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First Strike MOD APK v4.9.0 (Free Shopping/All Unlocked)

Name First Strike
Publisher Blindflug Studios AG
Version 4.9.0
MOD Features Free Shopping/All Unlocked
Size 110M
Requires Android 5.0+
Price FREE
Updated On January 18, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Features Of First Strike
    1. Elements Of RTS
    2. A Variety Of Nuclear Power Options
    3. Nuclear Warheads And Advanced Weapons
    4. Map Of Geopolitical Powers: Dynamic And Evolving
    5. Personalized Battles
    6. A Fun And Intuitive Gameplay Experience
    7. Interactive World Map In 3D
    8. Developing Alliances And Diplomacy
    9. Resource Management And Nation-Building
    10. Technology And Research
    11. Infiltration And Espionage
  3. Final Thoughts

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In First Strike, players take on the role of a nuclear superpower commander in a mobile RTS game. As you strengthen your nation, build alliances with other countries, and defeat your enemies, you’ll be able to take control of the entire planet. Using intuitive touch controls, players can navigate a global scale map, explore a 3D world map, and interact with the map using gestures.

First Strike MOD APK

It is possible to choose from a wide variety of different nations, each with a unique starting position, power level, and attribute. To win battles, players must develop their own strategies and approaches, which allows for a diverse and unpredictable gameplay experience. Additionally, players can use a variety of advanced weapons and multiple nuclear warheads to defeat and subdue their opponents.

Features Of First Strike

Elements Of RTS

In this game, players make real-time decisions and consider alliances, weapons, and the capabilities of their enemies.

A Variety Of Nuclear Power Options

Players may choose from a variety of countries, including the United States, Russia, China, India, Western Europe, North Korea, Israel, Kazakhstan, and others. It is important to note that each nation has its own unique characteristics and attributes that affect gameplay.

First Strike MOD APK

Nuclear Warheads And Advanced Weapons

A player can defeat and subdue an opponent with the help of multiple nuclear warheads and advanced weapons of the future.

Map Of Geopolitical Powers: Dynamic And Evolving

Throughout the game, the map is constantly evolving, with new nations rising and falling in power. In addition to adding strategy to the game, this also adds excitement.

Personalized Battles

In order to tailor the game to the individual’s preferences, players can choose their preferred nations, difficulty setting, and other parameters.

First Strike MOD APK

A Fun And Intuitive Gameplay Experience

With a simple and intuitive gameplay system and user interface, this game is easy to learn and play, but challenging to master.

Interactive World Map In 3D

Users can zoom in and out using intuitive gestures such as pinching and swiping to interact with the game’s 3D world map.

Developing Alliances And Diplomacy

Alliances can be built with friendly countries to gain an advantage in battles and expand nations. It is also possible to resolve conflicts without resorting to war by engaging in diplomacy talks.

First Strike MOD APK

Resource Management And Nation-Building

To develop their economy, infrastructure, and military, players must manage their nation’s resources.

Technology And Research

As players research new technologies, they can gain access to advanced weapons, nuclear warheads, and other military equipment.

Infiltration And Espionage

It is possible for players to gather the military capabilities and weaknesses of their enemies by using espionage and intelligence gathering.

Final Thoughts

In summary, First Strike is a mobile RTS game that offers players a challenging and engaging gameplay experience. Taking on the role of a nuclear superpower commander, players make alliances with other countries and defeat their enemies in order to take control of the entire planet. Multiple nuclear powers are available in the game, as well as advanced weapons and nuclear warheads, a dynamic and evolving map of geopolitical powers, and customizable battles. Besides diplomacy and resource management, the game also combines espionage, intelligence gathering, research, and research. Moreover, it offers a variety of game modes and a realistic global map, bringing the game to a whole new level of immersion and gameplay.

First Strike APK v4.9.0


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