METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK v7.13.0 (Unlimited AP/Skill)

ID com.snkplaymore.android014
Version 7.13.0
Size 88M
Requires Android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On December 29, 2022 (1 month ago)
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  1. Features Of METAL SLUG Attack
    1. Gameplay & Story
    2. Strategic Battles and Commands
  2. Army Unity – Metal Slug Attack MOD APK
    1. Construct BASES and Collect RESOURCES
    2. Accumulate Multiple Combat Units
    3. Game Modes
  3. What’s New in Recent Update:
    1. v7.13.0
    2. v7.7.0
    3. v7.6.0
    4. v7.5.0
  4. What Users Saying About METAL SLUG Attack
  5. Features Of METAL SLUG Attack Mod Apk
  6. How to Download, Install, and Use METAL SLUG Attack
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If you are looking for METAL SLUG Attack Mod Apk or If you want the Hack Version of METAL SLUG Attack With Mega Mod. you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you METAL SLUG Attack MOD APK v7.13.0 (Unlimited Money)

Guys Metal Slug Attack (Japanese Name:メタルスラッグディフェンス – Metaru Suraggu Defense) is a tower defense game created by SNK Playmore for iOS and Android mobile devices. And so far it has been downloaded more than 10,000,000+ times. And it is available for both android and ios users.

METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK – The continuation of the eponymous series that just got better. A sequel is dedicated to commemorating 20 years since its release, with all the same colorful pixel graphics and addictive gameplay; plus plenty of modes where you can show off in front of your friends or enemies alike! You’ll earn experience while passing through various stages which allow for upgrades like new movesets (among other things). Additionally, there are online battles against real opponents from around the world.

Most people’s childhoods are full of fond memories and nostalgia for Metal Slug. The series has been around since 1993 when it first appeared on the Famicom (Famous peril in Japan). After many different releases with gameplay tweaks throughout its lifetime as well as appearances on multiple platforms like mobile phones; there’s always something new to be discovered about this highly successful action platformer genre staple
A few years ago they released a rather interesting take called “Metal Slug Attack.”

In short: It can trace its roots back all way through history from strategy games where players have control over an entire battlefield or nation up until now where you more or less just command your troops from afar but instead fight battles one after another while building up funds along

Features Of METAL SLUG Attack

Gameplay & Story

Metal Slug Attack is a complete departure from previous games in the series, and it’s quite different. It features many new things to engage players while also removing constant action gameplay so that battles can have an unpredictable pace without being too fast or slow for people who prefer slower-paced titles like Kingdom Hearts 3D [spoilers]. Epic boss fights are now improved with unique mechanics which all AI automatically adapts making them take combat effectiveness higher than any other Metal Slug title before!

The shift to a more tactical style of play in Metal Slug Attack will allow players the opportunity for deep strategizing and customization. This is especially good news, as it means that no matter who you are or what your skill level may be- whether veteran strategist or novice beginner – there’s something right up my alley!

In Metal Slug Defense, you are tasked with gathering an army to take out the enemy’s base. In METAL SLUG ATTACK, however, it’s not just about defense anymore! You’ll need to accumulate AP points (currency) while also purchasing troops and weapons before finally upgrading your towers or buying new ones for good measure too- all this is done to make sure victory occurs at any cost…

The screen above shows you the health status and an overview map. The bottom has information about AP, units that can be purchased to help in battle as well as other items such as rescuing hostages along the way for bonus points!

Metal Slug Attack MOD APK

Strategic Battles and Commands

The combat in this game will change from continuous action to real-time strategy, with players controlling all their units through simple commands. However, each unit is integrated with an intelligent AI that automatically dodges attacks while counterattacking reasonably when the level’s difficulty increases enough for them to fight intelligently against enemies who are also able-bodied but much stronger than they are at lower levels – making it possible for gamers not only control their troops on-screen as was previously done in most games like this one where you had command over every single person involved during the battle but now there’s even more immersion because instead just having “points” assigned around your campfire type space map telling people what jobs need doing next so.

This game will make players feel like they are on the battlefield. With an intense, fierce tone of voice, it is possible to replicate important aspects from previous games that were so exciting and enjoyable for many people- including myself!

Army Unity – Metal Slug Attack MOD APK

In Metal Slug Attack, you take control of an army unit to defend various stages from invading enemy forces. The different soldiers have unique skills that can activate when they’ve been charged enough energy – there are tons of these special abilities in the game! As a player progresses through levels and unlocks new units, their strategy becomes more complex as well…

In the game, you will guide your pioneers across a field of obstacles and enemies. You don’t have control over where they go or what attacks them but just select which unit is best for each situation from a variety available including soldiers with different weapons that cost accordingly – 30 AP for pistols versus 60AP plus 25 gold if needed!

When playing as GENTLEMEN OF THE RING, players can simply click on individual units in order to manually move them around–this gives more strategic options when planning out an attack plan because two soldiers might not hit as hard individually so selecting those without being too obvious could actually give better results than trying something new.

Big things come in small packages! As you progress through the game, your troops will change to use more powerful weapons and technology.

And don’t worry about investing too much time or money – most maps only require a few soldiers per unit for basic units like riflemen; but if they’re willing to take on enemies with tanks then we’ve got just what those guys need: armor-plated vehicles & flamethrowers ready at all times.

The Bosses may seem unbeatable now (and who would want them?), but soon enough there’ll be ways around their power thanks largely from upgrades available once players reach higher levels. You can also buy heavier armaments such as tanks which provide cover against enemy gunfire while giving firepower right back.

Construct BASES and Collect RESOURCES

The base building element in Metal Slug Attack is unique, and players will use it to resupply quest items or recruit new units. The game also has expansion mechanisms where you can upgrade your combat troops with better gear for battle!

The game does not have any aggression elements from the opposing forces but it allows players to still show their tactical expertise. The variety of styles and choices available in base design will allow for many different play-throughs, no matter what kind you prefer or how complex they get.

Accumulate Multiple Combat Units

The Metal Slug Attack’s combat has been made more user-friendly with its ability to recruit and customize individual stats for each unit. In battles, the player can deploy a variety of different types that will all have unique strengths – while still being able to find out which one works best in any given situation by looking at their performance during testing stages before release!

All the Metal Slug series’s iconic characters will appear in this game but they’re all reanimated with a new and more impressive style than before. If you want to collect combat units, there’s an unlock system where players use special keys for recruitment purposes — each character has their own key that can only be used by one person at once.

Game Modes

METAL SLUG ATTACK is one of the most diverse games with an amazing amount of game modes. You can play in main mode Attack, Combat School, Special Ops, or Team Battle. Each regime has its own setup and rules for how it works – but don’t worry! The system will provide you all instructions when joining your first session so there are no surprises on what’s expected from each type (or phase) whatsoever

The ‘team battle’ example I gave above tells us that this scenario comes down to two teams vying against one another; their goal being to defeat three out four opposing towers while protecting their own by placing them near bases at various points around the map terrain landmarks.


The Metal Slug series is known for its simple and easy-to-understand plot. However, in Metal Slog Attack the missions will become more diverse giving players many different options to explore their world with a new perspective depending on each quest’s content that can result in much better loot or faster development because you are exploiting resources easier if it’s profitable

The gameplay mechanics of metal slug attacks may be similar but there are several key elements that set them apart from other games like having quests where certain requirements must be met before obtaining rewards at specific points throughout levels rather than waiting until the end game, unlike most fps titles.


Metal Slug Attack is working to widen its target audience with the game’s content and gameplay features, such as special events. These will provide players rare rewards for participating in activities like these ones that everyone loves so much! And through doing so they can reach other people who may want access to it too–which would give them even greater chances of receiving awesome loot from joint tasks or missions together. The input wants kombatants’ favorite things: More stuff. The output should say “rare combat units” instead.

Metal Slug Attack is the spiritual successor to the Metal Slug series, but with more entertainment and depth. The game has simple controls that are easy enough for newcomers while still providing challenging challenges veterans will love!

With its user-friendly interface mixed in with satisfying gameplay – not only can you play this one on your own time or pass it off as a party favor at any event because everyone should experience what metal slug action feels like firsthand–it also grows quickly without any loss of quality so there’s always something new waiting just around every corner no matter how long ago you last played an installment either heretofore today.

What’s New in Recent Update:


This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.
Several bugs have been fixed.


1) KOF Collaboration Project “HEIDERN” “WHIP” joins the battle
2) Add new Areas
3) Add new Units
4) Add new Special Missions


1) Add new battle areas (“Amadeus Syndicate” & “Morden’s Army” new areas appear!)
2) Add new Units
3) Add new Special Missions


1) Add a new “Area Task” feature to Co-op Battles!
– You will be rewarded each time you clear a “Task”
– Clear all the Tasks to be rewarded with legendary Hero Unit characters!
– “Walter”, “Tyler”, “Gimlet” & “Red Eye” Hero characters join the battle!
2) Add new Valentine’s Day limited Unit characters!
3) Add new Special Missions

What Users Saying About METAL SLUG Attack

I like it so many levels to play so many characters to level up even i finish this game and clear all stage i still play this because its fun to collect and max all your character i wish this this game will make more update add more kof,stage,boss,character and more beacause this game has long time no update

Ive just played it when i was a kid but now i dont know why its when im downloading it in the game the game will just close and i dont know why i have stable data connectivity but its just force closing itself can you please fix this bug for me to make this game playable to me plss i love this game and i want to play it again..

Nice game, love it, my favorite game ever. The thing that makes me upset is there’s no updates in it, like new modes or characters. I know you guys are more focused on MSA, but my opinion this game is better. I used to play MSA and I didn’t liked it much. This game is way better, but no updates? It would be nice to see some updates in this game. Other than that, nice game.👌

Features Of METAL SLUG Attack Mod Apk

  • Mega Mod

How to Download, Install, and Use METAL SLUG Attack

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the current METAL SLUG Attack Game from your smartphone.
  2. Then download the METAL SLUG Attack Mod Apk from the download link below.
  3. After downloading the METAL SLUG Attack mod apk file, go to your Android Settings > Security.
  4. Here, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which asks to allow permission for installing third-party apps. Enable it.
  5. Now, return back to the download folder and click on the METAL SLUG Attack Mod APK file to start the installation.
  6. Enjoy!

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