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Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 APK Download For Android

Name Free FIre Diamond Hack 99999
ID com.dts.freefiremax
Publisher Modsofapk
Version 1.94.1
MOD Features Diamond Hack 99999
Size 1GB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Price FREE
Updated On January 22, 2023 (4 days ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999
  3. Features of the Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999
    1. Unlimited diamonds
    2. Ghost mode
    3. Unlimited health
    4. No recoil
    5. Wallhack
    6. Flying cars
    7. Jump and run
    8. Voice chat
  4. What’s new in the latest version of Free Fire
  5. Conclusion


Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999: The popularity of titles such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), battle royale games have become extremely popular in recent years. There are also games like Free Fire that are similar to PUBG but offer unique features and improvements. Players are dropped on a map with 49 other players and must scavenge for weapons and armor while fighting to survive. A player’s skin and weapon skin can be purchased using in-game currency, but they can be expensive. The Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 has been developed to make the game more accessible and fun for players. The hack gives players unlimited diamonds in-game for free, as well as additional abilities and powers.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999

The Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 is a tool that allows players to unlock unlimited in-game diamonds, which can be used to purchase customization options and other resources in the game. In addition to providing free diamonds, the hack also enhances the playing experience by providing players with additional resources and powers that other players don’t have access to. This can make the game easier to play and increase the chances of winning for the player using the hack.

Features of the Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999

The Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 comes with a variety of features to enhance the player’s experience in the game. These features include:

Unlimited diamonds

It allows players to unlock an unlimited amount of diamonds without spending any real money, allowing them to purchase any customization options or resources they desire.

Ghost mode

You can use this feature to disappear from the map to sneak up on enemies and take them out without being noticed.

Unlimited health

Players can also withstand any amount of damage with the hack, which grants them unlimited health.

No recoil

Using this feature, players can aim and shoot more accurately by minimizing gun recoil.


Players can track the movements of enemies hiding behind walls by hacking walls.

Flying cars

It also allows players to fly their cars, which gives them an advantage in combat and makes it easier to reach high places.

Jump and run

By running extremely fast and jumping high, players can evade enemy fire and avoid being hit.

Voice chat

Players can coordinate strategies and communicate with their teammates using a voice chat feature included in the hack.

What’s new in the latest version of Free Fire

The latest version of Free Fire, version 1.94.1, includes several new features and updates. These include a new PvE (player vs environment) mode, as well as a Football Fire mode that incorporates elements of soccer into the game. The update also introduces the Weapon Mastery system, which allows players to track their progress with each weapon and unlock rewards as they improve their skills. The Clash Squad Season 16 update has also been added, bringing new content and challenges for players to enjoy.


In conclusion, the Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 is a useful tool for players looking to enhance their gameplay experience and obtain unlimited in-game resources without spending real money. The hack comes with a variety of features that provide players with additional powers and abilities, making the game easier and increasing their chances of winning. While using hacks in online games can carry some

Free FIre Diamond Hack 99999 APK v1.94.1


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