How To Make Android Games Without Coding (Detailed Guide 2022)

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How To Make Android Games Without Coding (Detailed Guide 2022) The android operating system is the most purchased operating system not only in India but in the world! ​​So you can think about how much the Android operating system is used all over the world.

In such a situation, crores of Android users love to play games on their smartphones, and if you too are fond of playing games and you also have a question that how Android Games are made?

And if you want to know how Android games are made, then in this article you will not be told the whole process behind making Android games! But you will be able to learn how to develop a gaming application!

Friends, today you get to see a great gaming application on Play Store, some of them are very popular Android games, which you play, so if you also have a dream, to develop your own game And Publishing it on Play Store. , this article can help you a little bit.

are you excited to learn something new, so Guys, let’s know how to prepare an android game?

Guys, to make an Android game, you must have great skills as well as programming skills and designing! Only then you will be able to make a great app, but if you do not have coding skills, then you have to hire a developer to make your gaming app.

But if you want to make small gaming applications, then you can make them without coding and designing skills. Friends, there is no need for much technical knowledge to make these games.

Today, there are websites on the Internet that provide you a platform to create your own Android game where users can make Android games in a short period without technical skills. However, it will take some time to understand the interface for different gaming App on different websites.

So let’s figure out the easiest way to make a game!

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How To Make Android Games Without Coding?

Friends, today we are going to use this website called Appgeyser to make your own Android game, where it is very easy to create an app and you will get an Android game developed from here in just minutes.

So first go to the App Geyser website:

After visiting this site, select the category of the game you want to create.

Here are the categories like- popular, arcade, puzzle all will appear, select the game of any category you want to develop.

The process of making the game you select will be different! Suppose I want to make a Fishing game, then let’s select this game.

After that, I can select related things from this game like player, background, etc. Now from here, I can choose as per my wish.

After selecting, you can see how this game will look like in Android Mobile in Actual by clicking on the preview button below There!

So if you are satisfied with its preview and now if you like your first time created game, hit the Next button.

Now in the next step, type the name of the App. And then Tap on the Next button

After that, now you have to add some lines about this app in the description box here! you can tell people about your First gaming app.

In the next step, you have to choose the icon of this app! You can select the Default icon of this app or you can also set the custom icon.

Now finally type on the Create button.

After that, now you have to sign in here, you can sign in to this app from your Facebook account or Google account.

After doing this, you will now come to the Appgeyser Dashboard and you can download or manage the gam.

Guys, if you want this gaming app prepared by you to be published on Play Store.

then for this, you will get a short video tutorial on this app geyser site. This tells you to step by step how to publish your app on the Google Play Store.

however, let you know that there is a charge to make the app published on the Google Play Store. and if you successfully publish your app on the Play Store then you can also earn through your gaming application.

To earn money from Android games, you can use an advertising platform called Adamob, from which if someone downloads your gaming app, they see Ads in it, which you get paid.

Apart from this, if you want to earn money from gaming or other applications, then there are many ways to earn money from the app, in which the sponsor is also a Nice method!

However, today we learned How To Make Android Games Without Coding? Apart from App Geyser, there are many free platforms from where we can create gaming apps, without much technical knowledge!

So I hope you liked this post on making Android games! If you have any questions related to making your app, then you can ask it through the comment box if you know any other platform to make a gaming app, then you can also share it with us.

So Guys If you find this information helpful then share it on social media.


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