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NeoDefense MOD APK v1.04 (Free Purchase/Damage)

Name NEODefense
ID com.exerglobal.neo
Publisher Investment Solution Skåne AB
Version 1.04
MOD Features Free Purchase
Size 52M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On November 2, 2023 (9 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. NeoDefense MOD APK
  2. Features of NeoDefense
    1. Explore World
    2. Smart Decision
    3. Train Army
    4. Test Skills
    5. Nukes
    6. Mental Health

You can download Neo Defense Mod Apk with Neo Monster Mod from the download button below. Neo Defense Mod Apk is a great hack that provides unlimited resources and stuff. During Neo Defense, you can destroy enemy turrets to destroy enemies. You can also place multiple monsters on a single map to create larger formations. Weapons and turrets can be upgraded to make you stronger. With Neo Monsters, you have the option of playing a variety of exciting games. The most exciting feature is the ability to challenge other players online.

NeoDefense MOD APK

NEODefense MOD APK is a modified version of the original APP with extra features. A well-known developer of amazing games for Android devices, Resonant and ZigZag Games, developed the game. There are many unique enemies in this game, and there are numerous weapons to deal with them. Asteroids are a major threat in this game. To survive, you must save crucial planets from coming threats. The theme is based on the tower defense mechanism. Various methods can be used to damage approaching asteroids. You must set up defense towers on the planets. 

Defending against waves of enemies and asteroids would require a massive defense mechanism. In addition to incredible rewards for completing missions and achievements, this game also offers unique enemies and a threat that can come at any time. In the next section, we’ll go over the features of this game. 

Features of NeoDefense

Explore World

As soon as you enter the Neo Monsters universe, you will be allowed to explore six worlds, so you will have plenty of time to explore all of them. Monsters compete in tournaments that are specific to each planet to participate in the war. Bring your monsters into the conflict to confront the opposition.

To succeed, you must combine power, skill, and balance in your defensive schemes for each world match. Stop any counterattacks they may conduct and respond to them.

Smart Decision

Defeat the enemies with your brilliant idea! Each level has varying levels of difficulty, so you can never be outwitted by the invaders. Use weapons, plan and destroy them.

Train Army

In the NeoDefense mod apk, you’ll face many planetary forces. Finding the best soldiers to fight the battles for you is important because the environment is war-like. If you don’t have an army, it will be difficult to deal with such conditions. It is not easy to prepare soldiers on your own, as you have to gather, train and nurture them to create the best & strongest beasts. As part of the game, you’ll have to grow the food necessary for each monster type. With each level your monster advances, you will gain training points; you can use these points to strengthen your army. 

In Monster Battles, four monsters will fight at once. Each monster has an ability such as speed, health, defense, or strike. Find monsters that fit your playing style.

Test Skills

It takes hard work to rank well, and 140 online activities will test each skill. With the help of the game’s variables, you can develop strategies and choose. By using the two sections on the screen interface for each game, you will also be able to learn how to approach each battle.

In addition to fighting online, players can also compete for rankings by inviting other players to the match. To fight a monster, you need a logical strategy and the right equipment. Therefore, they can be either a make-up or a break-up in battle.


It has a playtime of 60 hours for completion, allowing you to battle endlessly with a range of difficulty levels in some gaming modes. NeoDefense mod apk features engaging battlefields with increasing levels of difficulty. A feature of this game was introduced in the later phases due to popular demand from players. 

As well as unlocking major weapons in war-like situations, you can also use nuclear bombs to deal with large numbers of enemies. Nuclear bombs can only be used if the difficulty increases beyond a certain point. In the game, you can use unique weapons, so you’ll love them.

Mental Health

The clinic is using a mobile game developed in ancient Greece to aid its patients. According to the game’s creators, the game is a fun way for players to improve their intellectual abilities. Additionally, it has been developed as a treatment for disorders such as anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

NEODefense APK v1.04


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