How to be better in games and improve faster

Table of contents
  1. Communicate to your team
  2. Avoid tilt and relax once in a while
  3. Rewatch your replays or VODs 

The world of gaming is big, so big in fact that mobile games get their own esports scene. 

In an age where online gaming is booming, more and more people are trying to improve and become better players.

They invest a lot of hours in these games but don’t see any results when it comes to improving their skills in the game. In this article, you’ll read about some tips which can help you improve in games in general. 

Communicate to your team

If you are playing a team game online, there is the chance that there is a voice chat or other chat option. So, make use of it. By doing this, you are automatically increasing your chance of winning. Also, talking to each other may motivate people to try harder, play better and help you. 

On another note, doing this puts tilt or tilting away which you can read about in the next paragraph. Implementing little things like these will automatically put you at an advantage over the enemy team before you even start playing. 

Avoid tilt and relax once in a while

This is an underrated one since people think this is easy to do when in reality it is way harder than you think. To avoid titling and raging, relax once in a while, don’t troll the game though. But doing something else gets your mind wandering on different things. Watch some Netflix, play some online casinos or do some fun entertaining activities. 

Finding a place to unwind and relax may also prove tricky but right now, online, you can find countless places and outlets to entertain yourself. Take for example an online casino. Not only can you unwind and relax there, but you can also grab yourself a sweet bonus or deal before you start playing. Look for yourself to find a casino bonus.

Rewatch your replays or VODs 

If you are a League of Legends player you may be familiar with the term “VOD”. Actually, it stands for Video-On-Demand which doesn’t make sense in the League context, but what people mean by this is to rewatch your previous games and write down notes or errors you see looking back. This is probably the most powerful tool to improve in any game and win more games. It’s like asking for feedback from customers in your business, the only difference is you cut out the customer part and go straight to seeing the errors in front of you. Very powerful!


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