Looting Tactics in Escape from Tarkov: Maximizing Your Spoils

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  1. Looting Tactics for Maximizing Your Spoils
  2. How can you maximize your spoils?
  3. FAQs
  4. Conclusion

Players struggle a lot while collecting loot in Tarkov. It could be clearer for them which item they should prioritize, plus they have less inventory space to keep the items. It becomes challenging for them to collect the loot effectively. It is very important to understand the need for every item and prioritize them accordingly. Medical supplies, ammunition, and weapons must be on top of your list because they are required to survive and complete each task. 

Management is another important aspect of looting. You must keep the loot organized so that there is no waste of time and unnecessary deaths. Consider using any container or backpack with more space to increase the capacity of carrying the loot will be a great thing for you players. This guide will help you with mastering your tactics and skills on effectively collecting valuable items and increasing your chances of survival and winning the game. You can also check https://battlelog.co/eft-best-escape-from-tarkov-hacks-cheats-aimbot-23052023/ to know more about the game. 

Looting Tactics for Maximizing Your Spoils

Looting is a technique in which you pick up the required items from everywhere possible. This helps you for your longer survival in the game. There are certain ways by which you can increase the number of soils, your expertise your skills in looting tactics. The ways are as follows –

  • Stay aware of your surroundings 
  • look at all the sides before entering any room or building
  • Use tables and chairs to get the items quickly
  • Search for medical bags, as they contain a lot of valuable things
  • Do not take any item that is not required
  • Use keys. They will help access the high-value areas
  • Search for items that are compatible with your weapon
  • Use rigs or backpacks for more space
  • Keep upgrading your hideouts
  • Whenever its off cooldown, use scav
  • Know which maps are worth looting and which aren’t
  • Know where to find valuable loot and save time as much as possible
  • Sell whatever is there in your stash
  • Check the market price before selling the items to the vendors
  • Go to lighthouse

How can you maximize your spoils?

The crucial part of Tarkov is knowing when and where to loot. Your inventory should be worth using and not filled with items incompatible with your weapons. Here are some ways by which you can maximize your spoils. Let us read.

  • Sharpen your attentiveness

You have to stay alert to survive in Escape from Tarkov. Be aware of the surroundings and look out for other players and scavengers. Use covers and protection so that you don’t get caught. Always be prepared to attack and fight.

  • Use boxes or containers

Using boxes or containers is a great strategy to maximize your spoils in Escape from Tarkov. These allow you to take valuable items in your inventory space. Make a habit of using backpacks, vests, and containers to collect as much loot as possible. Make sure to prioritize items like medical supplies and ammunition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Focus on high-value items

If you use high-value items such as ammunition, and medical supplies, it will help you gain more money after selling them. And the significant money can be used to buy more efficient gear and play more effectively, including upgrading your hideout. Pay attention to loot crates, safes, and hidden caches containing many valuable items.

  • Stay well-planned and organized

A well-organized plan will help you and your teammates to defeat the enemy team more efficiently. You need to have a proper game plan. Study the map very closely so that it is easy to know where there is a lot of loot, and you can get more items quickly. 


Many of you still have queries regarding the gameplay. Here we will see some of the solutions to your doubts. Keep reading.

  1. Why does Escape from Tarkov run so badly?

Before playing the game, you should know that the game runs on Unity Engine, which is not optimized for friendly use, so the game runs slowly.

  1. Which is the highest-value item in Tarkov?

Many lab key cards can be used to unlock the different areas on that difficult map. These key cards mean that they are obtainable wealth in Tarkov.

  1. How can Escape from Tarkov run better?

By changing the settings of your graphics, you make the game run better.


Overall this article has covered the maximum ways by which you can maximize your looting tactics. Read the article carefully so that you get all the points. Hope that this guide helps you improve your skills. Good luck with your game! 


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