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Jurassic Survival MOD APK v2.7.0 (MOD/Free Craft)

Name Jurassic Survival
ID jurassic.survival.craft.z
Publisher Mishka Production
Version 2.7.0
MOD Features MOD/Free Craft
Size 164M
Requires Android 4.1+
Price FREE
Updated On July 19, 2022 (7 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Features Of Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
  2. What’s New in Recent Update
  3. What User’s Say About Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
  4. Features Of Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
  5. How to Download, Install, and Use Jurassic Survival  Mod Apk?
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Guys, If you are looking for Jurassic Survival Mod Apk or If you want the Hack Version of Jurassic Survival With Free Craft, OBB Data, No Ads. then you are here at the right place, in this post we will share with you Jurassic Survival MOD APK Download v2.7.0 (Free Craft)

Guys, Jurassic survival is a free survival MMORPG where you either hunt and survive or become prey in this wild unfriendly world. Waking up in the shadows of palm leaves on the wet ground, you cannot remember how you got here. And so far it has been downloaded more than 10,000,000+ times. And it is available for both android and ios for free. 

You were cast away on a mysterious island, full of giant dinosaurs. Dying of hunger and cold, you have to hunt, collect resources, craft things, and build a shelter. You need to do your best to survive among hungry giant dinosaurs inhabiting the island.

Team up with other players or take everything they have! Do whatever you want, but remember – the most important thing is to survive.

Features Of Jurassic Survival Mod Apk

You can tame any dinosaur. Of course, that’s not safe, but carrying logs on a diplodocus is much easier. And letting a huge tyrannosaurus loose on your enemy is extremely exciting.

Fresh meat, fruit, and water – the island has lots of these. You just need to take yours and avoid being eaten.

Pretty simple. Collect as many building materials as you can and build your impenetrable fortress. But you have to be careful with the fence height because some dinosaurs will be able to easily step over your fence and visit you.

You can have a good time chasing lizards with a stick. But it will be smarter to create a good weapon and armor, stock up on different equipment and start hunting some big animal.

Think dinosaurs and players are the only ones you’ll come across? Then give a look in hidden dungeons…

If the role of a lone hunter is not for you, team up with other players to build a common village. There are many pluses: from huge common buildings to raiding most dangerous beasts!

These are just general points, the game world is much deeper and more interesting. What are you waiting for?

What’s New in Recent Update


– We have cleared the way to the swamp location. Explore it and face a new predator – imperial sarcosuchus!
– Get an iron hatchet and pickaxe when going to the swamp because the area is full of teak trees and bauxite deposits.
– They invented a new equipment type in the jungle, a wrist crossbow. Only the mechanic from laboratory Alfa knows the secret technology of its making.


— No time to spare! New tasks in Hunter’s Diary won’t complete themselves.
— Joint adventures with the hunter’s faction.
— New item for base ‘Hunters’ Box”.


A small update to make sure the game runs smoothly.


– Ready for a hunt? Season 3 begins!
– The new character Floki is an unfortunate traveler and just a good guy who is ready to share useful loot for a little favor.
– Floki gives contracts for anything: from hunting zebras to killing murderous predators.
– Dinoleaders keep filling the jungle! Alpha Smilodon and Alpha Ankylosaurus are thirsty for blood.
 We’ve added a new gun and a set of armor. And the atmosphere of the primeval hunt will create a freshly added bow.


A small update to make sure the game runs smoothly.

What User’s Say About Jurassic Survival Mod Apk

Hello everyone! I want to say something about this game aswell. And its that a lot of good things about the game have changed: for example before whenever I started the game as a new player when I went to the world map at the start I always found a crashed vehicle loot which is now removed,the mad dogs arena before used to be accessible by using dog tags;this is removed aswell,lvl 1 house walls and doors can no more be broken with normal hatchets. I hope the developers fix these problems. THANKS

Good work,First my feedback was 4 stars but edited and made it 5stars as the swamp location update makes it more good after all this is the first game in my life to which i am giving 5stars i would like to give it 10stars….. must be played by every one……

This game is definitely one of the best mobile games out there. It’s fun, addicting, has great graphics, and is constantly getting new updates

Features Of Jurassic Survival Mod Apk

  • Free Craft
  • OBB Data
  • No Ads

How to Download, Install, and Use Jurassic Survival  Mod Apk?

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the current Jurassic Survival from your smartphone.
  2. Then download the Jurassic Survival Mod Apk and OBB File from the download link below.
  3. After downloading the Jurassic Survival Mod Apk and OBB file, go to your Android Settings > Security.
  4. Here, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which asks to allow permission for installing third-party apps. Enable it.
  5. Now, return back to the download folder and Extract the Obb Zip File in Phone internal memory/Android/obb/ folder then install the Jurassic Survival Mod Apk.
  6. After installing the game, simply launch the game.
  7. Enjoy!

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Jurassic Survival MOD v2.7.0


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