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Facemix v1.5.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Name Facemix
ID com.codeway.faceswap
Publisher Codeway Dijital
Version 1.5.2
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 60M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Price FREE
Updated On October 11, 2023 (8 months ago)
Table of contents
  1. Using facemix
  2. Nationality challenge and cosplay
  3. Fun with Friends
  4. Privacy Copyright
  5. Terms of Use
  6. Facemix – Face Blender Story
  7. Conclusion

Face MOD APK is a face-swapping app that uses deepfake technology to insert a user’s face into any video, Facemix allows users to swap their faces in. Users can share fun and entertaining deepfake videos starring their faces on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or chat groups with friends through Facemix.

Additionally, Facemix has many other features for users to explore, including the ability to swap faces with videos. There are also options for cosplay by choosing from a variety of costumes, as well as ethnic costumes and trying out different nationalities. With just a tap, users can also make their friends dance, sing, play sports, or become memes.

Using Facemix, users can create viral content that goes viral on social media. Using the app’s realistic deepfake technology and various features, users can create unique and catchy videos that will go viral. Facemix has something for everyone, whether they want to try out a new ethnicity, get into cosplay, or just have fun creating deepfake videos with their friends.

Using facemix

To use Facemix, users first need to take a selfie or upload a picture of their face that they want to use in the deepfake video. After selecting a photo, users can choose a video with which to switch their face. The app offers a variety of videos for users to select from, so they can choose a video that matches their desired style or theme.

As soon as the user selects a video, Facemix will insert the user’s face into it using deepfake technology, creating a realistic result that perfectly matches the video’s facial expressions and movements. The resulting deepfake video can then be shared on social media or with friends through chat groups or messaging apps.

Facemix makes it easy for anyone to make and share deepfake videos featuring their face. It’s perfect for users who want to make a fun video to share with friends or try out a new identity in a video.

Nationality challenge and cosplay

Using Facemix, users can see how they would look if they were of a different ethnicity, which is one of its fun features. Facemix’s deepfake technology allows users to swap their faces with a video featuring a person of a different nationality to try out this feature. Users will be able to see what they would look like if they were a different race or nationality by watching the video resulting from their selected ethnicity.

The Facemix app offers users the option of participating in cosplays, in addition to the nationality challenge. In the deepfake video, users can use their face to see how they would look in their chosen costume. The feature lets users try out different cosplays and decide which one suits them best, or just have fun seeing themselves in different costumes.

Users can try out different looks and identities using the nationality challenge and cosplay features of Facemix.

Fun with Friends

In Facemix, users can upload photos of their friends and make them perform various activities in deepfake videos. To use this feature, users simply need to select a photo of their friend and pick a video featuring the activity they want their friend to do. In order to make it seem as if a friend is dancing in the video, users can choose a video of someone dancing and swap their friend’s face with it. Users can also swap their friend’s faces with a video showing someone playing an instrument or participating in a sporting event to make them appear to be playing the instrument or participating.

As well as making their friends do activities in the deepfake videos, users can also use Facemix to create memes. In order to create a meme, users can select a friend’s photo and choose a meme template. A meme will then be created that can be shared with friends or on social media using Facemix.

Through Facemix’s fun with friends feature, users can have a good time with their friends using deepfake technology in a unique and entertaining way. you can also try faceapp mod apk.

The Facemix app protects the privacy of its users. Photos and animated videos that are created by users are never stored or shared in any way without their consent.

Facemix has a procedure in place for users to request the removal or blocking of materials transmitted or created through the app if they infringe on copyright or personal rights. In order to make a complaint, users can use the app’s rights policy form. When Facemix reviews the complaint, it will take appropriate action.

In regards to confidentiality, intellectual property rights, copyrights, and personal data, Codeway, the developer of Facemix, is transparent. It places a high value on these issues and ensures the protection of user data and intellectual property. Facemix is committed to protecting user privacy and copyright and strives to ensure that these issues are handled fairly and transparently.

Terms of Use

Users can use Facemix for free for three days, allowing them to explore all of its features and create as many deepfake videos as they like without any ads.

In addition to the free trial, users can subscribe to Facemix for unlimited access to all features after the trial period has ended. Subscription options include weekly subscriptions or annual subscriptions. Users can choose the subscription option that best fits their budget and needs.

As well as the weekly and annual subscription options, Facemix is available with auto-renewal, so users don’t have to manually renew their subscriptions. As long as they cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, users can cancel auto-renewal at any time. As a result, users can control their subscriptions and ensure that only when they need the app are they paying for it.

Facemix’s terms of use are available at https://static.facemixapp.co/terms-conditions. The terms of use should be reviewed before using the app to ensure that users are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Facemix – Face Blender Story

Besides FaceMix, FaceMix also offers a FaceMix – Face Blender Story feature, which lets users blend two images into one, creating unique and interesting photographs.

Using FaceMix, users can upload or capture a photo. Upon selecting the photo, users can select another photo to blend with it. This can be done by selecting a picture from the app’s already existing picture collection or by using another photo from the camera or gallery.

FaceMix allows users to easily adjust the appearance of their blended photo using tools such as effects, brightness, rotation, flip, blending, mixing, and more.

The blended photo can then be saved to the user’s device and shared with friends via social media or messaging apps. With FaceMix – Face Blender Story, users can easily create and share eye-catching photos that are sure to be a hit with their friends and followers.


The Facemix app is a face-swapping app that lets you insert your face into any video using deep fake technology. Using deep fake technology, Facemix offers users a variety of ways to have fun and create unique content with features such as the nationality challenge, cosplay, and fun with friends. In addition, the app protects user data and intellectual property and values user privacy. For anyone looking to create and share deep fake videos, Facemix is a convenient and easy-to-use app that offers a free trial and subscription options with unlimited access to all features. Besides face-swapping, FaceMix – Face Blender Story allows users to blend two photos into one and create professional photo effects by blending two photos into one. This versatile and fun app lets users create and share blended pictures and videos with a range of features.

Facemix APK v1.5.2


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