off-road. Exploring new planets and completing space missions will be easier with improved graphics and different locations.

Players must deliver cargo safely, collect Key Cards, unlock Star Pass, and get more awesome rewards in this game. Besides building sport cars like vehicles and enhancing speed and power, players can also customize their rovers. The tank can also be customized with new parts and the driver can be adorned with new cosmonaut skins. Your goal is to reach the mothership while climbing hills and completing puzzles.

Features Of RoverCraft 2

Graphics improved:

A new generation of graphics enhances the visual experience and makes the game more immersive. Detailed and realistic renderings of the game’s planets, locations, and vehicles.

There are various locations:

Every location in the game comes with its own terrain, obstacles, and challenges. Getting to the mothership involves navigating these locations and overcoming obstacles.

Delivery of cargoes:

In addition to challenging and exciting gameplay, players must deliver cargo safely. Ensure that cargo is delivered safely by carefully navigating the terrain and avoiding obstacles.

Boxes for currency and supplies:

During gameplay, players can collect Key Cards, a new currency. Key Cards can be used to purchase Supply Boxes containing various rewards, such as skins and parts.

Passes and rewards:

By completing certain tasks and challenges, players can earn awesome rewards in the Star Pass feature.

Customizing Rovers:

In addition to building rovers like sport cars, players can customize their drivers with new cosmonaut skins, and customize the tanks with new vehicle parts. Using this method, players are able to customize their vehicles based on their preferences and playstyle.


RoverCraft 2 offers a unique blend of puzzle-solving, adventure, arcade racing, hill climbing, and puzzle-solving in its space-themed car game. Players must overcome many obstacles and challenges to reach the mothership in this game with improved graphics, various locations, and a variety of obstacles and challenges. There is also the option to customize the rovers, as well as a new currency, Star Pass, and rewards. Players will have endless opportunities to show off their racing and puzzle-solving skills in this highly engaging game. If you enjoy space-themed games or are a casual gamer, RoverCraft 2 will provide hours of enjoyment.

RoverCraft 2 APK v1.5.2


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